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Easter as a Chapter in the Mystery Wisdom of Man

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Easter as a Chapter in the Mystery Wisdom of Man

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  1. The evolution of our festivals from the ancient Mysteries. The Mysteries of Adonis. The survival of the old Mystery idea in a true comprehension of the Easter idea.

  2. Moon-birth and Sun-birth. Bondage through the natural exigency of the Father-forces of the Moon; liberation through the melting impulses of the Sun forces. The Saturn forces that preserve the entity after death. Stages of the ancient Easter initiation. The resurrection of the soul and spirit of man from the physical body in the spiritual universe.

  3. A consideration of cosmic conditions. The secret of the Moon. Planetary constellations and their effects on the human etheric body in the moonlight existence. Man as bearer of the light of the Sun. Moon initiation: the spring Mystery of descent. Sun initiation: the spiritual ascent after the death experience in the autumn Mysteries. The annual cycle of festivals.

  4. Decline of the Mystery system and development of freedom. Enlightenment the expression of experience. The Mysteries of Ephesus. The descent from the spirit realm in the light-ether body. J O A is man, sound in light. Reading the cosmic script. Aristotle's categories. The Easter spirit of anthroposophy that leads back to Mystery wisdom and to the conviction of the reality of spirit, ever and again resurrected through dying.

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