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  • Title: Lecture: Festivals and The Mysteries. The Adonis Mystery. The Easter Thought
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    • soul — took place even as to the body with
    • to this, that the body did not die, but the soul died, in order to be
    • Jesus underwent even in the body. That is to say, He underwent it on a
    • dwelling in the body of Jesus of Nazareth. Hence what the candidate
    • spiritual world. The soul was kept separate from the body during the
    • beings, was undergone even in the body by a Being who descended from
    • body of Jesus of Nazareth. The act of Initiation that had been
    • Sun-Being who took possession of the body of Jesus of Nazareth,
    • body, in spite of the dissolving of the body of Jesus of Nazareth in
    • candidate for Initiation could not carry the body into those deep
    • to the Sun in the ancient Mysteries, has descended into a mortal body,
    • into the body of Jesus of Nazareth. He has come down to Earth.
    • that the real Initiates, being made independent of the physical body
    • will still be possible if there arises a true conception of the body,
    • soul and spirit of man, and of the destinies of body, soul and spirit,
  • Title: Lecture: Moon-birth and Sun-birth. Necessity and Freedom. Stages of the Ancient
    Matching lines:
    • are related to himself. If we did not hold our body together by forces
    • from beyond the Earth — if our body did not receive its form
    • through these what could the earthly forces do to hold our body
    • this body is indeed exposed to the earthly forces. Then it
    • human body, we must realise on the other hand that the ancient
    • to the Earth, He was destined to receive into His own Body.
    • this was felt to be the essential point. — In the body of Jesus
    • His abode in the body of Jesus of Nazareth. This is the truth
    • I was a human being before I descended into an earthly body. In the
    • soul and spirit entered into the physical body which it received from
    • physical body. But as to how the soul and spirit in the course of time
    • far penetrated his physical body with the soul and spirit that he
    • being, but when this spiritual being learns to know the body itself.
    • aside the earthly body. Only there was a difference between the real
    • When man actually dies, he lays his physical body aside. He is no
    • freed from them. But when he is still connected with the physical body
    • the body which he has as a matter of course in real Death. That is to
    • physical body. And the same forces which gave man power to hold
    • himself free from the earthly body, these same forces gave him the
    • human being into the spiritual world, just as his physical body
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  • Title: Lecture: The Moon-secret Spring and Autumn mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • physical body, with the Earth. Now with the epoch of materialism it
    • conditions of movement of the human body in complete unconsciousness
    • of the fact that a soul-and-spirit permeates this physical body. It is
    • movements of this body a soul-and-spirit comes to expression.
    • body moving out there in cosmic space, illumined in various directions
    • The Moon was once within the Earth; it belonged to the Earth body. It went
    • forth from the Earth body and became a satellite as we say, or
    • its body. The Earth was impoverished by all that the Moon contains
    • for his Ego and astral body to unite with the physical, he must first
    • clothe himself in an etheric body which he draws into him from the
    • to attract and incorporate in the form of an etheric body around the
    • Ego and astral body, the ether which is scattered through the whole
    • build his etheric body from outside the Earth, namely from the Moon
    • build his etheric body.
    • Now this etheric body must be built in such a way that it has, so to
    • of this etheric body he needs the forces of the light, for along with
    • other substances the etheric body is created above all out of the
    • Sunlight can provide no forces enabling the human body to form his
    • etheric body. For this, the light shining from the Sun to the Moon and
    • etheric body. On the other hand all that rays forth spiritually from
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  • Title: Lecture: The Mysteries of Ephesus The Aristotelian Categories
    Matching lines:
    • guided and instructed in the forming of his light-ether body.
    • body is created through the Moon forces, through the observation if I
    • stage, the investment of man with his etheric body, never did they
    • his astral body. J O — “I”, astral body; and
    • then the approach of the light-ether body in the A —
    • himself as Ego, as astral body, as ether body.
    • human being. He felt a premonition of the physical body which he would
    • astral body, the etheric body. It was through this living penetration
    • resounding “I”, resounding astral body, clothed in the
    • light-radiant etheric body. One was sound within the light. And so
    • system in the forces of my etheric body. Pregnantly he brought this to
    • expression, for these words are addressed to the etheric body by the
    • clothe himself in a physical body that he may live on, on Earth, as

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