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  • Title: Lecture: Festivals and The Mysteries. The Adonis Mystery. The Easter Thought
    Matching lines:
    • — the coming forth again of what was asleep in Nature throughout
    • was lowered into a lake. Or again, an artificial pond was constructed
    • mindful of it ever and again — it is enacted before you Autumn by
    • awakens. Yonder the soul arises, arises to be born again for
    • — in the Water. But even as he rises again out of the Water, even
    • to rise again in a higher consciousness. We must above all hold fast
    • repeated again and again through long, long years, now became a
    • does not die in Nature, but springs forth again in Nature. He needs to
    • Eternity of the Spirit, over against what is transient in the world of
    • or image of the God — was lifted out again, the true believer
    • must become alive again through the anthroposophical conception
  • Title: Lecture: Moon-birth and Sun-birth. Necessity and Freedom. Stages of the Ancient
    Matching lines:
    • thence, or again in Medicine the counting of the embryo period as ten
    • and destroy him. Throughout his earthly life they battle against the
    • learn over again what they had experienced in life until about the
    • must become able to look back again through the eyes, and to hear back
    • again inward through the ears. All these things taken together —
    • long time; now I am about to see him again, and someone lays on me the
    • strict injunction: “When you see him again you must forget all
    • if on some occasion when they are about to meet again, they were
    • of the quartz before he came down to the Earth, or again what he had
    • three-chambered Man as against the single human incarnation which one
    • is outside him, then it is within, and then it is outside again. So he
    • Festival when we call this ancient sacred history to life again.
    • But the Easter thought must be regained. And it can only be regained
    • found again. Of this, my dear friends, we must be fully conscious.
  • Title: Lecture: The Moon-secret Spring and Autumn mysteries
    Matching lines:
    • the New Moon, and at length we have again the return to the Full Moon.
    • present, now in a fully physical way and now again in a fully
    • raying back again from the Moon is needed. And by this process of
    • — Thursday. Then again with Venus, the Germanic Freya —
    • has gone to Basle and come back again, is conscious of the reality of
    • had seen it in his vision. He had gained a consciousness of how he
    • again from the Cosmos, the Physical springs and sprouts forth from the
    • remember his descent into the Physical; and again when Nature is
    • Initiates of ancient times it is again and again related how they
  • Title: Lecture: The Mysteries of Ephesus The Aristotelian Categories
    Matching lines:
    • once again, human beings will indeed evolve in time what in their dim
    • shall be met out of the very freedom which men have gained with
    • the Earth again and again in their repeated earthly lives. Thus they
    • experienced in the Mysteries and what they then experience again, be
    • so far as the outer world is concerned and has not yet emerged again.
    • We want to gain a true and vivid conception of how this light-ether
    • of the Mysteries in its totality, many of them declared ever and again
    • and once again the words resounded:
    • Now when the cosmic sounding in the Moon was there again and Aristotle
    • they have to learn abcd etc., again and again, in all manner of
    • will find again what is truly resting as in a grave, namely the cosmic
    • instinctively as in ancient time, we shall be led back again into that
    • fire, and because this returns again as a living power into the
    • never think that the spirit dies, but that it rises again and again.
    • And Anthroposophy must hold to this Spirit that arises ever again out

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