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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Contents
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    • affect the astral body, of which the sympathies and antipathies
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture I
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    • from this moment that we can apply to the human body what applies to
    • in the human body. The colour changes in the skin, the limbs become
    • the human being, so to speak, lays aside his body. Observe with the
    • the human body as to its lifeless nature, after the soul has laid it
    • ether-body. I have already told you how the ether-body goes on
    • itself, so that the human being remains over only in his astral body
    • in to the earth from the widths of space. Of the human ether-body we
    • passage through the gate of death the human ether-body goes thither,
    • death, when the human ether-body dissolves, this again lasts but a
    • trifle. Thus, when the human ether-body returns to where the forces
    • found within its body we shall seek in vain for the causes of these
    • causes in the etheric spaces. And when it dies, the ether-body of the
    • the ox. Accordingly, the germ-cell is an extremely complex body ...
    • all things, in the mother-body, is not a complicated structure, but a
    • chaos. Albumen is not the most complicated body, but the very
    • now if we look within the mother-body — there are not the
    • aside his ether-body which goes into the wide cosmic spaces —
    • astral body, all that he underwent during his life. Thus, with his
    • astral body after death, he has not to enter what is simultaneous,
    • to causation, therefore, we can place the human physical body in its
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture II
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    • with a member of the human body, say a finger. It is a finger as long
    • as it is on the human body; the moment it is cut off from the body,
    • human body.
    • world when we have laid aside our body; when-as regards this body-we
    • law. I described it again a short while ago. When we put a body in a
    • You weigh the body which is suspended here; it has a certain weight.
    • Then put the vessel of water beneath it, so that the body hanging
    • body has become lighter. And if you now investigate how much, it will
    • the body — immersed in the water — will become lighter by
    • the amount of weight of the body of water it displaces. It is the
    • that as it may, the body loses in weight by the weight of the liquid
    • fish; for he consists, as to 90 per cent, of a body of water, and in
    • We carry the ether-body within us. The physical body contains our
    • eyes and our ears ... As I explained just now, this physical body has
    • the physical world. But it is quite different with our ether-body. By
    • virtue of the ether-body we are very much related to the world of
    • body? What is it that is working? Here, my dear friends, we come to
    • we must also be aware that in the body-free condition between death
    • ether-body compounds the living fluids in us, making us grow short or
    • world into our physical body — that which determines the finer
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture III
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    • our earthly body between birth and death in such a way that in
    • earthly era, man between birth and death lives in his physical body,
    • by contrast with this physical. There he has not a physical body,
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture IV
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    • world, for a new life on earth, we have our physical body prepared
    • body is none the less connected in a certain sense, as we shall see,
    • however, it will suffice us to bear in mind that the physical body is
    • ether-body, astral body and Ego — come down out of the
    • first the ether-body. Man draws it together from the whole universal
    • ether, before he unites himself with the physical body which is given
    • astral body, and ether-body, with the physical human embryo, can only
    • take place inasmuch as the ether-body of the mother-organism
    • together his ether-body from the universal ether. The more precise
    • during his earthly life. This astral body contains all the results of
    • to earth in a human body, but have their being in the spiritual
    • in the body on earth. Indeed, you have lost it long ago. But you now
    • earth, your “I,” your Ego, was in the body — as it
    • body out of these mirrored pictures. We draw all this into our astral
    • body. In deed and truth, when we descend from the spiritual world
    • into the physical, we carry in our astral body what we have
    • body.
    • reflected image. And as he forms from this his astral body, with
    • more. We carry it into our astral body when we come down again into
    • more it is instilled, imprinted into our astral body. What is it in
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture V
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    • body as a whole.
    • earth-evolution? Just as we descend and gather in our ether-body
    • ourselves the physical materials and form our own physical body
    • with the body on which you are — are moving, or whether it is
    • the neighbouring body that is moving. This fact emerged very clearly
    • body from the substances of earth, just as he gathers to himself his
    • ether-body from the cosmic ether-substance. But he then fell a prey
    • faculty, out of his own nature to build his physical body. Therefore
    • body is the result of inherited sin.
    • Therefore he cannot form his physical body of his own accord when he
    • all things have their spiritual aspect. The body man has in the first
    • gesture after the 7th or 8th year of their life. Nobody knows where
    • longer have the body about you. For you will then form quite a
    • build his body.
    • they really receive — as far as the substance of the body is
    • second body quite independently of any inherited conditions. For he
    • builds it entirely from his world-environment. The first body is
    • bring with him, for the up-building of his physical body, strength
    • persists. He forms, so to speak, a frail or sickly body, prone to all
    • born, in a next life on earth, with a body that is somehow limp and
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture VI
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    • We have distinguished in him the physical body, the etheric body, the
    • astral body and the organisation of the Ego. But there is yet another
    • the body. But that is only a superficial characterisation of the
    • rest of his body. That such is the anthroposophical practice was only
    • earthly body, for they remain in the spiritual world. But they are
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture VII
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    • gained the recognition of a most eminently learned body.
    • and when such an eminently learned body as the Göttingen Academy
    • it possible for a learned body to award him a prize. But in the
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture IX
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    • observe — from the spiritual side (astral body and ego) —
    • but at the same time extends over the whole body. He has his rhythmic
    • reconstruction of the substances of the body and so forth. Man is a
    • seen, there were present only a physical body and an etheric body,
    • being of soul-and-spirit was already outside, attached to the body as
    • physical organisation was so healthy. The astral body and the ego
    • nerves-and-senses system was no longer able to hold the astral body
    • individuality hovering above the body of Nietzsche, you will be
    • though Nietzsche were never fully present in his body while he was
    • tramps. It is as though he had always been a little outside his body.
    • the body no longer had control, when the soul was outside the body.
    • leaves his body behind. And this same tendency can be perceived, too,
    • induce a mood that strives to get away from the body, a mood of
    • aloofness from the body. This tendency was of course due to the fact
    • that the body was in many respects ailing; for example, Nietzsche
    • separation from the body while spiritual work is going on reveals
    • Franciscan ascetic who inflicted intense self-torture on his body.
    • very strongly with his physical body. Pain makes one intensely aware
    • of the physical body because the astral body yearns after the body
    • effect of this concentration upon making the body fit for salvation
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture XII
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    • form that you would expect, in a body that has received education —
    • the body, but in this earth-life, because modern civilisation
    • makes the bodies unfit, was not able to enter into the body
    • body, can never be estimated with the means afforded by modern
    • civilisation by what he does in the body. Above all, Garibaldi cannot
    • the body.
    • unable to come down into his body.
    • body. In the 13th century, as a repetition of his life in ancient

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