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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Note
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    • history’ in the communications from the spiritual world.”
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Contents
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    • belong to the destiny we bring with us from the spiritual world in
    • metamorphosis of spiritual interests into health and facial
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Introduction
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    • to communications from the spiritual worlds begins the moment things are
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture I
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    • necessary spiritual faculties what the real man — the man of
    • ether of cosmic space, then — as we enter with spiritual
    • what is declared by spiritual science; as indeed, in time to come, it
    • will arrive in every detail at the things which spiritual science
    • spiritual realms of life. This logic is only not coincident with the
    • different if we would apprehend the spiritual.
    • spiritual world. One can indeed, but one must extend one's logic.
    • for the communications from the spiritual world: you must meet them
    • with a thinking adequate to the spiritual world. And this can already
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture II
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    • that which we live through before we come down from the spiritual
    • every human individual brings with him from the spiritual world.
    • bring with us from the spiritual world into the physical.
    • even speak today of the inheritance of specifically spiritual and
    • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
    • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity.
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture III
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    • spiritual world. Out of this everyday consciousness men speak of the
    • spiritual world as a “beyond.” They will even speak of it
    • spiritual world is a “beyond,” in spite of the fact that
    • birth he lives in another world, which we may call a spiritual world
    • spiritual form of being. Moreover, in that life between death and a
    • in its turn as remote as the spiritual world is remote and foreign
    • the physically living) look upward into the spiritual world. But
    • pictures which conveyed something of the Spiritual that is there in
    • our environment. The Spiritual, then, still penetrated into man's
    • experiences in consciousness into which the spiritual world still
    • penetration of the spiritual world into the normal consciousness of
    • spiritual life, which there is today. Now let us concentrate on
    • exact spiritual scientific investigation. Behind our present earthly
    • spiritual observation always shows that our succeeding earthly life
    • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
    • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
    • with everyday consciousness. Only when he begins to see the spiritual
    • only when he really lives into the spiritual world — then he
    • therefore, with real spiritual insight, you begin to perceive this
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture IV
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    • descends out of the spiritual world into the physical. You will
    • inexact. When we descend out of the spiritual into the physical
    • spiritual world.
    • to him by heredity. The union of the soul-spiritual man as Ego,
    • with the spiritual Beings of a higher cosmic order who do not descend
    • to earth in a human body, but have their being in the spiritual
    • this is a reality in the spiritual world. When we go through a room
    • body. In deed and truth, when we descend from the spiritual world
    • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
    • hatred. With the help of spiritual science, you will try to find
    • is it so? I can assure you, on the basis of spiritual science, this
    • feeling for spiritual things ... if he knew that as he went down the
    • spiritual facts. Therefore, for earthly life, such things appear
    • knowledge of the spiritual world, you cannot escape hearing of things
    • which will seem grotesque and paradoxical. The spiritual world is
    • the banal and Philistine world do not determine the spiritual facts.
    • you wish to understand the spiritual world; you must be prepared to
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture V
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    • his deeper being, descends from spiritual worlds into this physical
    • from spiritual worlds.
    • spiritual world.
    • the forces he brings with him from the spiritual world. Thus he
    • from the spiritual world), why can we not likewise gather to
    • relation to the real facts of the spiritual world, this question must
    • from spiritual worlds into this physical life on earth.
    • all things have their spiritual aspect. The body man has in the first
    • direction. Either his spiritual forces are to some extent submerged
    • from the spiritual standpoint, this conflict is signified by that
    • such a person, one who wishes simply to tell the truth from spiritual
    • with, you will go through the gate of death into the spiritual world.
    • with him from the spiritual world. Therefore you need to judge in an
    • all-round way out of both spiritual and physical science. If you do
    • through the gate of death into the spiritual realms. Thereby he finds
    • the working with the spiritual beings, with whom he is then together,
    • signified in the spiritual world. Between death and a new birth he
    • with him with his karma, from the spiritual world into the physical.
    • of such things either out of direct spiritual perception, or on the
    • who are able to have direct spiritual vision, provided you yourselves
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture VI
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    • reflection out of the spiritual world.
    • side, so it is as to your spiritual part: the moment you get down
    • Second Hierarchy — spiritual Beings who do not incarnate in any
    • earthly body, for they remain in the spiritual world. But they are
    • earth; but we encounter, above all, the spiritual Beings of this
    • we stand here on the earth, we have the feeling that the spiritual
    • our last life on earth. And then we see it, spiritually raining down,
    • In many things that meet us in the spiritual history of mankind, the
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • picture of what he did in a spiritual sense! So much for his outward
    • concerned for his material as well as his spiritual well-being. One
    • figures of the German spiritual life. He speaks, in one chapter, of
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture VIII
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    • are a matter of vision, and are pursued by means of the spiritual
    • spiritual world, were the souls with whom this individuality had
    • spiritual tie.
    • in the conditions obtaining in the spiritual world, it was foreseen
    • this stream were to carry forward in the spiritual world, untouched
    • the spiritual world removed from the development of Christianity,
    • coming together in the spiritual world with souls like that of
    • spiritual world.
    • been associated in the spiritual world. This expressed itself in a
    • his companions in the spiritual life, he too, as an aestheticist,
    • chaos seems to creep into the whole of his spiritual life. I told you
    • however, we look back spiritually from Schubert's life in the 19th
    • themselves) that there is something spiritual in this music,
    • spiritual world between death and rebirth and as something
    • materialistic, but yet, in a certain respect, spiritual,
    • intellectually spiritual. I turned over in my mind how it all has to
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture IX
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    • next. For it is a fact that when one presses through to the spiritual
    • worlds in search of the true being of man, the spiritual loses its
    • spiritual significance and acquires a definite place in the
    • some great spiritual talent. It is just as important to be able to
    • observe — from the spiritual side (astral body and ego) —
    • decades ago, a personality whose inner, spiritual life as well as his
    • spiritual life.
    • spiritual powers of nature. The attitude of these men to the
    • Spiritual was quite different from ours; in most of them, of course,
    • there was still an instinctive inclination towards the Spiritual. And
    • beheld the corresponding spiritual reality of being, he brought the
    • just as these men felt the Spiritual in the workings of nature and
    • is subordinate — is of higher importance in the spiritual
    • spiritual. In the other members of his organism, in the rhythmic
    • organisation and in the limbs-organisation, he is more spiritual. He
    • is most spiritual of all in his motor organisation, in the activity
    • becomes, in respect of its spiritual form, its spiritual content, the
    • spiritually the whole morning with great intensity of soul, has had
    • pondering on what his soul worked out in the morning. Spiritually
    • the like, but one was led to look at the spirituality of Friedrich
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture X
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    • across Europe, you will encounter a different stream of spiritual life
    • Baghdad, much wonderful culture, a truly great and splendid spiritual
    • write out of sheer necessity — spiritual culture of a very high
    • spiritual culture inspired tremendous respect in the environment of
    • we see how there emerges within this spiritual culture, of which
    • spiritual life, events do not take the form in which they reveal
    • spiritual individuality in the 9th century, bearing in mind what he
    • down from the spiritual world upon what is happening on earth,
    • process. We find such an individuality passing through the spiritual
    • European spiritual life as a personality who is once again of wide
    • spiritual life of Europe. Spain itself soon ceased to play a part in
    • Arabism spreads abroad in the spiritual life. And along this
    • astrology. We must realise the deep insight into the spiritual
    • show us how Arabism lived on spiritually, how this two-pronged fork
    • for continuing in a spiritual way what, at the beginning, was
    • carry these spiritual streams especially into France and England.
    • either outwardly or in the spiritual life.
    • as it will: certain inner, spiritual necessities exist in connection
    • that arises from these spiritual necessities, pursuing no outward
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • able to lead the student of spiritual science to the connections of
    • those that are important from a spiritual aspect, we find Garibaldi
    • we shall see tomorrow, he is for the spiritual researcher such an
    • tormented by the spiritual world which would not let him alone.
    • the whole situation of the spiritual life which ought to proceed from
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume I: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • the spiritual scientific investigator and help him to follow up the
    • the spiritual world they would in some way or other find and enter
    • in his moral and spiritual nature. He is there. A man, however, who
    • I am speaking metaphorically — with spiritualistic pictures,
    • standards, and behind you see something spiritual, a spirit-portrait,
    • incarnation, but a long sojourn in the spiritual world. There you
    • spiritual world above it — all the wisdom in which an Initiate
    • to the spiritual world than one is inclined to suppose. Behind the
    • against Roman Catholicism, but for the spiritual world it makes
    • the underlying elements in human nature which count in the spiritual
    • but it is a fact. If we turn our gaze to the spiritual, we find that
    • his spiritual nature to expression when he uttered the famous saying,
    • course, has its exceptions. In the spiritual world there are rules,
    • his whole spiritual configuration, one gained a significant
    • eastward to help the cause of freedom, the spiritual Palladium of the

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