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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Summary of Contents
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    • to work in from the Cosmos. The primeval wisdom on Earth. Moon Beings
    • The Moon
    • Intuition. The Moon-sphere and the primeval Teachers of mankind. The
    • then into the region of the Stars. Passage through the Moon region,
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Lecture I
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    • the Moon is not simply a physical orb revolving in space. Interest in
    • the Moon to-day does not really go much further than attempts to
    • Science, namely that the Moon and the
    • Earth were originally one body, but that the Moon subsequently
    • — of this relationship of the Moon to the Earth. The Moon in
    • separation of the Moon, knew that these Beings who had been among
    • no longer on the Earth but on the Moon. So that in truth not only the
    • physical substance of the Moon but these spiritual Beings too,
    • withdrew from the Earth and took up their abode on the Moon, although
    • the actual substance of the Moon has been involved for long ages in a
    • ago has remained, but only the soul and spirit, so, although the Moon
    • interest to these Moon Beings and through them they participate in
    • there are Beings who belong to the Moon, so there are Beings who
    • and the Moon. There are human relationships in which we discern the
    • working of the Moon; others in which we discern the working of the
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Lecture II
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    • from the spiritual Moon Beings are connected with the whole of a
    • the different cosmic regions the last being the Moon-sphere. As he
    • passes through the Moon-sphere he encounters those Beings of whom I
    • spiritual Moon Beings who were the great Teachers during the age of
    • provided by the parents, he passes through the region where the Moon
    • incarnations. Whereas these Moon Beings, when they were living on the
    • vision all that the Moon Beings have inscribed into it as, for
    • that in the Moon-existence there are Beings who preserve the
    • Sun, not to the Moon. I have told you of the Beings who are connected
    • with the Moon — in the same way, the Sun is not merely the
    • the Moon Beings have to do with the past.
    • — impels us in heart and soul to look up to the Moon Beings,
    • habitations; on the Moon there are Beings who once were together with
    • upwards with reverence and awe, knowing that the silvery moon is but
    • Cosmos, perceiving how the radiance of the Moon is dependent upon the
    • within our very selves. For just as Sun and Moon are related to one
    • with the Moon — related to our future — which has to do
    • pass upwards through the Moon-sphere after death, the Moon Beings
    • Moon Beings, and our astral body in which we are now living is for
    • from the Moon-sphere through the Mercury-sphere, the Venus-sphere and
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Lecture III
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    • which are recorded by the Moon Beings and subsequently inscribed by
    • and a new birth, these Moon Beings witness what is happening in order
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Lecture IV
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    • of Nazareth was born into a Moon religion. What was the nature of the
    • ‘I' this is dependent upon the Moon forces. Jahve is a
    • Moon God. And in lifting their eyes to Jahve, men said to themselves:
    • Jahve is the Regent of the Moon Beings, from whom proceed those
    • But if Moon forces alone were at work, man would never be able to
    • existence to the Moon forces, the second to the forces of the
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • first sphere into which man enters is the Moon-sphere; later on he
    • the Moon-sphere.
    • Moon-sphere we meet cosmic Beings for the first time. But these
    • physical Moon was once united with the Earth and then separated from
    • physical Moon alone that separated from the Earth. At one time there
    • inwardly. After a time, when the Moon separated from the Earth, these
    • ancient Teachers went with it and formed a colony of Moon Beings.
    • spent with the Moon Beings during this period after death is related
    • conscious connection with the Moon Beings. We live through these
    • period of existence he spent in the Moon-sphere. To-day (1924) he is
    • Moon Beings after death you experience this incident differently.
    • Now, in the Moon-sphere, you experience the physical pain and the
    • suffering he had to endure. In the Moon-sphere you experience what
    • did during his earthly life. It is revealed to him by the Moon Beings
    • in the Moon-sphere what he had experienced in the year 1875. Up to
    • life after death in the sphere of the Moon Beings — who were
    • man that what he is now experiencing in the Moon-sphere as the result
    • comes as a wish at the end of the Moon period. And if this wish
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • spends a certain number of years in the Moon-sphere, coming into
    • existed on Earth and gradually faded away. When the physical Moon
    • has continued on the Moon and man encounters them there after his
    • already said that when a man has lived long enough in the Moon
    • days. Then he reaches the Moon region which I have already described,
    • region of the Stars — first the Moon region, then the Mercury
    • now consider how a man's life in the Moon region can have a
    • with all this behind him he appears before the Moon Beings. These
    • Moon Beings pronounce stern judgment, a cosmic verdict, upon the
    • must then leave behind him in the Moon region the results of his evil
    • from this Moon region with only the good we have achieved for the
    • have injured the Cosmos must be left behind in the Moon
    • almost entirely during the passage through the Moon region. You must
    • been removed in the Moon-sphere, but not the outcome of the health or
    • moral blemishes in the Moon region, the spiritual effects of whatever
    • remains behind in the Moon region, the inhabitants of which are
    • to men, in the days when the Beings who afterwards became Moon
    • the Moon region thoughts are still an important factor, for the
    • seventh year, the mysteries of the Moon are revealed as though the
    • Moon Beings — all this stands written in the first section of
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  • Title: Karmic Relationships, V: Lecture VII
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    • Moon-sphere, a Mercury-sphere, a Venus-sphere, and yesterday we began
    • teeth, and with it the mystery of the Moon-sphere is revealed. The
    • passed the spheres of Moon, Mercury and Venus and have entered that
    • in the Moon-sphere. The Sun-sphere is pure goodness, shining, radiant
    • call the world is within us; the Moon is within us, not outside us;
    • to us as Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun. But We also have something
    • may say: In the Sun-existence, Moon, Mercury and Venus are our limbs;
    • Beings belonging to the Moon-sphere, with the Angels, with the Beings

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