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Cosmic Christianity and the Impulse of Michael

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Cosmic Christianity and the Impulse of Michael

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The fruits of earlier lives carried over into later lives. The Michael Rulership

Torquay, 12th August, 1924


Karmic connections in history. Haroun al Raschid and his Counsellor. The work of Aristotle and Alexander the Great. Gregory VII. Ernst Haeckel. Lord Bacon of Verulam. Amos Comenius. The Michael Impulse

Torquay, 14th August, 1924


Michael and the Cosmic Intelligence. The deepening of Christianity. The Arthur Stream. The Grail Stream. The School of Chartres. Aristotelianism and Christianity. On the karma of the Anthroposophical Movement

Torquay, 21st August, 1924


The vision of karma: a reality of consciousness for men of olden time. Fading of the vision of karma and of astral vision. Through the new Initiation-Science, knowledge of the manifestations of karma and vision of the spirit in nature can be regained

London, 24th August, 1924


Difficulties in the investigation of karma. Karma in history. Dr. Steiner's own geometry teacher. Lord Byron. Voltaire. Swedenborg. Loyola. Laurence Oliphant. Mars genii and Mercury genii

London, 24th August, 1924


The growth and development of Christianity in connection with the Anthroposophical Movement. Tintagel and the Mysteries of Hibernia. Christ as a Sun-Hero — the Arthur Stream. The Grail Stream — Christianity in the hearts of men. The Impulse of Michael

London, 27th August, 1924

Appendix — Address on the Christmas Foundation Meeting

Torquay, 12th August, 1924

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