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  • Title: True/False Paths: Synopses of Contents
    Matching lines:
    • forces in waking life. We feel the presence of a “second
    • feeling and willing. The life of will is hidden from ordinary
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture One: Nature is the Great Illusion; Know Thyself
    Matching lines:
    • thinking, feeling, practical persons, are we not prepared to
    • This feeling
    • nebulous feelings about the true self and come to a clear perception
    • materialist can never feel such deep admiration and respect for the
    • feels that he is not limited to the temporal world. Therefore, in
    • injunction, “Know thyself,” and then he began to feel the
    • feeling, as a creative artist, as healer or doctor, that he stands
    • ear for sounds can feel how the conjunction of these two vowels
    • with religious feeling, through a new art of healing and through a
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Two: The Three Worlds and their Reflected Images
    Matching lines:
    • victims of this vice feel snakes crawling out of every part of their
    • the top. In his dream he feels uneasy about this damaged top. He
    • wakes up to find he has toothache! Unconsciously he feels the urge to
    • have a vivid dream that we are in a room where we feel suffocated; we
    • feel restless and uneasy. Then suddenly — we had not noticed it
    • symbolized a neighbour's house on fire, will feel next day an urge to
    • palpitation of the heart as an overheated stove will feel impelled
    • relationships, our whole inner life of thinking, feeling and willing
    • become virtually tangible realities and feelings living
    • because he has made his feeling and thinking more lively and vigorous
    • and feeling, we reach the point when we are able to modify it again
    • happen if we have first strengthened our thinking and feeling. It
    • bears these three worlds within himself. We feel to some extent the
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Three: Form and Substantiality of the Mineral Kingdom in Relation to the Levels of Consciousness in Man
    Matching lines:
    • as concrete reflections created by the Earth. One feels that the
    • previous occasion, we feel impelled to turn our attention from the
    • should lead to this feeling of at-one-ment with the
    • out of the manifestations of the crystal-mineral kingdom, we feel a
    • When we are aware of that divinely inspired world, this feeling of
    • us and the fear returns, the feeling that the whole process of
    • support; it seems unsubstantial and we feel as if we might fall
    • has definite moral implications. When we feel a recurrence of this
    • mineral being and we really begin to feel in ourselves that centre of
    • intensification of inner feeling — then he is not in a normal
    • substantiality — on the one hand, the feeling that in a
    • Then we feel
    • iron, become identified with iron, then we feel as if our
    • slight feeling of faintness overtakes us. As our consciousness
    • souls. We feel our consciousness rising upward to the larynx and we
    • concentration upon iron and we feel that we are no longer the same
    • wholly identified with tin. We feel that our consciousness is now
    • consciousness; but we feel that our consciousness is
    • free of this slight subconscious feeling of faintness. And in
    • invest this condition with Initiate consciousness we feel the
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  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Four: The Secret of Investigation into Other Realms through the Metamorphosis of Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • associated with other levels of consciousness, they feel more
    • feels impelled to preserve, after their death, his spiritual link
    • the significance of thinking, feeling and willing for the human
    • feel that our approach to nature is abstract, that nature is a
    • earlier part of my lecture, we can only develop the right feeling
    • visually and intellectually. Learn then to feel and know this world
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Five: The Inner Vitalization of the Soul through the Qualities of the Metallic Nature
    Matching lines:
    • Chartres, Bernardus Silvestris, Alanus ab Insulis and others, we feel
    • abysmally ignorant despite all our modern knowledge. We feel that our
    • inhabit and we feel that the everyday world in which we learned so
    • on it, we feel that it offers resistance, that we are standing on
    • at natural laws by means of experiment and analysis, but feel
    • cannot be described as pleasant, for he feels as if he were bereft of
    • turmoil and flux, pulsating with life and movement. And he feels this
    • quicksilver man ceases to feel the presence of his brain; it has
    • purpose. What he does in fact feel is movement and activity
    • this inner activity is united with an outer activity. We feel we have
    • world of stars. He no longer feels his insignificance in face of the
    • mighty world of stars, but, in his new stature, he feels in relation
    • understand by a slight heat-stroke? It means that we feel the effect
    • in that he feels a certain inner warmth, a material, yet at the same
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Seven: Knowledge of the World of Stars. Differentiation of the Historical Epochs of Mankind and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • Dante or Giotto, i.e. the pre-Renaissance epoch, he feels that
    • rebirth. In Initiation-knowledge we have a definite feeling that our
    • feel the need to approach them directly, but rather to make contact
    • were concerned with the study of nature in that epoch, we feel an
    • and Giotto. We feel we would like to know personally precisely those
    • we enter into relationship with such beings, we naturally feel the
    • perceptions and feelings and not to invoke dead theories. And
    • write or think or even feel, are firmly anchored in their etheric
    • exudations or to discuss psychic materialisations, nevertheless feel
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Eight: Potential Aberrations in Spiritual Investigation
    Matching lines:
    • human Ego, certain entities of the class I have just described feel
    • Ego is absent, they feel an overwhelming desire to establish
    • possessed of weight floats in a fluid medium, gives a feeling, a
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Nine: Abnormal Paths into the Spiritual World and their Transformation
    Matching lines:
    • accompany the dead in their after-death existence. He feels that a
    • world, he immediately has the feeling that he is losing touch with
    • a void. He feels as if solid ground were slipping from under his
    • experiences a feeling of inner release, a feeling that he is being
    • difficulties. I have already spoken of this. He feels that he is no
    • it unconsciously — he feels that he may at any moment lose
    • yet another region. Man in a healthy state feels impelled to bridge
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Ten: Influences of the Extra-Terrestrial Cosmos Upon the Consciousness of Man
    Matching lines:
    • work in the scientific field today feel themselves to be above
    • reality through Initiation-knowledge, he feels the presence of a
    • experience it less externally; it creates a general feeling of
    • Initiates of whom I spoke yesterday would prefer to avoid. They feel
    • is that no sooner does she feel the first promptings of an
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Eleven: What is the Position in Respect of Spiritual Investigation and the Understanding of Spiritual Investigation?
    Matching lines:
    • feel an urge and even a longing to take up Anthroposophy. But
    • lucid. He then shrouds this thought in feeling which is more
    • indefinite. The thought that is imbued with feeling passes down into
    • through feeling, so that a man wills in the whole of his body,
    • precipitated into the will. We then say: the thought develops feeling
    • and from feeling — it follows a downward direction in man
    • Life of feeling
    • world that was consistent with their will and feeling. Today
    • England and America there is an instinctive feeling for them
    • Mankind feels an imperious need to know something about the spiritual
    • inoculate the thoughts and feelings of those who distrust theory with
    • integral part of his sentient life, then, through feeling, the Divine
    • feeling, art embodies half consciously that which man receives from
    • that penetrates into the hidden depths of feeling. If we experience
    • inner being of man and if we then feel the sphere of the major fifth
    • In feeling
    • feeling is only apparently dissonant and that we fashion into a
    • octave, if we have grasped this with our feelings and retrace our

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