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  • Title: True/False Paths: Synopses of Contents
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    • develop a spirit of love towards all created things. We achieve
    • attracts to itself something from an alien world, whilst the violet
    • to accept nothing that cannot be demonstrated on a factual basis. The
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture One: Nature is the Great Illusion; Know Thyself
    Matching lines:
    • different from anything I see and hear around me. I must arrive at an
    • understanding of my own being, for I cannot find it in anything that
    • unwilling to admit this because they claimed they owed everything to
    • something that lay nearer to man. But in the course of time Tiamat
    • things. Soph is a particle that suggests (approximately) a state of
    • Tiamat, the night. And this dragon-being, breathing fire and fury,
    • Mysteries, when people spoke only of such things as I have described
    • abhorred everything taught by these ‘eccentric’ Mystery
    • our task and rediscover amongst other things the religious source of
    • that nothing survives of the ancient structure save, at most, those
    • but there must be a full and clear understanding of everything we
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Two: The Three Worlds and their Reflected Images
    Matching lines:
    • it couldn't be helped; that sort of thing was inseparable from
    • Many things are bound up with this form of consciousness, amongst
    • on the head, believing it to be located there, you hear nothing. Nor
    • other things are connected with this experience of
    • they would have seen something very similar, even in a condition of
    • here, he would not see anything of you at all. In olden times this
    • imagined the existence of something like a funnel, as we should call
    • things exactly as they saw them.
    • consciousness; we see nothing by night. This is shown by the
    • of consciousness today are nothing much to boast of. We set no store
    • tell us anything of their experiences in dreamless sleep. Dream life,
    • things are not part of ordinary, everyday life; they are a
    • the depths of uncorrupted human nature emerges something which does
    • in the dream as the writhing of snakes.
    • man of ancient times was above such things). The typical man of today
    • something that is actually situated within our organism.
    • meaning and essential reality. We may dream of something that cannot
    • be related to anything in the external world. When that point
    • connection between these things; in ordinary consciousness they are
    • On the other hand, he begins to dream of something else around them,
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  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Three: Form and Substantiality of the Mineral Kingdom in Relation to the Levels of Consciousness in Man
    Matching lines:
    • the other. I should like to describe these things entirely from
    • things and all living beings. The acquisition of these new powers is
    • nothing is reflected back from the Earth. Everything is
    • discover that there exists in the universe something that permeates
    • something further about the mineral kingdom. Hitherto we have
    • plaything of external circumstances and lends him stability. If we
    • that everything that provides stability is centred in the cardiac
    • already indicated, we then perceive that everything that
    • something floods our whole inner being; our response grows more
    • gradually increases. Everything seems to be in a state of inner
    • organ with delicate powers of perception; he perceives things that we
    • the strange thing is that when we are identified with this second man
    • accompanying the dead in the way described we experience everything
    • on a magnified scale; everything appears to be more intensely real.
    • strange thing happened. A few anthroposophists tumbled to the state
    • In comparison with this, everything related to the external world
    • Everything
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Four: The Secret of Investigation into Other Realms through the Metamorphosis of Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • too glad to know something of other worlds and other states of
    • achieve nothing; they find the need to practise spiritual
    • laryngeal condition and nothing further.
    • necessary, therefore, to see things in their proper relationship,
    • heart, not in the heart. Therefore he knows nothing of this
    • today. It is upon the knowledge of such things that our ability to
    • has become something vague and nebulous, a catalogue of laws of
    • a state of affairs that hardly inspires confidence; everything
    • Natura was not used in our abstract sense; it implied something
    • created things. The ancients were aware of her hidden and her visible
    • for, and sense the subtle distinctions in these things, when we
    • Initiate knowledge he would say something like the following to his
    • These things
    • talked of these things amongst themselves, they knew for certain they
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Five: The Inner Vitalization of the Soul through the Qualities of the Metallic Nature
    Matching lines:
    • world that brings everything to fuller consummation than the
    • and discover something which is of supreme importance for mankind,
    • intermediate world everything that I have described as solid and
    • luminous ceases to have any significance; something seems to be
    • This phenomenon also loses all reality. Something different emerges
    • endowed with form. And this applies to everything in this
    • become aware of something else. If this intermediate world
    • everything named after its chemical composition — none of
    • are unaware of their composition, you no longer know anything about
    • everything begins to vibrate with life. We say to ourselves: the
    • vital life that we had not perceived before. Everything is quickened
    • world again through our senses, we then perceive everything in the
    • includes everything that has the characteristics of liquid metals; in
    • spiritual science the mercurial includes everything of a mercurial
    • death. Quicksilver attracts to itself everything that can
    • mind and senses, as if everything were active, alive and
    • left the Earth and the world of Elements below us; everything exhales
    • those things that were still connected with the Earth sphere,
    • become aware of something else, again something that Brunetto
    • things in the world are interwoven and interrelated after this
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  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Six: Initiation-Knowledge, Waking Consciousness and Dream Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • uncorrelated, grotesque images and symbols that nothing can be learnt
    • should see nothing but a void, a vacuum, where the astral body is
    • world, we must draw attention to these things. If we wish to take the
    • the dictates of the intellect and to rationalize everything. We must
    • organs, he cannot perceive anything. Darkness surrounds him; he is
    • passions that threaten to destroy everything, the intuitives are
    • accept things as they are.
    • on something else, something of extreme subtlety and delicacy. I must
    • with our fellowmen. And the strange thing is that when they
    • literally, of course. He would talk to us of many things; then,
    • you have a few more years behind you. Then I can tell you everything
    • These things
    • things are we in a position to understand why some die young and
    • consciousness. Everything else in the Cosmos, Sun, Moon and all
    • world of stars. And the first thing we learn from this is to speak of
    • clearly visible under the microscope, we cannot say: this is nothing
    • who still knew something of these matters did not speak therefore of
    • these things and they endowed the planetary system that we experience
    • untrue to say that we cannot know anything of the Sun sphere before
    • things that he never perceives in normal consciousness. But he would
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Seven: Knowledge of the World of Stars. Differentiation of the Historical Epochs of Mankind and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • forgive me if, at this point, I introduce something from direct
    • influence in everything in the psychic and physical life, in science,
    • puberty. These are the Mercury forces. He experiences something of
    • possesses true Initiation-knowledge he is not unconscious of things
    • round whom everything revolved, the Being of special significance in
    • in their midst — this epoch contains something that can provide
    • with the full tide of song; they express everything through poetry
    • need to exchange opinions, to confer with them about one thing
    • first place, this is something that does not lead to the real sphere
    • thing to which these beings are specially receptive, is skin
    • things in so far as they exist on Earth have special significance for
    • Everything depends upon establishing the proper experimental
    • beings were concerned with something rather alien to that epoch,
    • recently saw in an illustrated paper. Something streams out of the
    • something wholly spiritual; but associated with this was something
    • surprise us that people are amazed at such things. But we are indeed
    • ectoplasmic forms out of nothing but ordinary sweat.
    • that the medium manifests something, i.e. the visible phantom, that
    • the objective aspect, the true nature, of these things.
    • things lead directly to black magic which makes use of the spiritual
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Eight: Potential Aberrations in Spiritual Investigation
    Matching lines:
    • something of vital importance is disclosed, namely, that we must
    • world proper to it and attracts to itself nothing from a world that
    • itself something from an alien world; it assimilates something
    • something which should not belong to the being of the plant, but
    • all these worlds lack everything that man acquires through his
    • that all these things have no significance for the Cosmos in general.
    • mankind has laid the foundations of something that would be
    • our civilization, because men cannot carry over everything from
    • are. Something of this intelligence passes over to their progeny, the
    • there everything is different.
    • described. Everything in the one world reacts upon the other worlds.
    • But in order to have real knowledge of these things we must enter
    • everything connected with mediumistic consciousness is explained by
    • from this how everything at work within this mediumistic form
    • organisation we have something that is much lighter than its real
    • life we must carefully observe everything within us that has
    • materialistic mode of thinking seeks to localize everything and
    • a railway truck. Something is ‘loaded into’ the optic
    • register sensation of warmth reduce everything lying at the periphery
    • everything in the dim, phantom-like shadows that should really be
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  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Nine: Abnormal Paths into the Spiritual World and their Transformation
    Matching lines:
    • especially in the writings of H. P. Blavatsky. But everything
    • how these things arise. You may perhaps say that this is a personal
    • the influence of suggestion, everything is sharply defined; all that
    • along and say: I understand nothing about mathematics so I cannot say
    • best thing for him to do would be to come to me in my psychical
    • knows nothing of configurations and material forms which express and
    • steeped in the Moon mysteries and everything pertaining to them
    • right way. All phenomena and particularly everything that is
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Ten: Influences of the Extra-Terrestrial Cosmos Upon the Consciousness of Man
    Matching lines:
    • none the less evident today, even to the scientist, that nothing
    • remains that things will take their normal course for man by virtue
    • us. The second being is strongly attracted to everything associated
    • awakens within him something like an inner night.
    • eyes and for the external apprehension of things; but in the course
    • true path. If he allows anything to enter into him when he is not
    • inner well-being. We become aware however of something else. The
    • for we realize that we are in the presence of something living. We
    • consciousness into these things, we are on the right path. Only
    • path. Everything which, on penetrating into the spiritual world,
    • something in the distance, and draw near to it. At first I take it
    • and act in terms of this social life. There is nothing unusual in
    • distant future. But to the extent to which these things exist in the
    • onwards these things begin to speak. They are revealed through
    • imagination to the right source. The remarkable thing about Blavatsky
    • must be carefully distinguished from everything that is achieved
  • Title: True/False Paths: Lecture Eleven: What is the Position in Respect of Spiritual Investigation and the Understanding of Spiritual Investigation?
    Matching lines:
    • wills something in the head and is then transmitted to the whole body
    • something akin to a delicate, subtle and intimate process of
    • reserved especially for modern science. People believe things which,
    • something of the old insight into, and participation in the spiritual
    • Mankind feels an imperious need to know something about the spiritual
    • world. As yet men ignore those who can tell them something about the
    • everything is subject to gravitation. Wherefore if the Earth is not
    • not only aware of birth and death, but of something quite different.
    • the sphere of the major third as something wholly enclosed within the
    • musically something of the inner being of man that reaches out into
    • resolved in something which, to the musical ear, resembles a musical

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