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Eurythmy as Visible Singing

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Eurythmy as Visible Singing

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Foreword by Dorothea Mier
Translator's Preface and Acknowledgements
Introduction to the third English edition
Rudolf Steiner on the Tone-Eurythmy lecture course

The Lectures:

  1. The experience of major and minor (Dornach, Tuesday 19.2.24)

  2. Experience and gesture; the intervals (Dornach, Wednesday 20.2.24)

  3. Melodic movement; the ensouling of the three dimensions through pitch, rhythm and beat (Dornach, Thursday 21.2.24)

  4. The progression of musical phrases; swinging-over; the bar line (Dornach, Friday 22.2.24)

  5. Choral eurythmy (Dornach, Saturday 23.2.24)

  6. The sustained note; the rest; discords (Dornach, Monday 25.2.24)

  7. Musical physiology; the point of departure; intervals; cadences (Dornach, Tuesday 26.2.24)

  8. Pitch (ethos and pathos), note values, dynamics; changes of tempo (Dornach, Wednesday 27.2.24)

Rudolf Steiner's personal Lecture Notes:

  1. German transcription/English translation

  2. Facsimile

Index to the Lectures

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