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  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Foreword
    Matching lines:
    • feeling of emptiness actually is caused, as Steiner explains, by the
  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • plants from the stones, and so on, because it is always discontent. A
    • innermost essence of things. Because man feels himself near to this
    • because these sounds are present already in his sentient body.
    • seize the more solid substance of the etheric body and cause it to
    • because he feels like a victor over his etheric body by means of his
    • Because feelings are the innermost elements of the soul, akin to the
    • spiritual world, and because in tone the soul finds the element in
    • well-being, because these tones harmonize with what he has
  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • because outer things call forth mental images in the human senses,
    • into himself; he causes it to arise in him again and then lets it go
    • time, but he knows nothing about it, because he is conscious neither
    • comprehensible to a spiritual scientist, because he discerns their
    • world as his own innermost nature, because they are his primeval
  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • individual had to incarnate, because the circumstance drew him down
  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • caused by our inhalation of air. Sketching it, we see that the air we
    • I always spelled it m i a, because in the r is
    • the planet moves from Aries to Taurus. Each planet, however, causes a
  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • must first be created in the given physical world. This caused people
    • intellectualism cannot reach the musical element, because it can deal
    • than other experiences, because for musical experience the ear is
    • first of all as nerve man, because the ear is not important as a
    • ruled out as accompanying factors. They are there because man is a
    • cause for this is the spiritual element that descended the farthest
    • because the matter reaches the etheric. Everything in man's
    • because, as yet, man cannot find the link to the world in the musical
    • proof of the existence of god, because he will experience the “I”
    • instant we develop concepts about it. This is because the unfolding
    • We must leave music behind when we think, because tone begins to
  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • is not because the experience of the fourth in itself is the most
    • interesting but because it arises at the dividing line between the
    • of a fifth. Because he still possessed imaginative consciousness, he
    • penetrate completely into thinking — because it would cease to
    • you will go because it announced that it is time to go for dinner,
    • instead of “rhythmic man” — because it is lifted
    • dominant musical role and in which, because of this, the complication
    • more outward element toward the major side. This causes the
  • Title: Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • include what, together with him and caused by him, takes place in his
    • because philosophical terminology is a language for the material
    • because this human soul surrendered itself to the earth. You perhaps
    • increasingly senses the thoughts in his own being, because the Archai
    • of the word empty. The fifth has become empty because the gods have
    • and minor thirds. It is not a third in our sense, of course, because
    • prime. Because ancient man was able to experience such intervals,
    • times, the gods made jubilant music in the cosmos because they
    • because otherwise the soul qualities of human nature will simply

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