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Figure 1: Terrace and the north wing from the West
Figure 2: View of the small dome, which was also used as a stage.
Figure 3: Detail from the painting of the small dome
Figure 4: North side view of the First Goetheanum
Figure 5: The Second Goetheanum from the Northwest
Figure 6: Model by Rudolf Steiner of the Second Goetheanum in 1924
Figure 7: The same model, from the Northeast
Figure 8: The Second Goetheanum, from the South
Figure 9: Cutaway Model of the First Goetheanum
Figure 10: Rudolf Steiner with the Model of the West Portal and the subsequent window designs
Figure 11: Grosheintz House (House Duldeck), to the southwest from the Goetheanum
Figure 12: The Boiler House at the Goetheanum, from the Southwest
Figure 13: Palmetto Motif made of plastic wax, 11.4 x 28.5 cm
Figure 14: Plan and Cross Section of the First Goetheanum
Color Plate 1: Color chart for the lecture of July 26, 1914
Color Plate 2: Blackboard Drawing by Rudolf Steiner from the Lecture of January 1, 1924

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