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  • Title: History of Art: Lecture I: Cimabue, Giotto, and Other Italian Masters
    Matching lines:
    • person of the Redeemer Himself, or the Madonna, the angelic
    • his pictures of the Madonna. Such, gazing down into this earthly
    • 1. Cimabue: Madonna with Angels and Prophets. (Academy,
    • 2. Cimabue: Madonna (Detail)
    • picture of the Madonna. This, then, is what we have of
    • 3. Cimabue: Madonna Rucellai. (Santa Maria Novella,
    • "https://www.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA292/English/UNK1981/images/HA01-005_Giotto_Madonna.jpg"
    • 5. Giotto: Madonna enthroned. (Alter-piece, Santa Croce,
    • 13. Giotto: Joachim and the Shepherds. (Capella Madonna,
    • 14. Giotto: The Visitation. (Capella Madonna dell' Arena,
    • 15. Giotto: Marriage of the Virgin. (Capella Madonna
    • 16. Giotto: The Baptism of Christ. (Capella Madonna dell'
    • 17. Giotto: Justice and Injustice. (Capella Madonna dell'
    • 24. Giotto: The Resurrection of Christ. (Capella Madonna
    • 25. Giotto: The Crowning with Thorns. (Capella Madonna
    • 26. Giotto: The Last Supper. (Capella Madonna dell' Arena,
    • "https://www.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA292/English/UNK1981/images/HA01-005_Giotto_Madonna.jpg"
    • 28. Giotto: Madonna. (Academy, Florence.)
    • directly after this Madonna by Giotto, the Madonna by Cimabue
    • 29. Cimabue: Madonna enthroned. (Academy, Florence.)
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  • Title: History of Art: Lecture II: Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael
    Matching lines:
    • 11. Madonna Litta. (St. Petersburg.)
    • 15. Madonna of the Grotto. (Paris.)
    • 27. Madonna of the Staircase. (Casa Buonarotti. Florence.)
    • 29. Madonna. (Bas-Relief.) (Museo Nazionale. Florence.)
    • 30. Madonna. (Cathedral. Bruges.)
    • more than the artistic quality as such have often said that the Madonna,
    • that owing to her virgin nature the Madonna never assumed the features of
    • 62. Madonna. (San Lorenzo. Florence.)
    • 76. Madonna with the Jesus-Children. (Madonna Terranuove. Berlin. )
    • us a number of Raphael's pictures of the Madonna and of the sacred legend.
    • These — especially the Madonnas — are the works of Raphael
    • 77. Madonna Tempi. (Munich.)
    • 78. Madonna in Green. (Vienna.)
    • 79. Madonna of the Goldfinch. (Uffizi. Florence.)
    • 80. The Holy Family: Madonna Canigiani. (Munich.)
    • 83. Madonna Alba. (Eremitage. St. Petersburg.)
    • These are the Madonnas which
    • 89. Madonna da Fogligno. (Rome.)
    • 95. The Holy Family: Madonna under the oak. (Prado. Madrid.)
    • 96. Sistine Madonna. (Dresden.)
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture III: Dürer and Holbein
    Matching lines:
    • 16. Madonna of the Sweet Pea. (Museum at
    • 19. Madonna of the Violet. (Museum at
    • Madonna of the Sweet Pea” — had died about 1410.
    • 20. Stephen Lochner. Madonna amid the
    • looks down on the Madonna and the Child. See how every angel does
    • 21. Martin Schongauer. Madonna im Rosenhag.
    • purest Reformation mood, although it is a Madonna, — it is the mood
    • 35. Lucas Cranach. Madonna. (In the Cathedral at
    • 59. Holbein. Madonna of the Burgomaster Mayer.
    • worshipping the Madonna. This picture is in Darmstadt. There is a
    • 60. Madonna. (Nuremberg.)
    • Madonna, which is in Nuremburg, reveals to perfection what the
    • feeling. It is by an unknown artist. You must imagine this Madonna,
    • the center; for this Madonna of Nuremberg belongs undoubtedly to a
    • in the Madonnas which we showed today will be found again in this
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture IV: Mid-European and Southern Art
    Matching lines:
    • We need only call to mind the portraits, the Madonnas, for
    • instance, of Van Eyck. These Madonnas — their facial
    • Madonna.
    • 25. The Madonna. (Dijon also.)
    • see the Art of individual characterisation. Compare this Madonna
    • middle of the 15th century. The next is a Madonna, by the same
    • 35. Madonna. (Pfarrerkirche. Starzing.)
    • 47. Til Riemenschneider. Madonna and Child.
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture VI: Dutch and Flemish Painting
    Matching lines:
    • 11. Jan van Eyck. Madonna. (At Bruges.)
    • in 1436. You will admire the tenderness of expression in the Madonna, no
    • 20. Rogier van der Weyden. St. Luke painting the Madonna.
    • 34. Hans Memling, Madonna Enthroned. (Uffizi. Florence.)
    • 41. Gerard David. Madonna and Christ, with Angels. (Rouen.)
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture VII: Representations of the Nativity
    Matching lines:
    • 53. Correggio. Madonna della Scodella. (Parma)
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture VIII: Raphael and the Northern Artists
    Matching lines:
    • for a moment from this aspect of the Madonna della Sedia, — how
    • this theme: The Birth of Christ Jesus in connection with the Madonna,
    • the Madonna with the Jesus Child — in its impression on the human
    • 1. Raphael. Madonna With Child.
    • also think of the Sistine Madonna, even as we have now spoken of the
    • Madonna della Sedia. Again we should have to say: What is here placed
    • great world-conception, the Sistine Madonna is, indeed, unthinkable.
    • 2. Raphael. Sistine Madonna With Child
    • 3. Raphael. Sistine Madonna With Child (detail)
    • Vatican and the two Madonnas. And finally, four years after this, at the
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture IX:
    Matching lines:
    • And two Madonnas from him:
    • 51. Giovanni Pisano. Madonnas. (Berlin and
    • 59. Luca della Robbia. Madonna in the Bower of Roses.
    • 61. Madonna (della Cintola Fojano). Andrea della Robbia.
    • The Madonna is shown in
    • 73. Donatello. Madonna Pazzi. (Berlin.)

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