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  • Title: History of Art: Lecture I: Cimabue, Giotto, and Other Italian Masters
    Matching lines:
    • connected with the early Christian conceptions.
    • are connected with the Mystery of Golgotha and with its workings.
    • for the other characters connected with the Mystery of Golgotha,
    • and all that were connected with Him should be represented
    • with all that the inner life of man can experience in connection
    • connection of soul between Giotto and Francis of Assisi —
    • bringing forth out of his heart his inner connection with the
    • higher life — to connect it with a higher life, only now in
    • the Lord, for the Dominicans were spoken of in connection with
    • connection with the Universe.
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture II: Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael
    Matching lines:
    • masters of the Renaissance. We ended by revealing the connecting threads
    • its living connection with the spiritual life as a whole. At the same
    • (and when I say ideas I include “Imaginations”) connected
    • souls lived in the ideas connected with the Mystery of Golgotha, as
    • for him, and yet not unconnected with the whole surrounding world of
    • is connected with this great change in his feelings: Into the very line
    • is connected with this very feeling.
    • lectures. These inner connections could only be felt and realised in
    • themselves. I mean the ideas connected with the Mystery of Golgotha
    • connection between the earthly and the spiritual realms, and so forth.
    • are therefore not without connection.
    • inner connection in the artist's soul. If he desires to create a work
    • proves how closely he connected the earthly life with the supersensible
    • never completed, but there remained this, the greatest figure in connection
    • idea which he carried throughout his long life, and is connected far
    • X. In this connection we must realise that Pope Julius II, although
    • into account the related sketches and everything connected with it,
    • with absolute individuality, obeying an impulse connected only with
    • evolution that this supreme attainment is connected with a succession
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture III: Dürer and Holbein
    Matching lines:
    • straight from the feeling of an inner connection between sign and
    • connection with the heavenly). From the South, on the other hand,
    • mind another thing in this connection. It is true that in the
    • mutual enhancement to the world of color, we feel the connection
    • and shade appear. When we study this connection between light and
    • Mid-Europe is connected in its turn with what I would call the
    • is deeply connected with the ancient Persian wisdom of the Magi.
    • it brings the quality of magic into connection with the feelings of
    • inspiration, intimately connected with the Mid-European impulse.
    • a connection between Man and the naturalistic life and being of the
    • soul is connected with the life and civilisation around him,
    • follow up uhat brings the human nature into direct connection with
    • show you something which, while not in direct connection with the
    • connection I have tried to indicate, bring out in clear relief the
    • Dürer when one considers him in connection with the time
    • actual pictures of Faust and you would find a real connecting link.
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture IV: Mid-European and Southern Art
    Matching lines:
    • last week, of the connections and contrasts between the
    • connected with the name of Cimabue. Here it is more the Christ
    • Northerly qualities of artistic creation are connected with the
    • things are not essential. The figures are undoubtedly connected,
    • unconnected with very human qualities, which shall be nameless),
    • — deeply and lovingly connected as she is with our Movement.
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture V: Rembrandt
    Matching lines:
    • had lost connection, as it were, with the mother-soil of spiritual life.
    • names we cannot but find expressed in them something connected with the
    • are always somehow connected with the sacred Legends. Rembrandt's are
    • Please do not think that this is unconnected with the artist's peculiar
    • a human soul of whom we may, indeed, believe that he was connected directly
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture VI: Dutch and Flemish Painting
    Matching lines:
    • bring forth, out of the depths of human evolution, all that is connected
    • — in all that is connected with the Southern culture, which we
    • whose connection as compact States was at most a very loose one. The
    • of Life, in connection with the Sacrifice of the Lamb, was natural to the
    • also familiar to those times. The various events connected with the
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture VII: Representations of the Nativity
    Matching lines:
    • connected with all that related to the Birth of Jesus —
    • is connected with the Adoration by the Three Wise Men, we have, therefore
    • to bear on all that is connected with the Wise Men from the East must
    • some pictures of the Flight into Egypt. This, too, is connected with
    • The Flight into Egypt appears in direct connection with the Mission of
    • that the Gospel is taking into account the connection with all that was
    • would indicate such inner connections as underlie the revelation to
    • approaching Christ from the physical plane — all that is connected,
    • You will feel the connection of it with what is given in the old Christmas
    • all around the picture, representations of what was cosmically connected
    • the events are shown thoroughly in connection with the Spiritual World
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture VIII: Raphael and the Northern Artists
    Matching lines:
    • this theme: The Birth of Christ Jesus in connection with the Madonna,
    • we may look for something intimate and deep; deeply connected —
    • post-Atlantean epoch and all that is connected with it, finds expression
    • might. There were the excesses connected with the old divisions — the
    • and bad — and they, of course, were always in close connection
    • path. There can, however, be no doubt that this fact is connected with
    • connection of the world of color with the light and dark. Through the
    • alive. We must only find the connection of what surges through these
    • more closely, will find still deeper connections. Think of the four
    • product. The peculiar quality of the Kantian philosophy is not unconnected
  • Title: History of Art: Lecture IX:
    Matching lines:
    • a connecting thread throughout the world of animals. We have often spoken
    • In this connection I have
    • recognised in a beautiful way the connection between Truth in knowledge
    • the occult history of Greek Art. Only this much may be said, in connection
    • represent the world of the Gods and all that was connected with them, in
    • be said in connection with the single works that will be shown.
    • still the case, but he knows how to treat the whole body in connection
    • B.C. In connection with this we will also

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