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    This little book, written ten years before Dr. Rudolf Steiner had founded the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, contains the chief results of anthroposophical investigation into human nature and the varied interplay of its manifold elements at different ages. Sentences in the book itself best sum up the spirit of approach: “We shall not set up demands or programmes, but simply describe the child-nature. From the nature of the growing and evolving human being, the proper point of view for Education will, as it were, spontaneously result. ... Many are setting about to reform life, without really knowing life in its foundations. But he who would make proposals as to the future must not content himself with a knowledge of life that merely touches life's surface. He must investigate its depths.

  2. LECTURES TO TEACHERS, 1921 2s. 6d.

    These ten lectures, held at an educational conference at the Goetheanum in Dornach in 1921, and reported by the famous Swiss writer Albert Steffen, contain a complete introduction both into the basis of Dr. Rudolf Steiner's Art of Education and into its practical application in school life. The titles of the various lectures indicate the lines of thought followed in this course:

    The Knowledge of Man as the Basis of the Art of Teaching.
    The Knowledge of Health and Disease which is necessary for the Art of Teaching.
    The Child before the Seventh Year.
    The Child from the Seventh to the Tenth Year.
    The Child from the Tenth to the Fourteenth Year.
    After the Fourteenth Year.
    Aesthetic Education.
    Physical Education.
    Religious and Moral Education.


    Cloth. Crown 8vo. 244pp. 3s. 6d.

    The book contains twelve lectures, followed by a farewell address, given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner at Ilkley, Yorkshire. The spirit of this basic course of lectures is expressed in three sentences by Frau Marie Steiner in her preface to the book: “The principles laid down by Rudolf Steiner in no sense claim to be institutions representative of any particular philosophy or conception of the world. Their aim is to enable the child to develop and unfold in freedom. The child should live in an element of soul and spirit that is at once a support and help, instead of being allowed to sink into a spiritual void, finally emerging from school life wearied in soul and body.”


    Crown 8vo. 98pp. 1924 2s.

    This book deals with the fundamental problems of education in the widest sense, including those essential questions arising throughout our present civilization. The five lectures here published from shorthand reports were not only delivered to educationalists but were held publicly at Stuttgart in April 1924 before an audience of 1,700 men and women. These were the last public lectures given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in Germany. As the ripest fruit of this work they form a spiritual heritage of this great teacher of both the child and of mankind.


    BY F. HARTLIEB, 1926 6d.

    This booklet is the translation of an article published in the Württembergische Lehrerzeitung of October 1926, by Herr F. Hartlieb, the official School Inspector. He recounts his impressions of the Waldorf School, after completing his ordinary course of duty on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Herr F. Hartlieb was not previously acquainted either with the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner or that of the Anthroposophical Society. This article adds therefore the impressions of a most qualified outside spectator to the books of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, dealing with the spirit and inner aspects of this educational work.

  6. Reports of the Conferences on New Ideals in Education, 1921, 1922.

  7. Colour (with illustrations) 4s. 6d.

  8. Ways to a New Style in Architecture (with illustrations) 6s. 0d.

  9. Eurhythmy as Visible Speech (with illustrations) 10s. 6d.

  10. Eurhythmy as Visible Song (with illustrations) 7s. 6d.

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