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  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine -- Contents
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    • brain; the process of breathing; metabolic processes; solid, fluid,
    • pulse and breathing; sulfur, mercury and salt principles in plants
  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture I
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    • applies to everything that may be said and discovered by
    • thinking, there are no grounds for connecting anything
    • compared with those that have evolved today. Nothing could be
    • of view that perfection has been reached and that everything
    • emphasize at the beginning that such a thing is out of the
    • soul. He saw this. He saw this as clearly as we see something
    • something outside the range of modern scientific consciousness,
    • Galen was not able to see many things that are brought to light
    • higher education — it is simply impossible to see things
    • as the ancients saw them; moreover, if a person did see things
    • something psychopathic today in all instinctive
    • cell as the simplest thing in the organism. Viewed in the light
    • This is just the kind of thing many people do, but it leads
    • something they do not understand in the least. We should not
    • scientific investigation does not lead to the same things that
    • the same things he finds under a microscope, he may safely be
    • judgments about various things in relation to them. At three
    • This essentially alters the picture and has nothing to do with
    • everything is a primeval germ cell that has been fertilized and
    • reality, and it is only when things no longer fit into his
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  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture II
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    • it. I would then discuss everything connected with the human
    • study would gradually open up a vista of how things are
    • to, but I will really present nothing that cannot in some way
    • Everything I say
    • is absolutely essential because, as things are today, nothing
    • are not merely the outcome of a desire to divide things into
    • man's physical organization, this encompasses everything in the
    • has an etheric body. We must think of everything solid as being
    • among other things, in the relationship between the kidneys and
    • being we do not need to assume anything other than a physical
    • of something that is not exhausted by the physical lawfulness,
    • organization is, of course, something super-sensible and brings
    • human organism becomes more and more transparent. Everything
    • All these things
    • study things in the outer world. Then we find something that
    • point that our way of looking at things first becomes heretical
    • responsible for transformation of the protein into something
    • in the breathing. Therefore man is not an angel but can walk
    • but projected as something real — into the physical
    • have something that lies very far indeed from modern ways of
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  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture III
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    • indicate only very briefly, many things become terribly
    • disease, things not otherwise appreciated in their full
    • functional sense everything that is subject to rhythm —
    • primarily, therefore, the breathing system and its connection
    • waking, as well as everything else rhythmical, the rhythmic
    • data, as is the case with other things mentioned in these
    • Everything that flows from the metabolic system toward the
    • breathing system to be the rhythmic continuation of the
    • breathing system and this is expressed through the rhythm of
    • studying the ratio of everything that proceeds from the human
    • processes of metabolism in their impact on everything that
    • in the head and skin organizations on the other (everything
    • rhythms. Everything that proceeds from the liver-kidney systems
    • has the rhythm of the metabolic human being. Everything that
    • the first place to the fact that everything connected with the
    • things in the human organization are connected with this: for
    • of teeth, everything proceeds from, the child's nerve-sense
    • Everything proceeds from the nerve-sense organization. The
    • everything that I have described as being connected with the
    • now say: everything connected with the ego and astral
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  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture IV
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    • in the domain of medicine, the most important thing is to make
    • that everything the human being takes into his digestive tract
    • something that this organism must utterly transform, reverse.
    • in ordinary digestion by introducing something to the human
    • us begin with something that is continually present within the
    • The same thing
    • everything that is taken up in the human being in the
    • We soon find something amiss with the nerve-sense system too
    • something in connection with the irregular activity of the
    • things. Supersensible observation of the human organism reveals
    • the sense-perceptible reflection of something spiritual. The
    • something spiritual. But the interaction between the
    • considerations underlying the physiological theory, something
    • is nothing in the human organism that does not belong to the
    • and outwardly. To begin with, the nervous system has nothing to
    • something remains over from the formative force proceeding
    • sight adapt themselves to this “something” that has
    • as it were, by means of everything that underlies the silicea,
    • closely approximates the inorganic. Thus everything we
    • to relieve the nervous system of astral activity. These things
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