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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • large points of view which I shall discuss today are to be
    • nowadays — one set down what I shall say both today and
    • in the next days as abstract sentences.
    • Today I intend
    • of our task today, we must know the following:
    • horror one can have towards lecturing today. It is the type
    • yesterday and used it in one's preparation. At the moment of
    • mind to remember the way in which one was wise yesterday,
    • the next day to succeed in feeling again as he once did! No,
    • then it is a matter of working on the very next day with the
    • intended. He arrived in Weimar several days before the
    • Weimar for several days and said: “Oh, I have not been
    • was a hot summer day. The windows had to be opened. And,
    • hundred times. For one day it comes right, if one does not
    • time to the preceding day when we brought the argument to
    • indicated today at the beginning, we shall have not merely to
    • above all, to look at what I have said today from the point
    • way to complete it within the next days.
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • today to speak about Anthroposophy and the Threefold Movement
    • said yesterday, with the practice of lecturing, but only for
    • assumed that an audience of today does not begin to know what
    • about the threefold idea today absolutely call forth the
    • Today we simply
    • which we stand today.
    • still have it today, rests on the tradition which really goes
    • Today, however,
    • to assert that there can be no more poetry at all today. We
    • to speak beautifully today when one immerses oneself in the
    • For who today
    • inner being. But all this is indeed no longer there today;
    • everything that appears today in our civilization in one
    • philosophy sounding everywhere today. Almost all human beings
    • a human being today who still uses his words differently, in
    • a question today that what is said be correct in the
    • Today the view
    • that is possible in a certain connection, is today impossible
    • much understanding in present-day humanity. For, mostly what
    • example, — one must already say these things today
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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • intensively by people of today. Indeed, only by this means
    • can connect with in a present-day audience, as regards the
    • wanted to speak about these things today out of the circle of
    • think today in the sense of their theories, as these have
    • quite clear — : if one speaks today to a proletarian
    • today tried to show you how the material first has to be
    • have said today everyone should now actually do in his own
    • lecture, as I have said at the beginning of today's remarks:
    • step. Today I wanted more to show first of all in rough
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • another reason why a lecturer of today must be aware of such
    • mostly condemned to speak in front of nowadays? Quite
    • when we normally have to lecture today. The threefold social
    • specialists who are eager lecture-goers nowadays.
    • wishy-washy concepts of today's science, it would be observed
    • role today. There, it is really a matter of not being in love
    • Above all — I should like to tell you this today, since
    • nowadays in public is a continuous whirl of fun-making. The
    • joking-around of yesterday is still not digested, when the
    • fun-making of today makes its appearance. With that, the
    • digestive juices of yesterday go sour and become like
    • vinegar. The human being will in turn be entertained today.
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • fact that much of what exists today actually came out of
    • how today's abstract market brings things together, whose
    • back and forth on foot in one day, where people exchanged
    • modern-day conditions. But owing to the manner in which Japan
    • time — it is probably still the same today — when
    • matters are a little different, but in earlier days, one
    • something like what I have described today as creating a
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • Since today
    • and many other things which will be mentioned today. You
    • a riddle today:
    • something to me yesterday which made it impossible for me to
    • Prince was called. — Dear One, yesterday evening you are
    • certain way, artistically. For basically, one speaks today
    • of the time, can only be evoked today by Anthroposophy. For
    • cultural life must be a real life of the spirit. Today, when
    • especially today, are tired in mind and soul. They actually
    • think how deep-rooted it is in today's humanity: parents have
    • working days. How grateful we should be to the government for
    • that is something that lies deeply in present-day man, in
    • everyone today. Just to be polite I will add that this is
    • government, as it exists today, is an example of such a
    • what do we need today? Not a mere doctrine; however good it

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