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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • only of the sense organ of the ear! Moreover, when listening,
    • organize the lecture that we bore the listeners through our
    • with the nature of its content, that it is inwardly organized
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • organism.
    • organism? What will be the relation of the single person to
    • the sewing machine in the threefold social organism? —
    • endeavor such as the threefolding of the social organism. As
    • the threefold order of the social organism is nothing which
    • organism.
    • can one speak of "organizing" in order to produce the
    • threefold order. That which is an organism, this one does not
    • organize; this grows. It is just in the nature of an organism
    • that one does not have to organize it, that it organizes
    • itself. That which can be organized is no organism. We must
    • social organism lives, that the independent spiritual life
    • to show that the threefolding of the social organism is
    • is the economic organization first receive a certain
    • place, organize this economic life, while earlier, when the
    • an organism every detail is necessarily formed as it is, so
    • your whole organism. Were your ear lobe only the least bit
    • speaking resulted, and language with its whole organization.
    • necessary to feel speech as an organism of one's own. In the
    • the Orient, where the language was an organism, was more
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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • areas of the social organism.
    • social organism, about which we want to speak. There, at the
    • as regards the three members of the social organism in the
    • threefold social organism? One will say to oneself: it is
    • social organism within the working-class population, —
    • 1919 on, for the threefolding of the social organism. A
    • threefolding of the social organism, that what can be
    • threefolding of the social organism to, as they are called in
    • preparation — preparing the organization of the
    • organizing the lecture does it become lucid, and through
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • organism seriously, but plays with it. If the human organism
    • an organic, almost chemical effect in the human being.
    • stomach juices infect the rest of the organism — then
    • juices flow into the rest of the organism, when dispersed. On
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • conditions. About economic life within the social organism. The
    • social organism, as well as references to what can occur in
    • spiritual part of the social organism. Naturally, it must not
    • social organism, one speaks about economic relationships, one
    • so that one indeed experiences the speech-organs the way one
    • should make the speech-organs pliable and adroit; but making
    • senseless, but they are designed to make the speech-organs
    • the sequence of sounds, to make the organs of speech pliable;
    • and again, because even if the speech-organs are already
    • will see what you gain for your tongue, your organs of
    • speech-organs. But you can gradually accustom yourselves to
    • speech-organs — instead one really lives, in speaking,
    • least put some value on the organism of speech and the genius
    • organism of speech, the genius of language, is creative, in
    • organization of the human being. This should never be
    • these are related to our whole organism. Just as one can
    • threefold social organism, as depicted by Rudolf Steiner,
    • speech-organs via the exercises. Rudolf Steiner modifies
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • sense organs much.
    • that it removes the understanding from the organ of hearing.
    • to sleep with it. This is a wholly organic process. Logical
    • speech organs. The speaker must be fully immersed in
    • alone. We listen with our speech organs much more than is
    • the speaker with our speech organ; and the etheric body
    • organism — or something similar to this — take
    • threefolding of the social organism. And, I would like to
    • threefold organization.
    • attempting to organize in a threefold way? Imagine a country
    • would be very unlikely that a threefold organization could be
    • organism. Accordingly, the two should go together:
    • order in the social organism.

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