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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • that people do not pick up concrete tasks — that they
    • its responseful interchange between people — save from
    • wish to put into our lecture, this annoys people, this they
    • approaches people as a lecturer, then one has to do chiefly
    • one kindles in one's self does not interest people, willing
    • people, they would walk out. That must be the fundamental
    • people, a gossip session or the like. For I am not speaking
    • the people who will be listening to him. He then naturally
    • Goetheanum one is likely to lecture to people who have for
    • fact that our thoughts as such do not interest people, our
    • what we say goes into the will impulses of the people, that
    • the people, (some of whom will be in the hall), and make
    • only that people listen to one, and that one come not too
    • that comes too close to the people.
    • conversing with other people, that one will not find fitting
    • we work into the will of the others. What people will accept
    • annoy people. However, when we present the sense of the
    • impulses — then this works upon the people, works upon
    • the will of the people.
    • people. What springs from our own will, what we ourselves
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • outer world; one need only give people some guidance on the
    • people how this or that substance reacts in a retort, then
    • matter of what to stimulate in people for doing, for willing,
    • ideals”. People would have to accustom themselves to
    • happened in many an instance that many people who lecture
    • natural living together of people. One can falsify this
    • natural living together of people — as has been the
    • natural relation of people that the threefold order of the
    • people's majority, lives, that the economic life, shaped
    • remaining educational institutions, without people really
    • threefold idea. For only when a fairly large number of people
    • other people!
    • out what other people do unconsciously. If one is
    • — that fundamentally people over the whole of
    • sentimental sense. People called these poems of Goethe's
    • retained, of conveying logic to people precisely in the Latin
    • people live, where each one crows his own cock-a-doodle-doo
    • abstraction, which people today still represent to
    • really lives among people — one must only let it come
    • into existence; and what works among people — one must
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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • intensively by people of today. Indeed, only by this means
    • and sympathetic which is a mixture of middle-class people,
    • working-class people — in turn with all possible
    • misunderstood? — One tells people what they have
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • those countries one addresses people who, first of all, have
    • necessary fluency to speak in front of people.
    • people really prefer to be either in the concert hall or in
    • when people speak in all gravity, with heavy expressive
    • available on the number of people who have to go to stomach
    • is extraordinarily important. And for those people who don't
    • belongs to the elements that ruin the sermon for people.
    • relationship which prevails between two people hardly plays a
    • actually upsets people's stomach juices — whereby the
    • the other hand again, when people only act as jokers, stomach
    • But people will keep on being entertained, and what flows
    • saloons it is the Marxist speakers who ruin people's
    • stomachs. And if people then read the Vorwaerts
    • people into the abyss, and can in any case not confer with
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • about something like that if one presents it to people by
    • matter before people in a living way, as if one were copying
    • emerge from groups of people and one is therefore dependent
    • back and forth on foot in one day, where people exchanged
    • instinctive association. Those people who here came together
    • employed in business offices or people like that. I have, for
    • way one has written it just the time before. For most people
    • selfish, in most people. It simply emerges out of the
    • made people speak with body-resonance, with abdominal
    • something in a correct way to people depends most certainly
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • man knew the situation and the state of mind of the people.
    • exactly to eurythmy movements. Only people don't usually know
    • within. That is a fact which very few people know. Very few
    • nothing more beautiful could be imagined. The people who
    • people speak of the spiritual life, they mean ideas; they
    • in people the feeling for a genuine life of the spirit, it is
    • But people,
    • people so fond of an independently striving soul. The soul is

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