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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • question of] a discussion of what is necessary in order really
    • difficult to spread the insight that this activity is really
    • But what then is really present during reading so that we are
    • It is really a
    • understand quite clearly what is really stirring in the soul
    • matter of recognizing what is really active in the listener.
    • reality to do neither with thinking nor with the will, but
    • thoughts or will impulses — one must really be a kind
    • although thoughts do not really interest our listeners, and
    • whole lecture is something which can never lead to a really
    • if I may say so, then one does not do something really good
    • really “tuned up” when one delivers one's
    • freely, — but the introduction is really there for the
    • really have for every lecture is this — that one has
    • lecture, if one is a genuine lecturer, one should really
    • most, five — sentences. Thus, a lecture should really
    • really always think. And one will thus surely, without doubt,
    • close to them, so to speak; that one really avoid anything
    • who does not do his utmost in order to realize the Threefold
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • of Anthroposophy, and must really be thought of as arising
    • away from the reality very soon, and then talks about it
    • and so on. Such questions are really put in abundance to any
    • out of reality, one should not at all speak in this utopian
    • remaining educational institutions, without people really
    • behind — can never celebrate real births, but at most
    • realistically, that your ear lobe could be formed the very
    • still have it today, rests on the tradition which really goes
    • phase — professors who really continued to live on as
    • task: to speak beautifully. Hence, one can really only learn
    • beautifully to the point that one really regarded singing,
    • about cognition: Truth is something that really doesn't
    • does not set up the concept of God; it is really good to
    • really has a soul. That could be discussed to the end of the
    • realize itself or not, cannot be decided; we consider life in
    • such a way “as if” the good could realize itself.
    • are so earnest, so important, that we really should speak
    • spoke in a certain connection of the fact that, in reality,
    • had genuine capacities which really did not become human at
    • they have absolute validity. In reality, for our life in the
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  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • tasks which one can set oneself in a certain realm as a
    • really be understood. This or that may appeal to the listener
    • about a lecture which is not composed: but in reality a
    • realizing: every talk will inevitably be poor as regards its
    • really count on being understood. Allowing the whole lecture
    • the composition of such a lecture is really given through the
    • should really always sense to whom one has to speak, before
    • should really combat through the whole manner of our bearing.
    • lecture is really in vain which is given in this sense and to
    • really not spoken at all, but as though someone or other had
    • That is really how you are confronted! The persons concerned
    • say: Well, the lecturer really told us nothing new! —
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • have said from the beginning, the really proper thing finally
    • really have to be composed quite differently, because in
    • people really prefer to be either in the concert hall or in
    • must he aware of what one is really doing, down to the last
    • I could not know at all whether it was really true, or
    • good speaker really always has to endure a certain reluctance
    • well what I say with this statement, and I well realize how
    • even enjoy listening to others. For it is really through
    • out of living experience, what one should really always have
    • role today. There, it is really a matter of not being in love
    • parliament is really Schwatzanstalt. — ]
    • want to adjust to the wind! A real sailor, like a real
    • contradicts himself or reality. One can only go into what he
    • realize that the preparation is something quite subtle! For,
    • juices are produced incessantly, which really works like
    • public life, it is really the hypochondriacal vinegar which
    • very real process!
    • be known how the realm of speaking takes its place within the
    • realm of actions. The untruest utterance — because from
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • the first two realms — namely that of the spiritual life
    • reality, can one speak in such a way that the speech truly
    • make it plausible that an individual person really knows
    • not coin any word for it, but in reality it was an
    • has reduced everything into an abstract realm; that is, it
    • catch-phrases readily give one the opportunity to really
    • movements that are later executed in real life; but they are
    • fulfilment. Now one should really make an effort to execute
    • (In the immeasurably wide realms,
    • who stutters must make a real effort.
    • it is really necessary that, in a certain sense, we tear
    • not really present with anything but the hand in writing.
    • really writing with the hand, as it were, but with the eye;
    • lesser degree: one really acts like one does when sketching,
    • really have a sort of experience of your words. Then,
    • speech-organs — instead one really lives, in speaking,
    • kidney, and so forth. It is really a matter of having to draw
    • the economic realm.
  • Title: Art of Lecturing: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • exhalation — if it is a question — is really only
    • really form the breath; it doesn't set it going in varied
    • really wants to say. This has to be said in such a way that
    • of tone is really a gentle fainting, so that it is necessary
    • listening, you will direct your attention to how really good
    • appropriate in a debate and yet really have no lasting
    • realities. The speech itself should be the reality. You can
    • was really talking about. I have gone all around asking what
    • of heightening the vividness so that the listener can really
    • outside with the ear, but the speech of men is really heard
    • speech. With human speech, it is really the innermost part of
    • time, an arousal of the really deeper interest for the events
    • since the very first efforts toward the realization of the
    • cultural life must be a real life of the spirit. Today, when
    • to anyone attempting to assist in the realization of such an

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