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  • Title: Course for Priests: Contents
    Matching lines:
    • The word `human' / individual (“Mensch”). A
    • describe by the word `human'”. Experiencing truth in
    • words. The Priest as genius of speech.
  • Title: Course for Priests: Cover Sheet
    Matching lines:
    • Essence of the Active Word
  • Title: Course for Priests: Foreword to this Edition
    Matching lines:
    • Foreword to this Edition
    • wording for rituals already presented in the second and third
  • Title: Course for Priests: Publisher's Note
    Matching lines:
    • want to have written down because “the spoken word brings
  • Title: Course for Priests: Summaries of Lectures
    Matching lines:
    • The word `human' / individual (“Mensch”). A
    • describe by the word `human'”. Experiencing truth in
    • words. The Priest as genius of speech.
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • hearty words just spoken (by Dr Rittelmeyer) are an
    • sense of the word — work right into our combined
    • words spoken to them come directly out of the spiritual realm.
    • addressed in words which are not merely of earthly origin,
    • which implies words presented in a supersensible language in
    • something spiritual through the spoken word. What does this
    • Word. In the ritual these attribute to the words become
    • the mucous membranes. The spoken word which is to be practiced
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • It is really a matter of understanding that the Words of the
    • words, which have flowed from civilisation's development
    • through humanity. The Word of the Gospel, when it is taken as
    • described when one says: The person who reads the Words of the
    • satisfy people more when you become free of words and come from
    • A question is posed with reference to specific words in a
    • (indicated by a few connecting words by the
    • key words by the stenographer).
    • needed clear formulation, with serious words which can possibly
  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • feels at the moment the word “harden” is spoken,
    • that in expressing the word the speaker's mood is permeated by
    • cools down his mood? Who feels, when the word
    • Word” is spoken that it is linked to life from
    • words any more. I would like to know how many people today have
    • the experience with the word “thinking,” how many
    • people have an experience with the word “feeling,”
    • the word “willing.” This I'm only saying to you
    • like that, he is applying a word which he designates to
    • circumstances he has in a comprehensive way with a word, he
    • true sense of the word language is so little understood, making
    • I believe I can describe myself in some or other words, even in
    • word “human-being,” if we consider this belief as
    • This we should actually feel toward every spoken word: an
    • necessary nuances and coloration and out of every word in each
    • the words “human-being” as such to ourselves, we
    • being to whom I want to ascribe the word “human-being”
    • being to whom I want to ascribe the word “human-being”
    • being to whom I want to ascribe the word “human-being”
    • first step, for the word “human-being” to be used
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  • Title: Course for Priests: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • understanding the deep sense of the words and the sentence
    • also applies to the Words of the Gospels taking on quite a
    • same words, in the same sentences. Penetrating this event with
    • your soul, today still, discover meaning in the words of John
    • meaning can be linked to these words. Only through belief can
    • word-for-word translation into your mother tongue (original
    • honest with yourself, to say these words would be simplified
    • they have remained fulfilled with Your Word. Thus they can see
    • for the right light to be thrown on the words. Is it not true,
    • when I say it is not possible to say the words:
    • the power of the Son are expressed directly in these words in a
    • and they have remained fulfilled with Your Word.’
    • Christ Jesus has made it possible to stop the Word from dying
    • forget, my dear friends, that words do essentially change in
    • simply to translate a word out of the ancient language
    • to words of the present and applying this to ancient wording,
    • Deußen's translation, simply the straight forward word
    • combination, you experience it as empty words in which no sense

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