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Inner Impulses of Evolution

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Inner Impulses of Evolution

On-line since: 10th June, 2002


Foreword by Stewart C. Easton

Introduction by Frédéric Kozlik

Dornach, September 16, 1916
The Effects of Greece and Rome on Our Time

Dornach, September 17, 1916
The Influence of Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings on Historical Development. The clear Perception of the Sensory World and Free Imaginations as the Task of Our Time. Genghis Khan and the Discovery of America

Dornach, September 18, 1916
The After Effects of the Atlantean Mysteries in America and Asia

Dornach, September 23, 1916
The Rise of Spiritualism. The Need for the Science of the Spirit

Dornach, September 24, 1916
Atlantean Impulses in the Mexican Mysteries. The Problem of Natural Urges and Impulses, The Problem of Death

Dornach, September 25, 1916
Ancient Cultural Impulses Spiritualized in Goethe. The Cosmic Knowledge of the Knights Templar

Dornach, October 1, 1916
Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More. The Education of Man through the Materialistic Conception

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