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Inner Impulses of Evolution

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Inner Impulses of Evolution

The Mexican Mysteries
The Knights Templar

Seven Lectures by Rudolf Steiner
with an introduction by Frédéric Kozlik

The Anthroposophic Press
Spring Valley, New York

The seven lectures presented here were given in Dornach, Switzerland, Sept. 16th to Oct. 1st, 1916. They were revised for this edition by Gilbert Church, Frédéric Kozlik, and Stewart C. Easton. In the Collected Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works, the volume containing the German texts is entitled, Innere Entwicklungsimpulse der Menschheit (Vol. 171 in the Bibliographic Survey, 1961).

Copyright © 1984
by Anthroposophic Press, Inc.

ISBN 0-88010-118-0 (paper)
     0-88010-119-9 (cloth)

Cover: Graphic form based on a drawing by Rudolf Steiner.
Title lettering, Peter Stebbing


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