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Links Between the Living and the Dead

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Links Between the Living and the Dead

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    1. Spiritual truths of a more intimate kind lend themselves better to the spoken word than to writing or print. Importance of a more wide-spread knowledge of the spiritual world at the present time and for the immediate future.

      In earlier epochs the human soul was able to maintain a real connection with the dead, even though this was more in the subconscious life; such intercourse must now be rediscovered in full consciousness. The souls of the dead need sustenance of the nature of soul-and-spirit. Materialistic thoughts of living men deprive souls after death of the nourishment they need and cause them suffering.

      Reading to the dead. Knowledge of the spiritual world acquired through Anthroposophy can be acquired only on the earth. If souls in the spiritual world are to possess knowledge it must be learnt through those who themselves acquire it on earth and carry it up from there into the spiritual world

      Bergen 10th October, 1913

    2. Clairvoyant consciousness is the outcome of the transformation of forces which are present in every human being but in ordinary life are left undeveloped.

      When forces ‘economized’ from those concerned in early childhood with the development of the organs of speech are transformed and rightly used, retrospective clairvoyant vision into earlier incarnations is possible. If these particular forces are developed in the wrong way and misused, a dangerous and illusory form of clairvoyance will be the result, and under their influence there may be moral deterioration.

      Transformation of the forces left over from the process of learning to walk and to stand upright leads to clairvoyant vision of life in the spiritual world preceding birth. These are the most innocent of all the forces in man's nature. In the aura around a tiny child, clairvoyance perceives these forces which still send their radiance into the life before birth.

      The kind of clairvoyance needed for insight into the conditions of planetary existence described in the book Occult Science is developed from forces economized from those which have worked at the elaboration of the grey matter of the brain.

      Souls in the spiritual world after the middle point of life between death and rebirth has been passed, direct their attention to the earth, and very diverse impressions come to such souls from what living human beings are thinking and feeling.

      Anthroposophy is a sheer necessity for the earthly life of humanity and will become increasingly so in the immediate future

      Bergen 11th October, 1913

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