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  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture I: The Event of the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric World
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    • increasingly when the answers that we have obtained to certain
    • experienced during a certain epoch of our earthly evolution, then,
    • In the present incarnation it is possible for a certain number of
    • sensations in an age when it knew certainly that it could look up to
    • gradual stages, but there are certain boundaries of which we may say
    • before it becomes possible to make good the loss in a certain way,
    • but we certainly must not depend on this chance. Let us, therefore,
    • they knew of Christ in Rome at a certain period! You are perhaps also
    • was given to humanity through the fact that there were certain souls
    • seemingly out of themselves, to exhibit certain clairvoyant powers
    • certain number of human beings to begin with, followed gradually by
    • three or four days. He will see certain things in etheric pictures
    • I have described. The materialistic mind, however, will in a certain
    • is a certain moment after which humanity may be said to be descending
    • listen to certain things today, but let us be quite clear that
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture I: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • certain sense, is the movement known in the external world as
    • and the ugly, for although it is true in a certain sense that there
    • has adopted a certain judgment in a question of taste and can
    • else lies hidden: something that is certainly not unknowable but in
    • life it is quite easy to understand. Certainly the realm of cognition
    • influence on human souls, a certain receptivity in those souls was
    • the Son, for in the Acts of the Apostles we are told that certain
    • gathered up into a single resolution of the Will, can certainly give
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture II: Rosicrucian Training and Anthroposophical Training
    Matching lines:
    • of certain occult faculties, but if we bring a cleansed and purified
    • recognise as equally our own. But we must first be clear on certain
    • certainly only by outstanding individual thinkers. We need only call
    • attention to certain facts which are quite forgotten, intentionally
    • certainly not in the way that ideas of this kind are considered in
    • earth-lives: certainly an imperfect attempt, but it could not be
    • hands a first elementary book, the Old Testament. Thereby a certain
    • a certain moral equilibrium, a balance of the soul-forces of feeling.
    • A person who cannot to a certain extent grasp the thought that ‘in
    • able to make good progress. A certain equanimity and understanding
    • something moves in which there is spirit. Then, out of certain
    • certain sense come out of it, like the snake which after casting its
    • not been formed by myself. Most certainly I have not made this
    • by degrees we learn in a certain way to value him. We learn to say:
    • is the picture we encounter at a certain point on our occult path,
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture III: Sources of Knowledge of Christ, Lord of Karma
    Matching lines:
    • human beings, and to a certain degree its essential nature has been
    • the Christ-Event will take place, for this is when a certain general
    • There is certainly
    • It consists in the fact that a certain office in the Cosmos,
    • When certain
    • be said that in a certain respect Theosophists of all shades of
    • opinion do this very thing today. When, for example, certain highly
    • certain need — and a very comprehensible need — to
    • certainly say: Here we have to do with a special man, a man for whose
    • Nazareth certainly stands high; but not in the same way as an Adept
    • he won for himself high powers and reached a certain climax in his
    • individuality was built up by him to a certain form for his own
    • Nazareth, the Christ-life certainly develops in a certain way. But
    • its necessary weakness up to a certain time in the past. The concept
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IV: Experiencing the Christ Impulse, Jerome and the Gospel of St. Matthew
    Matching lines:
    • as that of accepting what an esotericist — he who in a certain
    • certain simple clarity he sees in Christ that which we set forth
    • a certain power of clairvoyance; that later they descended from this
    • certain modesty with regard to the highest truths. If we have the
    • the first Christian centuries, we can say: Certainly it is now
    • tradition. Everything, however, which is connected with a certain
    • possible a certain number of ideas, will lead, if not into complete
    • error, quite certainly to a distortion of the truth. Anyone who says
    • quite certainly deceive himself. In a human way we can go deeply into
    • to oneself: ‘Grace has brought me to a certain number of
    • Today there is really more need for a certain passive attitude
    • ought to stream towards them in a certain passive way. For we must be
    • soul of Richard Wagner had not ripened in a certain passive way, if
    • a certain explanation of the foundations of the Gospels should be
    • certain extent, as they exist today, they are no longer fully of use.
    • judgment that would certainly be correct. But if we look at the whole
    • There was a certain
    • understood only by those who were initiated into certain secrets. He
    • the secret meaning of certain things?
    • leads him to acquire knowledge of certain fundamental truths
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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture V: Redemption of the Physical Body
    Matching lines:
    • of influence. Certainly in the widest circles we find the bad habit
    • it certainly is simple. But if at a certain stage we wish to learn to
    • certain respect it is the companion of the Ego through the various
    • At first it certainly seems as though occult knowledge
    • and in a certain way we are justified by Spiritual Science in
    • his Ego was in a certain sense also the Divine Ego. The God lived on
    • set before us. And they mean that we shall have to widen in a certain
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VI: St. John and St. Paul, First Adam and Second Adam
    Matching lines:
    • He had also to go through certain situations in life which re-appear
    • have proofs that Christ lives.’ But they certainly would not
    • expressed by Paul. Certainly it is pleasant to interpret something
    • Greece, even if he were also a Hebrew; by one who in a certain
    • become visible? Certainly not; for the etheric body is invisible for
    • added it would certainly become perceptible inwardly, but not
    • tempted him, and certain forces were poured into his astral body. It
    • that at a certain point of time in life the Ego were to go out from a
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha, Greek, Hebrew and Buddhist Thought
    Matching lines:
    • we saw that in a certain respect the question of Christianity is the
    • must clear away certain hindrances. From all that has been said
    • gather that certain theosophical ideas, which in some quarters are
    • certainly offers something very pleasant. Hardly any other form of
    • been lost. Certainly in these matters one can employ all kinds of
    • going in a certain direction, looking straight ahead. Your name is
    • not given us in its completeness. We do certainly speak of the nature
    • Certainly up to that time conditions were such that humanity would
    • ever overcome death as a human Phantom. Similar things had certainly
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture VIII: The Two Jesus Children, Zoroaster and Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • developed man must be — with certain liabilities to error and
    • East had previously worked in the West, and that certain legends and
    • occupied in a certain sense. Thus are interlaced the ways taken by
    • every other, but in a certain respect quite different, and in order
    • traced to certain human ancestors in the Lemurian period, the period
    • certain point of time in this Lemurian period that we can speak
    • certain Ego substance was not brought into the stream of physical
    • and adaptations to existence are the outcome of certain experiences
    • yourselves united with the Christ Being, a certain possibility for
    • quite different. The ordinary law of inertia sees to it that certain
    • When the body became permeated with certain substances, which in this
    • convinced Paul? In a certain sense Paul was an Initiate before the
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture IX: The Exoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • the first half of the nineteenth century was illumined by a certain
    • theosophists of the eighteenth. What came over was certainly not
    • certainly, comes a pessimistic paragraph with which, in its bearing
    • beautifully set forth, and which may certainly count upon a
    • super-sensible world the darkening of a certain light; when you
    • there came to meet them a thought which certainly might be born from
    • certain sense deprived of the Divine. A merely material world was
    • have their time. Certainly, just as it is true in regard to the
    • Communion, will remain. Only it must be made possible that certain
    • Movement, certain inner thoughts and feelings, shall permeate and
    • obliterated when the external forms of the Christianity of a certain
    • always seen a certain deep seriousness in the fact that the bearer of
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture X: The Esoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • this course. In Christian Initiation certain feelings which belong to
    • begins by trying to live for a long time with certain feelings and
    • down to the mineral kingdom and say: ‘Certainly I was destined
    • of beings you are certainly a lower being than myself, but I have to
    • sufficient intensity, they will certainly have the effect that we
    • can have of it as Initiation today, the same thing in a certain sense
    • with certainty, because they had an ancestral memory, that the human
    • self-evident. Certainly, many misunderstandings still prevail; but
    • nature will develop certain powers which will have the effect that
    • the individual, as soon as he has reached a certain age and has
    • uncertainty but a starving, a cramping, of life, will disappear
    • on that in certain circumstances a man may very well form a concept
    • is mentioned, though certainly in a distorted form, in Hebrew
    • For at a certain point of time in his life a great change comes over
    • sheaths. In the case of a Bodhisattva there certainly will be
    • certain sense, and the individuality who comes from the remote past —
    • develop further in a certain way, but through the Luciferic influence
    • as this is that once more we have learnt something towards a certain
  • Title: Lecture: The Structure of the Lord's Prayer
    Matching lines:
    • but is certainly not the ocean. So too the human soul is a drop from
    • certain angle. As you know, we follow the traditional method which
    • At that time they were ready to receive a certain force, the force of
    • a nation and so on, and he also possesses certain characteristics
    • the Englishman. They all share certain characteristics of their
    • is a member of a community by virtue of certain qualities or
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • the whole explanation, I had to answer: “Yes, it is certainly
    • that someone makes the following experiment. On a certain day he
    • a certain flexibility and strength.
    • described certain principles of thought. A man who makes them his own
    • about it for a certain time — say even only for five minutes.
    • yourself: “Now I will think about what I saw at a certain
    • memory. Through certain inner paths of the soul a true memory is born
    • of great importance. Man has a certain craving to reach a definite
    • man to hold certain opinions. The logical reasons he puts forward are
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • and again to shape his thinking according to these rules, certain effects
    • This is, so to speak, nothing else but a certain expression of confidence in
    • astral body exclusively because the latter is also related in a certain
    • that in a certain roundabout way of the soul it is born as the child of exact
    • certain way. This inclination, although natural, does not lead to practical
    • again to the matter in question, it will be found that certain thought forces
    • It is certain that what a man seeks can always be found in the world,
    • frequently impel us to hold certain opinions. The logical reasons that are
  • Title: Lecture: The Mystery of the Human Temperaments
    Matching lines:
    • individuality; and certainly many problems appear for us when we wish
    • his own temperament, but we can still distinguish certain groups of
    • can only say that one temperament or another predominates in certain
    • must certainly trace back to heredity. Very much about an individual
    • in a certain respect, but only in a certain respect; for what he has
    • Spiritual science tells us: Certainly it is true that
    • him from his former life certain qualities of his life. Certain
    • qualities and his destiny he brings with him to a certain degree.
    • Certainly this one thing should be mentioned, because it
    • a stream of existence through which he gets certain qualities: We
    • it is necessary for a certain mediation to exist for that which has
    • something in a certain way like a physiognomy of his innermost
    • expresses itself in each new embodiment that it calls forth a certain
    • into one or another of its members a certain surplus of activity.
    • Thus it can give to the ego a certain surplus strength; or again, the
    • certain experiences in his former life.
    • the spiritual essence of being is not able to overcome a certain
    • suppose that in the case of a certain person everything arises from
    • is, in a sanguine person, who in a certain sense is given over to the
    • If now the astral body has a certain excess of activity,
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  • Title: From Jesus to Christ (single lecture)
    Matching lines:
    • came into humanity with the events of Palestine, but that in a certain
    • that beyond them it is impossible to go. Certainly it was admitted in
    • under a certain supposition which must be understood before anything
    • less certainty was this experienced also in the Persian or Mithraic
    • was in a certain sense born in the soul of the disciple, and the
    • teaching was clothed in certain instructions that may be verified from
    • being filled with Christ has the certainty, as St. Paul had it, that
  • Title: Jesuit and Rosicrucian Training
    Matching lines:
    • certain sense, is the movement known in the external
    • although it is true in a certain sense that there is
    • when someone has adopted a certain judgment in a
    • hidden: something that is certainly not unknowable
    • understand. Certainly the realm of cognition has
    • exert influence on human souls, a certain
    • Acts of the Apostles we are told that certain
    • the Will, can certainly give the Will immense
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Karlsruhe, 10-14-11
    Matching lines:
    • to a certain extent, and this is not just egoism. Someone who always
    • can only bring men to a certain groupsouledness. One who thinks that
    • are opposite poles, it's nevertheless true that in certain
  • Title: True Nature: Lecture I: The Event of Christ's Appearance in the Etheric World
    Matching lines:
    • increasingly so when the answers received to certain questions give
    • taken aback or even shocked when they hear certain things; but, after
    • — we will consider certain of these more intimate facts of
    • Strange as it may seem, there is a certain, indeed a great
    • incarnation for certain numbers of people to come to Spiritual
    • certain things can be learnt only during one particular
    • knew with certainty: “I am a member of a spiritual world,
    • all events in certain states of consciousness: in sleep and in those
    • with certainty but which was now operative only in the form of
    • who have reached a certain age there were to remain something of the
    • are certain boundary-lines of which it can be said that prior to them
    • could be certain — in its inmost core at least — that
    • preaching to all kinds of villainous deeds. At a certain period that
    • humanity was ensured because there were certain souls who understood
    • will of themselves draw forth from souls certain powers of
    • etheric world — a certain number to begin with, and they will
    • certain things in etheric pictures and know that to-morrow or in a
    • — that is its true nature. But the materialistic mind will in a certain
    • kind, let us not treat them as thoughtlessly as certain
  • Title: Truths and Errors: Lecture IX: Spiritual Science and Natural Sciences - their Relationship to the Riddles of Life - 1
    Matching lines:
    • the human being assumes that to his creation certain higher
    • on and on. The features of the child, which are uncertain at
    • first, become more and more certain. Science knows that the
    • investigates the mathematical laws, one comes to a certain
    • world of the spiritual researcher also has such a certain point
    • spiritual researcher has to reach a certain level where he says
    • to himself, I figure the spiritual world out to a certain
    • and both certainly meet because they must meet. Death can only
    • a spiritual researcher to a certain degree. However, it is
    • that certain habitual ways of thinking have developed under the

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