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  • Title: Life Between ... III: Mans Journey Through the Planetary Spheres
    Matching lines:
    • you will find that the feeling of “I” is intensified
    • dives down in the morning and finds its own inner life playing around
    • clairvoyance, yet we would never find them there. If it depended
    • findings of this recent research.
    • spirit and invariably finds the bridges and connections with the
    • These findings of occult investigation throw remarkable light on an
    • different religions — you will find that these religions were
    • find out the truth! Those who make no real distinction between the
    • to the findings of modern spiritual-scientific research concerning
    • midst of them.” Those who work together in this spirit find the
    • them to find the path through the Sun sphere after death and makes it
    • because it is able to find human beings into whose souls it is
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture VIII: The Etheric Vision of the Future
    Matching lines:
    • early mystery schools. One can still find today, however, one or two
    • spiritual science, however, one will find something quite different.
    • clarify this, we must cast a glance into world space. There we find
    • finds the remark that the world is an illusion or maya. Every
    • later incarnation will find these thoughts somewhat consoling.
  • Title: World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • in so doing find a new point of contact between our daily life and
    • two sides. He finds one view of the world when, for example, he
    • meaning of all that I behold out there finds its best fulfilment when
    • find ideals which God has inscribed into my heart, and which it is
    • ideals that be finds inscribed in his heart. Why is it the one is so
    • knowledge, you will always find them say: Yes, of course, we arrive
    • when we want to find out whether something is real.
    • when we put ourselves about to find it, but when we take pains to
    • following interesting observation — you will find it in my
  • Title: World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • point of view as a practical rule of life you will find that there
    • you will always find proofs adduced both for and
    • time.” You will find that Kant puts, perhaps on the other side
    • fall to pieces. We should, in fact, soon find it crumble away if we
    • sees a wolf and describes it. He finds that there are other animals
    • in the world of the senses, for which we can find no other word than
    • And when this takes place man finds that he has an altogether new way
    • once he finds he cannot leave it as it is, this juicy green leaf; the
    • those are the two things that we find intermingled with one another
    • him he will always find that while some parts of the being arouse in
    • working find actual expression. When it, so to speak, withdraws from
    • there you find a coming into existence, there you find budding,
    • bring us great pain. You will find in my book,
    • before them with our power of judgment and find only that the one is
  • Title: World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • how the human physical body is of the same substance as we find in
    • we find them combined in such a way as to force us to conclude that
    • evolution we find that the eyes of man did not originally belong to
    • to find words for it when there is no such experience! —
    • Hence it is that in the case of every sense organ we find the very
    • your intellect in a schematic way, you will always find that reality
    • elaborated in all kinds of ways. As a matter of fact you find the
    • find it most difficult to go through the world saying to himself:
    • revealed. You will find this set forth, for example, in my
  • Title: World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • without prejudice we find that it is its extension in space. No one
    • matter in space we shall very soon find in them another quality
    • will find that you can think of nothing as a standard for time but
    • find you can call your “soul” all you have experienced,
    • you is very nearly exactly what occult observation finds in the case
    • breaking that takes place out of the spirit but finds a world already
    • in the sense world. Then the matter that we find in the bodies of the
    • plants; and, lastly, the matter that we find in the body of man and
    • into the Intuition. And so when you find a drawing of the skeleton in
    • find in the physical world any reflection of the world of
    • Imagination! Whoever knows what the skeleton really is may find, when
  • Title: World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • obliged to say that we can find extraordinarily little progressive
    • the thoroughly experienced clairvoyant does not indeed find to be
    • clairvoyant lets it work upon him he finds an outward similarity in
    • And now we can find an answer to
    • it were mediating between the two, we find a substance of which we
  • Title: World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • descending evolution, and when we take an organ like the ear we find
    • also find something that is in an ascending evolution, something that
    • kingdoms of nature, and will learn to find — not through
    • we find in the root of a plant corresponds in a manner to the human
    • that belongs to the system of the lungs. Here we may find an
    • such as this we shall find, my dear friends, that we come across
    • must also think of what would happen to the beings who have to find
    • give attention to such things and you will find they occur constantly
    • further; and when you examine carefully you find that a few days ago
    • we shall find without fail that the child of wisdom will be love.
  • Title: Lecture: 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life'
    Matching lines:
    • looking back into our own childhood. We find that we can
    • find the forces to kindle them to new life. The materialism
    • a soul, the words of St. Paul would find fulfillment:
    • latter find their equilibrium from the outset. The animal, as
    • its life demands. Man, however, has to learn to find his
    • himself into the upright posture and finds the Way.
    • children, become strong, stand upright, learn to find your
    • Truth and then, in full consciousness, you will also find in
    • enables him to find the Christ. Men must first receive the
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part III: Hannover, 2-7-'14
    Matching lines:
    • back attentively we'll always find the reason why we weren't blessed
    • sorrow — we're supposed to find our way into all
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Twelve: Mystery Teachings in St. Mark's Gospel
    Matching lines:
    • the course of the Sun in the heavens we find that as the
    • astronomy? In his life as Kepler he did not find the powers
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Twelve Answers to Questions
    Matching lines:
    • showed how man must resist them when he begins to find his
    • kingdom of heaven’, but: ‘you will find the
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Hannover, 3-5-11
    Matching lines:
    • is the same one that we find when we break through the outer cover.
    • On the inner path one finds
  • Title: Lecture: The Birth of the Sun-Spirit as the Spirit of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • withdraws into the darkness but can find within itself the inner,
    • find the thought which in rather different words has been expressed in
    • find within ourselves the strength to conquer all that is lower, the
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Hannover, 12-31-11
    Matching lines:
    • shall find reality and the Gods. And what path does estoteric
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Hannover, 1-1-12
    Matching lines:
    • for knowledge and would like to know everything suddenly finds
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Hannover, 11-19-12
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual worlds that we can already find in physical life through
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture II: The Path of the Human Being through the Gate of Death - A Transformation of Life
    Matching lines:
    • and find out that he is already dead. We see a stone where the
    • who tries to explore the aura of our Dornach construction finds
    • to you. Open the calendar: on the 6th January you find the

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