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  • Title: Lecture: The National Epics With Especial Attention to the Kalevala
    Matching lines:
    • The fact of this lecture being given is in response to the wish of the
    • immediately the fact shines forth, that by means of these national epics
    • only point to one fact with regard to the Greek Epics, to a fact which
    • facts of the Iliad work upon him, Hermann Grimm is again and again obliged
    • Iliad, of events which form the connecting link with the facts of the
    • fact appears at the very beginning of the Iliad; Homer does not begin
    • simply with facts, he does not even begin with any personal opinion,
    • the field of action on which the facts take place of which we are speaking,
    • stand quite firmly on the ground of facts, of truth, of the attainable,
    • in spiritual science we too have unprejudiced views of the fact that
    • the gift of the soul whereby men saw things, facts, which to-day in
    • we are referred by Homer to the fact that in primeval times there was
    • of super-sensible facts. We become aware of two kinds of super-sensible
    • facts. First of all, at the beginning of this clairvoyant condition
    • external world — I am telling you just the facts, the more exact
    • hidden facts of Nature. In so far as the soul perceives these forces
    • facts regarding the development of human nature stood clearly before
    • my soul, it was a wonderful, amazing fact to find again in this epic
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 1 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • unprejudiced position. For in spite of the fact that the
    • but it is true — its significance depends also on the fact
    • spiritual worlds. The fact that you are sitting here is most living
    • spiritual. There is a deeply significant symbol in the fact that old
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 2 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • of St. Mark. I refer to the fact that on looking deeply into any such
    • fact, as we may come back to it in the course of these lectures.
    • that is wonderful in its dramatic art, apart from the fact that it
    • Mountains, the Volga, the Caspian Sea and Asia Minor — in fact
    • in the course of its evolution. In fact, one who considers why it was
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 3 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • by the fact that in most cases they have some kind of
    • carry out these exercises. In fact, we do not free ourselves from
    • they only need to realize this fact, that they are still grumbling
    • the statement that Arjuna had done occult exercises. In fact he had
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 4 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • that is not only a question but an actual fact for every thoughtful
    • with it as an animal may be content with its existence. In fact, if
    • comparisons have been made to illustrate this fact. I would like to
    • clearly in books that try to construct a satisfactory picture of the
    • In fact, present-day
    • space. We can easily convince ourselves of this fact. When a ray of
    • beings. There we make a definite discovery. Through the actual facts
    • This, in fact, can already be realized on the physical plane, but in
    • wisdom in this fact that evil is mingled in cosmic evolution. Thus,
    • one point, however, their criticism ran absolutely wild; in fact,
    • understanding is able to grasp this fact. People only will not give
    • them as we investigate the external facts of nature. Just as it would
    • concern the facts, they concern the manner in which any thinking
    • being approaches or deals with those facts. Thus, when we do research
    • not mere judgments arise, but facts; facts that we know we did not
    • condition in which the facts can meet him. The more a man cultivates
    • person. We are, in fact, twofold beings in ordinary life, even if we
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 5 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • nerves and brain. Owing to this fact we have to allow the
    • from those worlds into the human organism. A sum of forces, in fact,
    • ingeniously. He says how unsatisfactory it is to apply purely
    • In fact, he is naive enough to admit it. He says the Newtonian
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 6 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • the Sankhya philosophy or of some other school of thought. In fact, a
    • fact that people wish to lift their lives into the super-sensible
    • therefore we might look for the climax in the ninth. In fact, in the
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 7 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • more than an animal. Materialistic Darwinism disposes of this fact
    • easily by simply leaving out of account the fact that this special
    • indicated this fact.
    • existence by deductions from scientific facts. Apart from their not
    • real factor on all sides. We must imagine the world that surrounds
    • side of these forces. In fact, it holds fast to a mere abstraction
    • historical research, but from the beginning it was an occult fact.
    • when we make ourselves acquainted with occult facts that we have a
    • facts. Truly, the more deeply we penetrate the world of reality the
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 8 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • spreading abroad of facts that until now have remained secret from
    • poured out into all people. Until our time, however, these facts
    • This fact was a much more powerful protection than any external rule
    • certain facts, especially the case during the materialistic age. What
    • fifteenth to the nineteenth century. As a matter of fact, it is most
    • praise his effort, but the fact is, what this man produced could only
    • before his followers. They too of course were ignorant of the fact
    • from the fact that truth must needs appear paradoxical. The following
    • understand all the facts history presents to us.
    • fact that Shankaracharya's predecessors were striving upward from the
    • standpoint, and to comprehend it in this manner. In fact, some
    • age. Suppose that he now brings the facts and phenomena of the
    • not in the moral sense.) A man who would truly see spiritual facts
    • differentiation. As a matter of fact, these three concepts with the
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 9 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • stage of picture consciousness, which as a matter of fact certain
    • separate facts of the world's development. At the same time it
    • So I too may say that it fills me with the deepest satisfaction to
  • Title: Lecture 1: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • for the fact that behind our sense world, behind the world which we as
    • behind the physical facts is a fruit of the spiritual scientific
    • educate our feelings by letting the knowledge of the facts of a higher
    • facts, finds at once behind all that is spread out as color, sound, as
    • perception spreads over spiritual happenings. As a matter of fact, the
    • existence; I should like first to give you the dry facts which offer
    • facts that an occultly-trained vision can experience in the external
    • world; facts which are evident to us when we look into the depths of
  • Title: Lecture 2: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • already drawn attention to the fact that for our earthly physical
    • sleep-condition of man, is caused by the fact that he leaves his
    • our environment; we are in fact always actually united with them, as
    • world of perception, of the facts that can be perceived; speaks of the
    • the external facts as even a deeper philosophy still sometimes tries
    • meaning in fact to the whole planet. In this Maya lies the direct
  • Title: Lecture 3: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • the present day — are only suited to the facts and phenomena of
    • not coincide with his perceptions or with facts. This quality is not a
    • often emphasised, but which, in fact, is more difficult to observe
    • in his inner being. The fact that the one is born in one part of the
    • mathematics, numbers and calculation. The fact that three times three
    • if the fact has once been revealed to our inner being that three times
    • grasp it as an image, as a symbol of spiritual facts. Love is so
    • egoistic interests, occult vision draws our attention to this fact:
  • Title: Lecture 4: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • perceive spiritual worlds, spiritual beings and spiritual facts when
    • Third Hierarchy are characterised by the fact that in place of human
  • Title: Lecture 5: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • world-phenomenon is a fact, even when the beings are no longer there.
    • In the course of these lectures we have drawn attention to the fact
    • offspring split off from them, and as a matter of fact I have already
    • fact is the innermost part of man's nature but which, as far as the
  • Title: Lecture 6: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • is the fact that what is perception in man is in them manifestation,
    • will confine our attention to the fact that it did happen; that, as a
    • matter of fact, among the beings of the Third Hierarchy there were
    • result? It was in fact a terrible one, namely, the betrayal of their
    • The concept of the Luciferic Spirits consists essentially in the fact
    • occult vision teaches him that, as a matter of fact, a sort of
    • fact actually is, that matter, not coarse physical matter but fine
    • much a fact that the second smaller space for Jupiter is filled with a
    • attention must be drawn to the fact that Zarathustra in his own way
  • Title: Lecture 7: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • the reality, the actual facts, when we gradually attain knowledge of
    • from the facts known to normal consciousness.
    • the comets. Let us be quite clear concerning the obvious fact, that to
    • Wisdom were active, the planet would be still. The fact that it moves,
    • We could compare this with the fact that men do not live for
    • Apart from the fact that the fixed star is surrounded by planets, how
    • consideration the fact that when we have before us a piece of
    • anatomists, because gradually facts will come to light in the
    • the fixed star; we then seek the similar though not yet satisfactory
    • it, we have the etheric body of the planetary system. In fact, the
    • spiritual-psychic forces everywhere and we need only grasp the fact
    • itself; we learn to know of it, by the fact that the beings dwell in
    • however, as a matter of fact, just about when the comet disappears
    • the fact that we study a man who is not merely a thinking, feeling and
  • Title: Lecture 8: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • referring to actual facts which can be apparent to our clairvoyant
    • else connected with the same fact — I will now compare the two
    • described, we immediately reach a kind of stupefaction, a deadening of
    • night. Naturally the fact that at night the physical earth stands
    • longer rightly organized for the understanding of these old facts. To
    • standpoint of the occultist, of the immediate facts revealed to occult
    • us that facts and things not only affect man but mirror themselves in
    • “Wherever facts appear in nature externally, analogous to the
    • first of all characterised by the fact that the group-egos of the
    • crystallization, form into solids. This in fact is what happened to
  • Title: Lecture 9: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • astral body and ego. Further on we drew attention to the fact that in
    • found in the astral world. Objection may easily be raised to the fact
    • kingdom. We need only consider such facts as that man, comparatively
    • possible; and if you consider that to this must also be added the fact
    • of our animal forms on the earth arose from the fact that the forces
    • bring the facts just stated into connection with the fact that the
    • — or in natural selection or the like — then the facts which
    • magnificent in so far as he did not go beyond the facts. For
    • looked away from the fact that the forces which create those forms
    • group-egos of the animals. This leads back to the real fact revealed
    • fact, it will have to correct a great deal of the former astronomical
    • corresponds, however, with the real fact that we have to seek the
    • manner — and everyone who is acquainted with the occult facts in
    • being to be inspired. The Seven Holy Rishis alluded to the fact that
    • Hence it was possible to recognize as a fact that the sphere of this
    • When the western occultist has to allude to this fact he ought not to
    • it accomplished an historical and important fact. It is unfair that
    • these facts are thus represented objectively; and if it were ever to
    • remark could only be made through ignorance of the relation of facts,
    • and sincerely face the objective facts; and this we can only do if we
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  • Title: Lecture 10: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • quite clear as to the fact that only what we call the forms, the
    • we recognize very clearly at this point a very important fact; we
    • that no etheric streams come down from the sun, for it is a fact that
    • substance of the fixed star. Now, if we are clear as to the fact that
    • it is not difficult in this external fact which we encounter in the
    • seen restraining the Luciferic principle. The occult fact is thus
    • group-ego of the minerals, and which, in fact, works into the
    • planetary system. This also coincides with the fact that
    • considering, is revealed by the fact that when these Spirits of Will
    • earlier like this (see below). The facts of the Akasha Chronicle show
    • the comet, here, too, we have something which, in fact, streams in
    • tempting spirits to humanity. In fact, the secret of the moon and its
    • development of the earth that which divides humanity into factions,
    • of facts this ideal will best be reached — not through a sentimental
    • trouble to learn to know the facts of occultism. If we learn to know
  • Title: Occultism and Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • life and super-sensible facts! What is it compared with the results
    • by an indisputable fact: Since there is undoubtedly a deep longing to
    • the human being is only able to understand certain kinds of facts,
    • beings and facts of the kingdoms of Nature confront humans as
    • one hand, the sense of satisfaction that arises through an
    • dissatisfaction which makes us feel as if we were standing before a
    • of sleeping and waking, this is only due to the fact that every
    • is in fact a process of dissolution and of destruction, and any
    • the fact that, in the moral sphere, our soul can be told something
    • consciousness of the fact that they are nothing but our own creation.
    • again and again, intensively and for a long time, upon the fact that
    • characterized above, we also become fully aware of the fact that the
    • would begin. Through the fact that we do not allow things to come as
    • imaginative world, through this fact we are able to participate in a
    • draw strength and confidence for our ordinary life. The fact that
    • personal influences. This is simply a fact of the progress of the
    • involved, the fact is that the time is over — the necessities
    • be tested and compared with the facts of life itself, and need not be
    • civilization, by the modern scientific spirit, and the very fact that
    • facts. This path of initiation is one that can be followed by every
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