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  • Title: Lecture: The National Epics With Especial Attention to the Kalevala
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    • by an unknown typist! It is presented here with the kind permission
    • are brought powerfully before our souls, as vividly as the present time,
    • but in such a way that they affect us in the immediate present just
    • as the fate aid life of the present day humanity living around us. How
    • view is presented before our souls in a directly expert and vivid way.
    • are presented to our soul by Homer as if they were immediately in front
    • us in a certain sense a task; directly we study them they present to
    • manner of representation; the whole way in which the events are brought
    • thinks. Thus he considers that probably Zeus and his whole circle represent
    • or Niebelungen saga are represented Gods or Heroes of primeval humanity
    • whom later humanity only attempted to represent by clothing their deeds,
    • living men. Living men were not only their representatives but sheaths
    • admit that primeval men of the ordinary kind should be so represented
    • that they had to take representative men of the race of mortals as a
    • existed in Europe two ways of representing these things; the one which
    • super-sensible world; and the other way which represents the sagas in
    • that to my idea, such a delicate, impersonal representation of Christianity
    • immediate present, with their complete souls; so that through Kalevala,
    • say aims at something to which in our present day few can give their
    • which represents quite a different condition of soul or consciousness
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  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 1 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • the one that is to form the basis of our present studies.
    • renewed significance at the present time. A short time ago the
    • indications of the beyond, represented in the “daimon”
    • age of transition from primeval humanity to that of the present day.
    • lives in men of the present time. Wherever we look in those ancient
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 2 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • gone only a few steps — or even had only a dim presentiment of
    • present, who cannot find sufficient interest to follow the
    • present time. This mode of thinking has indeed only entered humanity
    • moving experience that is presented to us at the start of the
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 3 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • the present day, which tends to the formation of abstract concepts,
    • acquainted with the present-day science of dreams you will realize
    • depths of his soul something more is active than is present in his
    • whole course of our present life — when we did not feel this
    • practice, we become aware of a certain layer of consciousness present
    • higher worlds can enter. These higher experiences are present in our
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 4 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • something else was still present in the self; I mean, primeval
    • present-day man to want to undertake occult exercises at all? Why
    • soul in the present cycle of evolution. If man did not reach out to
    • speaking of present-day man, for even in ancient Greece the human
    • represented life, people busy in all sorts of ways; but the
    • In fact, present-day
    • present in his soul but it is flickering out. It is no longer a
    • conviction, however, that if only the good were present the world
    • Germany, the critics, who are supposed to represent the intellectual
    • to say. We are present at the origin of our knowing or perception.
    • earlier time than the present; that we are now drawing out of the
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 5 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • sounds rather like a silly epigram it does represent the nature of
    • nature of sleep if we realize that in the present epoch the soul
    • present in him at any one time has been built up in him for a
    • Keller, whose intellect can nevertheless be developed. In the present
    • horizon of external life today; things that represent some after-play
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 6 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • This is so because at present there is a
    • They have even gone so far as to dispute whether it is more representative of
    • represent it with a few strokes on the blackboard, thereby
    • that of the Krishna Being. Then it feels the need of representing to
    • itself that Being. What it represents, however, is not the Being
    • in our souls the ideas presented to us in this part of the song.
    • and spirit of such a mighty Imagination as that of Arjuna presented
    • impulse; not immediately, nor even up to the present time, but
    • abstractly for the present, we see how a continually increasing
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 7 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • very forces that represent what it is in man that makes him something
    • destroyed during waking life. They are not present at all, but during
    • man from what is present in the animal kingdom also, it will
    • the idea that regenerative forces must be present building up the
    • out in the three kingdoms of nature. At present I cannot deal fully
    • present-day mankind's evolution. At that time, as is described in
    • within. Concretely embodied, this root is present within a single
    • represented as the baptism by St. John, you will have to admit that
    • mankind exoterically. Today I have endeavored to present the matter
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 8 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • So it has remained, in a certain sense, right up to our present age.
    • are present here, because our movement is the beginning of this
    • that in the judgment of posterity what was once present as a strong
    • spiritual substance that represents a great height of achievement but
    • to draw your attention. Without doubt, among the present people of
    • understand all the facts history presents to us.
    • vigorously make use of the forces present in his soul, what the men of the
    • our present intelligence we cannot penetrate life. The ideal now is
    • add something else taken from our present-day life.
    • and the like — represents a condition of rajas; that brought
    • about by eating meat represents tamas. Notice that we cannot keep the
    • namely, the sattwa condition. Thus, in our present age everyday
    • he presents himself as the founder of the age of self-consciousness,
  • Title: Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita: Lecture 9 of 9
    Matching lines:
    • idea of those important concepts by making use of present-day
    • by this something that could hardly be considered food at present,
    • smell. For our present incarnation we could not properly call that
    • our present knowledge of the mineral kingdom is a sattwa man. For the
    • surface would represent a tamas impression. Where man looks out into
    • present life. There are too many today who stand in the world and
    • are separated from all external existence — these represent the
    • reveals what he wishes to be even to our present time. We have
    • Intellectual Age (our present age) — actively working our way
    • present-day occultism must try to throw light on the different
    • their imperfection than the present speaker. But the endeavor has
    • movement we here represent necessarily demands that we enter
    • found at the present time who are ready to seek spiritual truths. We
    • since it comprises the present, the past, and the primal past, in
  • Title: Lecture 1: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • lying next to us, presents the greatest surprise to the present-day
    • understanding, to the present power of comprehension. I am speaking to
    • presents as color, form, mineral, plant, or animal structures, it is
    • which present self-enclosed pictures to occult vision. In order to
    • second phenomenon that presents itself to occult vision. Beings that
    • everything of the nature of metal, and which now present themselves to
    • note a shape present for a moment, and the moment after everything is
    • that that which floats round the plants is the same as is present in
    • which lie so far from the present consciousness of man, we must keep
  • Title: Lecture 2: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • this represents the etheric body of the whole earth, with all its
    • work of the nature-spirits. These spiritual beings represent what we
    • of his present incarnation, as ordinarily retained in his memory. The
    • one's actions in the physical world in the present incarnation. That
    • the present incarnation is also the result of earlier incarnations; it
    • The second thing which we as men of the present day must not lose is
    • normal consciousness of present-day humanity speaks of the external
  • Title: Lecture 3: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • the present day — are only suited to the facts and phenomena of
    • true presentation as regards the external physical sense-world. Now
    • our present time counts himself among the thoroughly intelligent,
    • in a sense, through a division of the beings which represent as the
  • Title: Lecture 4: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • externally. This approximately represents to occult vision the
  • Title: Lecture 5: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • present in our own inner life beside the other being. That is the
    • have done to-day. Thus we can comprehensively represent the beings of
    • present to-day in every human being. To these may also be added a
    • our earth to-day is quite different from what was presented, for
    • been described as inner vitality present in the planet but the planet
  • Title: Lecture 6: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • which can be compared with the consciousness present in man in his
    • Hierarchy in the following way. We think of them represented
    • accurate to represent it thus. If you consider the planets —
    • interprets as the path of Saturn round the Sun. We will not at present
    • What is more natural than to represent this to young people as a
    • from the Sun we represent symbolically through that which the Seraphim
    • higher hierarchies, the notch thus hollowed out, we represent by what
    • represented as a kingdom of Angramanyu, or Ahriman. Thus we see how
    • present-day occult investigations; and which we can re-discover in the
    • the truth which at the present time can be found in occult
  • Title: Lecture 7: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • bodies present themselves to occult vision? If directed to the moon,
    • of nations is present in his special characteristic as forces and
    • How something in the world and in man stands to the spirit, represents
    • clearly present, but it is no longer so great as that between the
  • Title: Lecture 8: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • life in the past, and which, as it appears in the present, is not
    • starry heavens is actually Maya, for it does not represent an existing
    • behind. The physical world of heavenly bodies represents the remains
    • the after-effects of which still enter into the present.
    • our earth in its present form could not have endured the proximity of
    • represented to us were not now paralyzed, so to speak, by other
    • things, man could not possibly live his present life, because of what
    • the moon tells us about herself. On the other hand, the present-day
    • represented to his own consciousness, as it were, objectively; but he
    • his soul could not bring about his present-day self, yet it has to do
    • “Before us is something which really points to no present, but
    • if that which is represented by the moon were to be realized. Now as
    • system before our present earth existed. And because we must so
    • our present earth by fixing our attention on what has remained upon
    • present, as a heavenly body upon which we ourselves wander. If we shut
    • that the old condition of our earth might pass over into our present
    • again is not a condition possible at the present time, but one which
    • for a few moments — in our present cycle of time scarcely anyone
    • vision if we look away from our present-day planetary system, and only
    • focus our occult gaze upon our present-day sun; — that is, when
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  • Title: Lecture 9: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • of paper by human intelligence is represented in our historical
    • The Zodiac was divided into Twelve Signs, which represent the
    • When the earth was Moon — the old Moon, not the present one
    • — (the present moon is only a detached portion of the earth
    • normal spirits. In our present cycle of time there are Luciferic
    • which present-day astronomy calls Venus, and which ancient astronomy
    • direction, but it is important at present to bear in mind, from this
    • of the earth, and were so to work that they represented a College of
    • Vishvakarma represents the Spirit of Wisdom who streams down upon the
    • necessary to say: The present time (that is, the Egyptian present) is
    • Christ-Impulse, in relation to its external presentation, was foreign
    • these facts are thus represented objectively; and if it were ever to
    • be said that this representation of the Christ-Impulse arises from any
    • or through a misrepresentation of them. In all things we must boldly
  • Title: Lecture 10: Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
    Matching lines:
    • presents a remarkable contrast to, man. Whilst we have to say with
    • presented symbolically to the imagination, as a normal Spirit of
    • therefore represent a form, usually taken to be a Chief Messenger of
    • of the crescent they represent Lucifer chained, curbed. This is an
    • representing the chief Messenger curbing Lucifer. This is an allusion
    • same way at the present time as when the first embodiment of our earth
    • was represented earlier, we must always understand that these
    • If we observe our present-day Saturn, it presents itself in the first
    • of Jehovah as a Moon divinity, and the presentation of Lucifer as his
    • expression of a truth. The presentation given from inspiration by
    • to represent the true connection in order that the expression used in
    • lies the Universal, Divine Fatherhood, an Omnipresent and ever-working
  • Title: Occultism and Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • logical requirements of the present. By occultism I mean everything
    • in its present planetary form, that is, they point to conditions
    • can, in some way, be present. But if I turn my gaze upon the things
    • the form of thoughts, representations, feelings, and impulses of the
    • that human nature, as presently constituted, is such that when we
    • representations. This should be done with perseverance, until the
    • civilization of the present and of the future. It is a turning point
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part III: Helsinki, 6-1-'13
    Matching lines:
    • These studies are presented here with the kind permission of the
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Helsinki, 4-5-12
    Matching lines:
    • These studies are presented here with the kind permission of the
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Helsinki, 4-14-12
    Matching lines:
    • These studies are presented here with the kind permission of the

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