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  • Title: Lecture: Pre-Earthly Deeds of Christ
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    • time in our Earth-evolution there took place the union of the
    • the child of the line of Solomon, and from that time until his
    • pointed out, had already been accomplished three times before for the
    • Atlantean, and once again at the end of Atlantean times. That is,
    • three times and then a fourth time in the post-Atlantean epoch at the
    • Gospel of St. Luke as the Jesus-child. Three times had this Angelic
    • permeated with the Christ-Impulse, so it may be said that three times
    • consciousness. This pre-knowledge is crowded into a time of life when
    • parallel with the Moon's surface. During the old Lemurian time he
    • to our Earth, the Being — at that time, however, of an angelic nature
    • helpless state and managing for the first time to stand upright or
    • time for the help and salvation or mankind; because he who, as the
    • You will have seen from my descriptions of Atlantean times taken from
    • subtleties would have developed at that time only as far as a language
    • fact that for the second time the Being in the etheric heights, who
    • third Christ-Event. For the third time that Being in the spiritual
    • time to permeate it with consciousness. Quite unconsciously man learnt
    • Christ-Impulse at that time because his power of thought had not been
    • awakened. In the post-Atlantean times he has had to be led slowly to
    • right schooling, so that in later times they might be able to
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  • Title: Way of Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • and will best fill our time by immediately entering into a
    • this: in our time we will gradually come to say: Of thoughts
    • about it. It is even understood in our time, from more sensory
    • today, were not present then. There had been a time when the
    • growing and thriving. At one time the earth was young and in
    • time it will become old and aged.
    • Sun Being, who had up to a specific moment in time his stage in
    • division of earthly time into pre-Christian and post-Christian
    • first learnt to know the Christ from the time Christ united
    • during this time the Christ-Spirit worked into it. Christ said
    • Mankind were for some time through and through spiritual,
    • relatively short time ago — when the realms of time were
    • this Atlantean time, they appear quite differently to our souls
    • from today. They appear in the early Atlantean times as if they
    • During early Atlantean times it was not the case that
    • another condition during night time. Everything emerged at that
    • time that was soul and spirit in the physical world. People for
    • of the middle Atlantean time would for instance not have seen
    • certain time error and illusion stepped in. That which we call
    • a certain time the luciferic and at another time the ahrimanic
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