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  • Title: Lecture: The Ear
    Matching lines:
    • the drum of the ear. Within your ear you actually have a human member
    • upon the drum. Just as you touch and feel the ground with your feet,
    • formed. Coarsely you feel the ground with the sole of your foot, while
    • with this hand or foot which is there within your ear you constantly
    • is immersed in your own brain. Indeed, we bear within us a whole
    • your legs you walk about on Earth. And — if you will forgive my
    • to worse. Now as to the movements of your legs, on Earth, to begin
    • by your walking — whether you go out to do good deeds or bad
    • — this is transformed into a head-system after your death. And
    • world. Your morality becomes a beautiful, your immorality an ugly
    • uttered as it were by the Hierarchies, the judges of your deeds, whose
    • metamorphoses again. Your head-system is exhausted in the present
    • to be transformed back again. At death you give your physical
    • sense-organs lights up between death and a new birth, and becomes your
    • inner being-together, your communion with the spiritual Being of the
    • You hear some word, for instance Baum or Tree. You yourself can
    • speak the word Tree. In your ear, in organs formed and modelled after
    • express in the simple word Tree. Again, you yourself can say the word.
    • a second ear, over against your hearing. And there is yet a third,
    • you yourself with your etheric body — not with your physical but
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  • Title: Education for Adolescents
    Matching lines:
    • best remedy for the overcoming of pain is to bring yourself, if you
    • 21, you simply must not expose your latent inadequacies and so make a
    • fool of yourself ...
  • Title: Lecture: Past Incarnations of the Peoples of Today
    Matching lines:
    • you have a true picture in your minds of the nature of these Indian
  • Title: The Supersensible Being of Man and the Evolution of Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • active as you are when you use your limbs, even though this is an
    • you can find this knowledge for yourself, but you have then acquired
    • I should like to draw your attention to the fact that even the kind
  • Title: Lecture: Yuletide and the Christmas Festival
    Matching lines:
    • — if you have prepared your souls to perceive and feel
    • what your Ego is before there is any concept of it! Become
    • what you could be if you were to find your way to the Ego of
    • your childhood! Then that Ego will shine into everything
    • acquired by the Ego of your later years!’— And
  • Title: Memory and Love
    Matching lines:
    • what would become of your independence if in your thoughts you had
    • always to live in the present. Your remembered thoughts are what make it
    • the events lived through. Just remind yourself of the unspeakable grief
    • oblivion came. In what your mouth utters, in what your soul remembers,
    • in how your soul loves, you do not recognise the echo of what you were
  • Title: Lecture: The Experiences of Sleep and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • you feel yourself as a human being enclosed within your skin, and having
    • in a universal sea; you feel yourself now here, now there; as I said,
    • deal is going on at the same time unconsciously in your organism. This
    • joy, your blood beats differently from the way it beats when you are
    • sad. You experience the joy or sorrow in your consciousness, but not the
  • Title: Threefold Order II: Lecture 2: On Propaganda of the Threefold Social Order
    Matching lines:
    • you, you simply show yourself to be a specimen of the
    • And now I should like to direct your attention to something
  • Title: Reincarnation and Immortality: Lecture I: Free Will, Immortality
    Matching lines:
    • world you wish to remain within reality, you find yourself
    • bound to certain laws. As you develop your soul in the right
    • in your inner world that are just as objective as, for
    • transparent. Imagine that you have eyes in your eye sockets,
    • materialist you may be, but are willing to apply your
  • Title: Reincarnation and Immortality: Lecture II: The Historical Evolution of Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • the motive you know as coming from your will impulses. You know
    • want comes about, how your mental images lead to movement in
    • your limbs and hands, — all this proceeds in a sleeping
    • what it is like yourselves. Think of all the various other
  • Title: Necessity for Spiritual Knowledge: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • worthy of your consideration — what it means to bring
  • Title: Necessity for Spiritual Knowledge: Lecture 1 (alternate translation)
    Matching lines:
    • been that you should learn to feel in yourselves the
  • Title: Necessity for Spiritual Knowledge: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves back to the consciousness of the Greeks, to the
    • want you to be clear in your minds that something like that
    • experience. Make it clear to yourselves that there can be in
    • in the place of the old uniform State; is it your opinion
    • to-day called your attention to something which should
  • Title: The Ten Commandments
    Matching lines:
    • really fulfil your tasks in the physical world, when you have
    • done everything related to your soul striving towards becoming
    • you are related, should place before your soul nothing other
    • than pictures which your own soul imagines, ‘soul’
    • experience within yourself. I have led you out of the land of
    • Egypt where you couldn't follow me within yourself. Henceforth
    • you, I will disappear as the divine in your children, parents
    • to thousands of generations and the bodies of your people would
    • Don't place your God under false images. When they knelt in
    • as the divine in your children, parents and grandparents and
    • generations and the bodies of your people would be purified and
    • corrupt your body. - Thus the necessity for the correct thought
    • wording. Every time it is according to impulses in your life to
    • festive day, so that the image of Your Being becomes the image
    • seventh day. Thus your actions and your son's activities and
    • your daughter's actions and your servant's activity and your
    • outer boundary of the six days, but on the seventh day your
    • Fourth Commandment says: Work forth with your fathers and
    • says: Observe your descendants as your ancestors; then you as a
    • so also must that, which you posses after your “I”
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  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture I: The Being of Man
    Matching lines:
    • colour is not always the same, and if you train yourself to be sensitive
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture II: The Three Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • they appear as mirror-images. You see the mirror-images of your desires
    • “You don't have to pay for your thoughts.” Every thought
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture IV: Devachan
    Matching lines:
    • negative. And if you see yourself in this negative form, as one among
    • yourself in this way?
    • You do not see yourself
    • once only, but by degrees you come to see yourself as you were in former
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture V: Human Tasks in the Higher Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • a picture of all this for yourselves, you will have some idea of the
    • Just as your ten fingers have a common soul, all animals of one species
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture VI: The Upbringing of Children. Karma.
    Matching lines:
    • your own; before then it is quite impossible. From the fourteenth to
    • raise the objection: “Your Theosophy is not Christian, for it
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture VII: Workings of the Law of Karma in Human Life
    Matching lines:
    • him. Think of yourselves as you were a few years ago before you knew
    • how they have changed your life. All this has produced a corresponding
    • you need more than a musical predisposition in your soul; you need also
    • to be very careful in your choice of parents! The fact is not that the
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture VIII: Good and Evil. Individual Karmic Questions.
    Matching lines:
    • is good or bad you must first eat one yourself. In other words, the
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture X: Progress of Mankind Up To Atlantean Times
    Matching lines:
    • the human soul. Your souls, which today have come down into your bodies,
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture XI: The Post-Atlantean Culture-Epochs
    Matching lines:
    • pale-faces promised us that your Chief would give our brothers other
    • lands in place of those you have taken from us. Your feet are now on
    • have your black instruments with all kinds of little magic signs”
    • will of your God. Your's must be a bad God if he does not teach his
    • his God teaches is very different from what your magical black signs
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture XII: Occult Develpment
    Matching lines:
    • of fellowship, which means overcoming all regard for your own Ego if
    • up you realise that you were hearing the ticking of the clock by your
    • the details, you extend this inner time yourself, so that the events
    • In this way you yourself transpose time into the dream.
    • of your heart or a feeling of being hot may be represented in a dream
    • that your dreams become more regular and meaningful. Above all, you
    • will gain knowledge through your dreams, provided only that you pay
    • careful attention to them. Later, you may notice that your dreams become
    • night through. Again, you may notice that your dreams are concerned
    • you cannot possibly experience physically. You will find that in your
    • in the sense-world, and you will then notice that your dreams are saying
    • something important. For instance, you may dream that a friend of yours
    • saw a symbolic picture of it. Thus your dreams may be influenced from
    • set it in the centre of your thinking, and then logically arrange your
    • action. You must compel yourself to some action, however trivial,
    • which owes its origin to your own initiative, to some task you have
    • laid on yourself. Most actions derive not from your own initiative but
    • from your family circumstances, your education, your calling and so
    • derive from yourself alone. They need not be important; quite insignificant
    • Tranquillity means that you are master of yourself in the most intense
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  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture XIII: Oriental and Christian Training
    Matching lines:
    • now the banker starts speculating and exploits other people with your
    • will burden your karma. You can see that this precept requires deep
    • “By breathing you are slowly, continually, killing your
    • is this to be accomplished? You have to bring rhythm into your breathing.
    • your breath and breathing out again — this must be done rhythmically,
    • and pass on to another only by your own free choice.”
    • idea which has no sense-perceptible counterpart, you allow your mind
    • to rest in it and your soul to be filled with it. Then you let the idea
    • go, so that nothing is left in your consciousness. But you must not
    • long as you yourself fill your thinking, they cannot come in. The longer
    • you can hold in your consciousness this activity of thinking without
    • excluded from your thoughts, and if you continue to do this over the
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture XIV: Rosicrucian Training - The Interior of the Earth - Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    Matching lines:
    • in what respects yours are one-sided and then try to balance them. This
    • effective. If you are industrious, you must ask yourself whether your
    • small details that this harmony can be achieved. If your tendency is
    • yourself and make up your mind that for six weeks you will keep silent,
    • yourself to speak neither too loudly nor too softly. Things such as this,
    • not so much of investigating your inner self as of endeavouring to perfect
    • of the habit of fixing your attention on yourself and constantly using
    • this right”. Above all you must get rid of the notion that your
    • “I am in the sun and in the sun's rays I look into your
    • Really to go out of yourself
    • is to renounce yourself. Hence the Rosicrucian training aims at drawing
    • for example, a living plant, look at it carefully, sink yourself into
    • it, then draw forth the inner feeling of your soul and lay it as it
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • you in forming your outlook upon Nature. I hope that in no very
    • educators, — not to apply directly in your lessons, but as a
    • fundamental trend and tendency in Science, which should permeate your
    • simply think it — picture it to yourself in thought — how
    • mental pictures. You can reach movements but not forces with your
    • the heat or warmth is the effect on your own nerves. Objectively,
    • phenomenon in which Life plays a part if you restrict yourself to
    • or germ-cell; with this method you would never find your way. No
    • take the right direction with your thinking when you speak thus: Say
  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • those among you who may no longer recall it from your school days can
    • simply adduce the essential elements to bring the formula before your
    • you most probably know; I only call it to your mind.) Multiply the
    • you can indeed, but your first step must be to make yourself more
    • consciously aware of this: — Press with your finger against
    • something: you thus acquaint yourself with the simplest form of
    • something with your finger. Now we must ask ourselves: Is there
    • rather, don't! Try to exert pressure on some part of your body and
    • some-thing you will probably recall from your school-days; I have no
    • I drew your attention
    • expose yourself to pressure. There is the “putting to
    • make clear to you today. Now if you want to consider for yourselves,
    • how differently your own etheric body is inserted into your muscles
    • and into your eyes. Into a muscle it is so inserted as to blend with
  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • you who found things difficult to understand). Your difficulty lies
    • yourselves: Here we get stuck! You must attribute it to the unnatural
    • yourselves to some extent still have to take the same direction with
    • your pupils. It will not be possible, all at once, to bring the
    • IIIf). it will be like this. (When looking at your neighbour's
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • — it tells you what you actually see. Your eye is here
    • in your thought, how such a lattice arises. You will have alternating
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • oil appears slightly yellow. If on the other hand you place yourself
    • green. But if you take your stand to some extent behind it — if
    • good, my dear Friends, if you will bring this home to yourselves very
    • realise that when and wheresoever you see colours, with your
    • knowledge you have no alternative, but must say to yourselves: The
    • interposed between you and your astral body, and through this
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • find your way back to the pure facts. You must first cultivate the
    • circle. Cast your mind back to what you learned in your school days.
    • the luminous object, — with your eye, say, here — looking
    • “The Earth attracts the stone” you in your thoughts are
    • no such thing as your bony system without your blood. Just as your
    • out of your living organism as a whole, so too this so-called
  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • surface for a time, then turn your eye away and look straight at
    • there is nothing there. You yourself, as it were, see the green
    • seeing just before, when you exposed your eye to the red surface
    • isn't there, but your own eye is active and makes an after-effect,
    • yourselves. Take a little tube and look through it, so that you
    • there at the place you look at. You can convince yourself by this
    • with this, I also drew your attention to what appears, as is
    • said in an earlier lecture: You, your subjective being, do not live
    • the effect of it then finds expression in your experience of
    • colour. No, you yourself are swimming in the ether — you are
    • process that goes on in your own eye. There is no real nor
    • there, or in your frontal cavity? We are not outside the things,
    • ask yourself in all seriousness, “How shall I now compare the
    • is swimming? Please answer for yourselves the question: What is it
    • that is swimming when you are swimming in the warmth of your
    • water just warm enough for you to feel it lukewarm. Put both your
    • hands in — not for long, only to test it. Then put your left
    • hand in water as hot as you can bear and your right hand in water
    • very warm to your right hand and very cold to your left. Your left
    • hand, having become hot, perceives as cold what your right hand,
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • that elapses between your perception of the impression of light and
    • your perception of the sound, the time the sound has taken to go
    • this branch of Science. I have already drawn your attention to the
    • I am led to the conclusion that all your inner being and life of
    • soul — which, within you and for yourselves, is surely not to
    • “effect” of the other. What you experience in your
    • upon me of the vibrations of your brain. To see through a thing
    • with another person and he says something you yourself have just
    • your active speaking and on the other hand your hearing. Then you
    • intelligent or perceptive way in your hearing and in a more
    • volitional way in your speaking. Once more, you only have a
    • and come to an understanding with yourself. The eye always proceeds
    • dear Friends, that if you work it through for yourselves this will
    • never do this if you take your start from the colour-theory of
    • (In some such words it will be stated.) However, ask yourselves
  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • draw your attention to the development of electrical discoveries,
    • beginning no doubt with things that are well-known to you from your
    • your knowledge of these things; I cannot go into them all from the
    • fain impress upon your minds. After all, my main purpose in these
  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves, taking your start from characteristic facts which you
    • happened in this way. Put yourselves back into your school days:
    • and algebraic too) to the phenomena of light or sound, then in your
    • what springs from the unconscious part of your being with what
    • in your dreaming, half-asleep condition you perceive. In
    • real object. So too, what in your geometrical and phoronomical
    • thinking you fetch up from the subconscious part of your being,
    • your thinking, with your forming of ideas, no longer fully
    • sound you are dividing yourself as it were into a human duality.
    • than the mere material element. You are obliged to kindle your own
    • inner life — your life of soul — to apprehend the tone
    • itself. With your ordinary body — I draw it diagrammatically
    • draw your ether— and astral body together, so that they
    • occupy only a portion of your space. You then enjoy, what you are
    • and concentrated etheric-astral part of your being. It is quite
    • Xc). In all directions, you drive your ether— and astral
    • body out beyond your normal surface; you make them bigger, and in
    • reality. If you yourselves are imbued with the kind of scientific
    • phenomena but really thinks about them. If you arrange your lessons
  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture I: Man as a Being of Spirit and Soul
    Matching lines:
    • your way to natural science and if you do not only look at it
  • Title: Man/Being/Spirit/Soul: Lecture II: The Psychological Expression of the Unconscious
    Matching lines:
    • were present with your whole mind, you did not only experience
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • you hold your fingers in the two outer vessels you will note by your
    • your fingers which have been in the outer vessels into the central
    • the bearing of these things on the human organism, I may call your
    • you put thermometers in these two vessels in place of your fingers.
    • two thermometers instead of your fingers into the middle vessel, the
    • differently from your sensations. For the setting up of a view of the
    • the sensation from your finger. In both cases exactly the same thing
    • to experience subjectively everything that goes on in your organism.
    • manner strikingly opposed to outer reality. I must call your attention
    • will do no better than you did when you applied your thinking to the
    • of your logic into your thinking about something which cannot be made
    • illustrate to you by the following: Assume to yourselves that you had
    • that you could not see colors with your eye but only different degrees
    • you perceive in the case of light on account of the fact that your eye
    • blue and the red is within you. It is you yourself. Therefore you do
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • will call your attention to the fact that the same introduction I have
    • will recollect from your elementary physics that there are exceptions
    • into your understanding if I make a short historical sketch at this
    • presented today in this historical sketch simply to further your
    • ten year period between 1657 and 1667. You must picture to yourselves
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • this point (x) you may trace your way to each of these points over a
    • thinking about it is not enough to satisfy your senses, you draw it,
    • but the drawing adds nothing to your idea. You have given, the sum of
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • Imagine to yourselves that physicists would so present these matters
    • You may say to yourselves when you contact a warm object and perceive
    • the heat condition by means of your organism, that you can do it with
    • the tip of your tongue, with the tip of your finger, you can do it
    • with other parts of your organism: with the lobes of your ears, let us
    • say. In fact, you can perceive the heat condition with your entire
    • organism. But there is something else you can perceive with your
    • and color perception to a certain member of your entire organism. If
    • consider language, you may draw from it the summation of your
    • have the idea. I will raise this glass. Now, in so far as your mental
    • before yourself in thought something which belongs entirely in the
    • your arm and actually grasp the glass with your hand and raise it.
    • That act is entirely outside of your consciousness. You are not aware
    • of what happens between your consciousness and the delicate processes
    • in your arm. Our unconsciousness of it is as complete as our
    • Imagine to yourselves that everything above this line is in
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • demonstrate for yourselves, and that you can follow with your eyes,
    • your senses and with instruments. Yesterday, also, we called attention
    • able to convince yourselves that they are the distilled essence of the
    • call your attention to a certain fact. When we dip down into the
    • endeavored to illustrate this by asking you to imagine yourselves
    • living, thinking rainbows with your consciousness in the green, in
    • difficult as those arising from heat. Let me call your attention to
    • the poem, to let those ideas unroll in your mind. But you know that
    • When now, you fasten your attention simply on that which reels itself
    • further in this direction and in this connection I want to call your
    • attention to something you know from your anthroposophy.
    • very definite reason. You must make the following clear to yourselves:
    • All human beings, as they exist on earth, are as you yourselves,
    • persons if you had been born 20 years earlier. That is to say, your
    • life does not have time inside of it, but time has your life within
    • your own mass. This mass then, is within you. It cannot be gainsaid
    • concerned. It is precisely because you yourself take part, as it were,
    • with your inner being in the properties of the mass, because you take
    • it up into your being, that it does not allow itself to be brought
    • examine your soul organism without prejudice and with care, you will
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  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • Now there is an occurrence that I wish especially to call to your
    • yourselves the following: Suppose someone were trying to explain the
    • You must include the liquid surface in your
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • beginning of the experiment, you were able to convince yourselves that
    • time and do not wonder at it at all. For when you take up your pencil
    • yesterday. When you picture the air to yourselves and imagine it cut
    • Now place these thoughts vividly before yourselves: you find
    • yourselves on the earth as a carbonaceous organism, you are among the
    • yourselves that you are observing some simple form, say a tetrahedron,
    • yourselves that the entire space outside the tetrahedron is filled,
    • paths. And when you say to yourselves: the fluid condition lies
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • Yesterday we carried out an experiment which brought to your attention
    • succeeds fully, you may determine for yourselves that the condensate
    • your thinking in this way you will see that you have altered the
    • entity elsewhere manifested as form. Yesterday I called your attention
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • Now I have already called your attention to the fact that when we
    • and this we have indicated in our diagram. Turn over in your minds
    • extend your formulae somewhat.
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • different materials. If you grasp a metallic rod in your fingers by
    • yourselves what it is. It is nothing more or less than the whole of
    • yourselves or other men. You cannot experience it immediately in
    • yourselves: how does the will relate itself to the phenomena of heat?
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • twelve color series which must be possible? Imagine to yourselves that
    • can picture to yourselves how many technical consequences might flow
    • Picture this to yourselves
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • call your attention to a certain fact. This fact is one which we must
    • your attention was called to the following fact: when we have an
    • Now if you carry your considerations further, you may make the
    • at the same time, you have to use imaginary numbers — your
    • this before your minds as a fundamental. For this shows us how we
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • Now I would like to call your attention to something. When we consider
    • yourselves the fact that we have first the realm of heat, then the
    • you can convince yourselves, and indeed, you are made aware of this by
    • it for yourselves, it would lead us too far to do it here today. For
    • yourselves and then you will find that there is a relation
    • If you make it clear to yourselves that the gaseous realm and light
    • Then you will come to say to yourselves, the things we define as
    • Your attention has been called to the fact that the physicists have
  • Title: Warmth Course: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • Out of the array of concepts you have got, I will draw your attention
    • Now I wish to ask you to work over in your minds such concepts as we
    • I have already called your attention to the basis upon which rests the
    • does — I have drawn this to your attention. But perception
    • picture the following to yourselves. You know well that the human body
    • further progress will depend on your own work. It is this that I wish
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • say a few words of greeting to express the feelings which your
    • gathering have aroused in me. Your speaker described in a pleasing
    • have been brought together by that which lives in the depths of your
    • yourselves in accord with what an older generation has to say to the
    • in your souls. You have grown up and have come to know the older
    • your own souls. And now, precisely in Middle Europe, you felt that in
    • Germany is yearning for — as your speaker truly said —
    • — if you understand yourselves aright. Whether one has to
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • present and had accustomed yourselves to it, you might say: Yes, but
    • must get your head so strong again that it can stand not only
    • be able to see it if you will exert yourselves to acquire the
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • what is brewing indistinctly, subconsciously in your souls and what
    • omega of what we need today, and when your Chairman said yesterday
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • over into the will. You can observe and think, without exerting your
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • be active during your stay here, many of you are thinking above all
    • shall understand one another still better if I call to your attention
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • I should like to turn your mind's eye to a constitution of the
    • something for your perception, for your feeling, even for your whole
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • penetrate further and further into the minute — then turn your
    • you only give yourself up to that passive thinking so specially loved today,
    • to bring activity into your thinking. You will never get on with
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • transporting yourselves into the mind of a Greek. Then you will
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • that you can think in such a way that your thoughts are only an inner
    • far in your life of soul that you have freed thinking from outer
    • your soul, so to speak, in a pure flight of thought. But this pure
    • actually interweave your thought with the breathing process. You
    • forth this thinking from the extremity of your big toe! And if with
    • developing out of another, that you have found your way into
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • what is abstract and scientific, he experiences nothing of your soul.
    • He only experiences your soul if you approach him through art. For in
    • should not say this, but in spite of your youth movement you are old
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • you. Elaborate it for yourselves and you will perhaps understand
    • from various aspects I have drawn your attention to how every
    • merely carry away in your heads what I have said here, and ponder
    • over it. What I should prefer is for you to have something in your
    • hearts and then to transform what you carry in your hearts into
    • what I have ventured to say to you not be carried away merely in your
    • carried away in your hearts, in the whole of your being, then, my
    • your hearts. If hearts have found some connection with what is meant
  • Title: Lecture: Lecture I: Occult Signs and Symbols
    Matching lines:
    • Just as the seed holds the whole plant within it, so does your astral
  • Title: Lecture: Lecture II: Occult Signs and Symbols
    Matching lines:
    • mist surrounded Atlantis. When you picture to yourself how mist
    • in accordance with what you think and feel is your body formed. What
  • Title: Lecture: Lecture III: Occult Signs and Symbols
    Matching lines:
    • two. What is this third aspect? Imagine yourself facing a phenomenon
    • world is there, and from within your thoughts arise. These thoughts
    • your soul goes its own way in the spiritual world. Your body returns
    • your underlying thoughts the remainder connected with what has been
  • Title: Lecture: Lecture IV: Occult Signs and Symbols
    Matching lines:
    • your shoulders today. It would sound grotesque, indeed, were you to
    • to yourselves just what it is that a man achieves with his larynx
    • to your ears and to your souls. When I say a word, for example,
    • before your eyes in a few words. The occultist who has acquainted
  • Title: Cosmic New Year: Lecture II: The Michael Path to Christ: A Christmas Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • how rightly to assess it. Today I shall only call your attention to
  • Title: Cosmic New Year: Lecture IV: The Breaking-in of Spiritual Revelations Since the Last Third of the Nineteenth Century. Thoughts on New Years Eve.
    Matching lines:
    • only a part of our experiences. When you try to look back on your
    • unite your souls with the new Spirit; may you so experience in your
  • Title: Cosmic New Year: Lecture V: The Dogma of Revelation and the Dogma of Experience. The Spiritual Mark of the Present Time. A New Year Contemplation.
    Matching lines:
    • rise in your hearts. This year, 1920, will hold in store many an
  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • another side and says to the first person, “Your
    • yourselves, “I have an idea that reminds me of another
    • fluid. But now ask yourselves quite honestly whether physiology
  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • this is so when you receive your first results. If you study
    • the kidney system and do your experiments as accurately as you
    • possible to adapt your methods of investigation as precisely as
    • experience of life convince me that if you will set yourselves
    • You yourselves can certainly discover the methods; they will be
  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves: it is quite evident here that the radiations from
    • pathology confirms this absolutely. I need only call your
    • cabbage leaves for your decoction) we get the mercurial
  • Title: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • form of your nose, the form of your whole organism is shaped,
  • Title: Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • and says to the first man: ‘Your photograph is absolutely
    • yourselves quite honestly whether physiology does in fact reckon with
  • Title: Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • system, to make your investigations as accurately as you
    • experience of life convince me that if you will set yourselves to an
    • that direction. You can certainly discover the methods on your own
  • Title: Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • seven years of life if you say to yourselves: It is quite evident
    • system. Pathology confirms this, and I need only call your attention
  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas Va: The Michael Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha (Part I)
    Matching lines:
    • take off your cuffs without thinking, and without thinking put away
    • thought about them. If you had taken care to impress upon yourself a
    • picture of the whole surroundings where you put your cuff links down,
    • To-day I wished to place before your souls the important character of
  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas Vb: The Michael Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha (Part II)
    Matching lines:
    • may account for your belief in something that is given in Spiritual
    • Try to receive into your whole heart and soul these results of
    • Place as a picture before your souls that the task of the previous
  • Title: Threefold Order: Part II: Lecture: The Impulse Towards the Threefold Order
    Matching lines:
    • then, act! act like a man, out of your own social will and
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture I: Introduction - Aphoristic remarks on Artistic Activity, Arithmetic, Reading, and Writing
    Matching lines:
    • to say ‘fish;’ and now picture to yourself that people
    • can then go the opposite way and continue your arithmetic. You
    • more intimately to your own experiences. I expect you will all
    • being startled by something, not only your head and your heart
    • were startled, but in your limbs, too, you were startled and
    • that you convey your own mood when you tell the child stories,
    • understanding for the story come. Make it, therefore, your
    • meaning. Try to act through your whole intimacy with the
    • “Imagine you are a chrysalis like this yourself. Your
    • about it for a long time. But if you do not believe yourself
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture II: On Language - the Oneness of man with the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • just think back a little on what I brought to your notice in
    • you want to convey to someone that you yourself are afraid, or
    • much more easily excite the echo of your own fear, if you want
    • external in its consonants, you will find yourself easily able
    • be able to make pictures yourself, and so establish by yourself
    • him correctly for the life of ideas. Your understanding itself
    • developed antipathies for these children, and you free yourself
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture III: On the Plastically Formative Arts, Music, and Poetry
    Matching lines:
    • I drew your attention to the necessity,
    • line after the other with the poem in your hand, but so as to
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture IV: The First School-lesson - Manual Skill, Drawing and Painting - the Beginnings of Language-teaching
    Matching lines:
    • must look on the first school-lesson which you take with your
    • instance, “Look at yourself, now. You have two hands, a
    • “Now do it with your own hand.” Now you can let the
    • “Now I am making this (Fig. 2); now do the same with your
    • with your hands you have made a straight and a curved
    • from memory. But the second time, as before, you yourself show
    • front of the children, taking your educational impulses right
    • into your own personal habits.
    • distinct yellow patches. Then you yourself dip the brush
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture V: Writing and Reading - Spelling
    Matching lines:
    • in beginning to evolve writing and reading on the lines of your
    • may help your purpose. It is well to use the word
    • orders. It is well to select your examples so that the child is
    • shall say: “Watch yourself beginning to say ‘bath.’ We
    • initial letter yourself in the same visualizing way from
    • your imagination to your aid and say to yourselves:
    • —” and here you can give full rein to your
    • value to you in teaching than are the discoveries of your own
    • soul's making, of your own imagination. The activity which you
    • that your influence on your pupil is far less living than when
    • you think out for yourself something like the Ð’
    • from the picture of the bear. This thinking out for yourself
    • refreshes you so that what you want to convey to your pupil is
    • history of civilizations to discover something for your lesson.
    • be considered. For you must ask yourself: “What is more
    • ascertained fact and incorporated it painfully into your
    • teaching — or to feel yourself so astir in your soul that
    • you transmit to the child with your own enthusiasm the
    • some animal or some plant which you have found yourself. And
    • this joy which you yourself feel will live in what you make of
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture VI: On the Rhythm of Life and Rhythmical Repetition in Teaching
    Matching lines:
    • will have to be in a position to conduct your defence against
    • little industry, make for yourselves.
    • yourselves: “What were the influences active on Goethe's
    • for observations of this kind. Try to extend your observations
    • and whom you have known for some time. If you train yourself to
    • man, a friend of yours, died, let us say, in 1918. You have
    • known him for some time, so that you can ask yourselves:
    • accustomed yourself, for instance, only for a week, to eat a
    • important than continuously repeating: Do build up your lessons
    • had to draw your attention to these things. For people will say
    • to you: “Well, you have let yourself be appointed at this
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture VII: The Teaching in the Ninth Year - Natural History - the Animal Kingdom
    Matching lines:
    • will often have to rely on your gift for invention. You will
    • your teaching, but it will also make the teaching of some
    • their ninth year and can really only continue your teaching
    • by the course of your teaching you will have to awaken in him
    • man, you lay sufficient emphasis on him; if, from your manner
    • your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, in your head. You
    • see with your eyes, you hear with your ears, you smell with
    • your nose, you taste with your mouth. Most of what you know
    • about the outside world you know through your head.” If
    • “What you taste with your tongue enters your trunk as
    • food; what you hear with your ears goes into your trunk as
    • the children, which, from your different procedure in
    • child feels from your description the sensitiveness of
    • surrounding it. You will have to work out for yourself an
    • you can only take up the chalk because your hand is designed to
    • important moral element if you take pains to arrange your
    • the children if your teaching of natural history is
    • brought this to your notice because it contains something which
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture VIII: Education After the Twelfth - History - Physics
    Matching lines:
    • what I have explained to you, however much you adapt yourself
    • procedure, and you will say to yourself: “I shall
    • the same time not to accommodate yourself too much to it in
    • your feet?” Answer: “A pair of shoes;”
    • “What are your shoes for?” “To put on,”
    • as you are able, and according to your gift for invention, you
    • your class with the abstract lever. Start with the lever of a
    • this involves. You must cultivate in yourself the capacity for
    • no matter what the subject. You must not let yourself be
    • yourself that the child literally awakens in your lessons, that
    • you yourself become a child with the child. But not childishly.
    • artist, if, as a mature man, you can always live over in your
    • child, inwardly like a child, in your thinking and feeling and
    • is this: always to be able to transport yourself back into
    • acquired. You will not transport yourself like this into
    • in baby-language. But you will be able to transport yourself
    • observation on modern civilization, but I must draw your
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture IX: On the Teaching of Languages
    Matching lines:
    • the first week, for finding out what your children can already
    • you will have to do this economically, so that your boys and
    • you set about teaching your pupils a foreign language —
    • question with your children. You will select reading passages,
    • of former work and your later teaching, to avoid translation,
    • underlie your teaching of grammar. You will be wise to talk
    • combine your teaching of the foreign language with the child's
    • your very manner of talking to the children — man's
    • to teach pronunciation well if you confine your sentences
    • arrange your teaching that these sentences in one or another
    • will take you yourself a great deal of time to discover
    • taken down at your dictation, or whether, on the other hand,
    • simply by taking an active part in the lesson yourself —
    • the first week, perhaps even the second, if you conduct your
    • These things can be done, but you yourself must take part in
    • the lesson with your whole soul.
    • lazy yourself that you want a class to sit as rigid as
    • — first reading yourself and letting them repeat it; then
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture X: Arranging the Lesson up to the Fourteenth Year
    Matching lines:
    • in your soul to understand what I have just said: Transport
    • yourself to ancient times and imagine, in my place, a Greek
    • have to conduct, but you have to enter into your work even more
    • particularly, of course, if you connect your object
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XI: On the Teaching of Geography
    Matching lines:
    • elements for this in your nature-teaching — to describe
    • then show in your drawing how, towards the west, there lies a
    • things out of it. This, of course, involves a demand on your
    • imaginative powers, on your gift for invention. When you tell
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XII: How to Connect School with Practical Life
    Matching lines:
    • into them, you will be successful, for you yourself will then
    • human intelligence and common sense to your credit, you get
    • will concern your teaching as well, because, of course, we are
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XIII: On Drawing up the Time-table
    Matching lines:
    • an idea of activity: “Just sit down on your chair. You
    • others together. You have spread just as much on your square as
    • square on the hypotenuse has been dug up by your labour; you,
    • by your work, have dug up the square on one of the two sides,
    • and you, by your work, have dug up the square on the other
    • your language teaching with those children of twelve to
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XIV: Moral Educative Principles and their Transition to Practice
    Matching lines:
    • gain an enormous amount in your education and teaching if you
    • a certain amount of feeling to every step of your teaching, the
    • permeate your own self with feeling whenever you give
    • must absorb these facts quite completely into your being as
    • instructors, as teachers. Try not to do too much, whatever your
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Concluding Remarks
    Matching lines:
    • “And I know that if you have absorbed properly into your
    • far beyond your grasp will come very near to you in your
    • cannot be of direct practical use to your teaching if you allow
    • it to ripen in your souls. But the Waldorf School will be
    • dependent on your real inner response to the things which we
    • have studied here together and to their activity in your
    • are at a loss how to introduce this or that point into your
    • have had to appeal to your generous, sympathetic
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • In devoting yourselves to your task do not forget that the whole
    • yourselves if our present civilisation, particularly in the religious
    • here, in this human being, you, with your action, have to achieve a
    • The moment you have such thoughts something in you is combating your
    • established between the pupils and yourself.
    • enter the school and perhaps you find yourself faced with scamps, both
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • elements of being: to take a somewhat crude example: your eyes, they
    • are elements of being, your nose or your stomach, that is an element
    • with your own nature into the elements of being, and you identify
    • yourself with them. The possibility of understanding, of grasping
    • something with your mental pictures arises from the fact that they
    • yourselves: out of the mirror there appear mirror images, it is true,
    • so your life between death and re-birth is reflected in your present
    • diagrammatically you must mentally picture the course of your life to
    • You must then further represent to yourself that mental picturing is
    • rejected by your bodily nature that you experience mental picturing.
    • reality of spirit and of soul. Thus when you picture to yourself what
    • really owe your cognition to the shining in, the raying in of your
    • You have this force in your antipathy. When in your present life you
    • sympathy for your mental pictures that you could devour them; you have
    • your imagination is sufficiently strong (which only happens
    • your whole being right down into the senses, then you get the ordinary
    • If you yourselves continually feel that in all education you are
    • then you will give to all your education the necessary consecration,
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • As teachers it will be necessary for you on the one hand to give your
    • send the etheric forces from your eyes to grasp an object in the act
    • most clearly by the following hypothesis: imagine that your two arms
    • together in front, so that you could never take hold of yourself.
    • resisting force, it were impossible for you by stretching your arms
    • Think how living your relationship to Nature will become if you keep
    • yourselves: when I go out into Nature I have the play of light and
    • come back to your place again. You are describing unawares in space a
    • But since your backbone is in a vertical position, you are in the
    • bone system has an essential knowledge; but your consciousness
    • “impenetrable” bodies. You ought only to apply your concepts
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • so-called sub-conscious in man plays a prominent part. If in your
    • ordinary consciousness to-day you perform an action out of your own
    • will, you do not necessarily make an idea in your mind of how you will
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • bring your will to bear on anything that you do not represent to
    • yourself as mental picture, that you do not permeate with the activity
    • concentrate on your willing, you will find that in every act of will
    • being at all if mental picturing were not involved in your acts
    • of will. And your willing would proceed from a dull instinctive
    • of your own self will show you that in thinking you always let your
    • will stream into the formation of your thoughts. In the forming of
    • your own thoughts, in the uniting of one thought with another, or
    • in your eye, everything you looked at would be an object of disgust to
    • overcome in your consciousness, and the objective, neutral act of
    • yourselves what I have now put forward as willing and as thinking, you
    • Here again you can convince yourselves of the truth of these remarks
    • Now in your task of gaining educational insight it behoves you to
    • you would have had to plan your educational work for yourselves from
    • time. You would have had to carry into your schoolwork the customary
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • feel yourself with your ego right in the midst of this activity of
    • we call cognition, were there within all that your ego does; and again
    • what your ego does is there within the activity of cognition. You are
    • something happened to your ego somewhere in the subconscious and that
    • your judgment was the result of this process. For instance you say:
    • fully conscious in your mental picture of the walking. You know
    • nothing of what takes place in your muscles whilst one leg moves
    • and organism of your body. Just think of what you would have to learn
    • much of the activity produced by your food in the muscles of your legs
    • and other parts of your body is used up in the effort of walking. You
    • have never reckoned out how much you use up of what your food brings
    • your bodily nature. When we “will” there is always something
    • right in the midst of it with your knowledge. Distinguish, please,
    • you know nothing although you had to do it with all your will: why
    • between waking and sleeping. You know the feelings in your soul just
    • as you know your dreams, only that you remember your dreams and have a
    • direct experience of your feelings. But the inner mood and condition
    • of soul which you have with regard to your feelings is just the same
    • as you have with regard to your dreams. Whilst you are awake you are
    • penetrate with your ego into the images which your body has produced
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • Your task is to gain an insight into what the human being really is.
    • nature of sensations themselves, you can yourself answer the question:
    • your body. At the periphery or surface of the body you are perpetually
    • please bring all your powers of understanding to bear upon it. In the
    • light are falling from this surface into your eye. There again
    • with what is outside us. Your eye changes the light and colour.
    • But where your nerves are, where as regards life there is only hollow
    • space, there light and colour do not change, and you yourself are
    • in a shell, you yourself live with the external processes. Here you
    • yourself become light, you become sound, the processes have free play
    • it passes into your full waking consciousness. Whilst you are
    • occupying yourself with this thing and thinking about it, it is in
    • your full waking consciousness. Then you return to your ordinary life.
    • Other things claim your interest and attention. Now what happens to
    • what you have just learnt, to what was occupying your attention? It
    • sleeping, if you look at your own experience or another's on falling
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • one night you did not sleep well. I am supposing that your lack of
    • your sleep was disturbed by some bodily condition or by mosquitoes, in
    • short by something more outside your soul. Then you would see that
    • usual. It has made you to some extent susceptible in your ego.
    • yourself like the other man, and that you have within you a being who
    • being to yourself, makes an impression on you like an attack. The
    • result is that you “defend” yourself in your inner being,
    • that you oppose yourself to this attack, that you become inwardly
    • aggressive towards him. This feeling abates and your aggression
    • ceases; hence he can now make another impression upon you. Then your
    • when one man meets another and perceives his ego: giving yourself up
    • yourself up again — warding him off; sympathy — antipathy;
    • speech. This is an absurdity. For with your thought sense you could
    • Feel how the will works into the perception of your movements, even
    • The will at rest also works into the perception of your balance. It
    • taking place between your will and the environment. In short, you can
    • in your sub-consciousness, and you make the form of the circle
    • unconsciously in your etheric body, in your astral body, and then you
    • in by means of your sense of movement comes up into knowledge, that
    • which you perceive. Thus you call forth the form from your whole body
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  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • If you yourselves have a well developed knowledge of the growing
    • child, permeated by your own will and feeling, then you will be able
    • will-knowledge in the different departments of your work. But this
    • to think logically. But what you yourselves, as teachers, have to know
    • only through your whole general attitude. But as teachers you will
    • lion? First you bring what you see in the lion to your consciousness;
    • understanding of your perceptions of the lion. Before you went to the
    • menagerie, in your ordinary life, you learned that beings that have
    • connect this with what you have brought with you out of your knowledge
    • importance for your teaching. In the Waldorf School you will get
    • have already been prepared, and in your method of teaching in the
    • dinner in Berlin you had a lady on your right and on your left hand,
    • you knew one was on your right hand and the other on your left. Then
    • It is of very great importance to make it your constant and conscious
    • world is moral. I drew your attention to this by reading you two
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • and out. The inside and outside are differently formed. If your
    • yourself with your spirit inside your own head; you can get a picture
    • of how you are then placed by thinking of yourself, for a time, as
    • quietly sitting in it. In the same way your soul sits in your head,
    • let the train move on its outward course. Similarly you let your body
    • you owe to the circumstance that you let your head, in its physical
    • form, be carried at rest by your limb system.
    • words — in order to make yourself understood by the children. If
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • brilliance and ability to yourselves. But you must of course be ready
    • manner of things to do which only indirectly belong to your sphere of
    • It means that you must not by your teaching, by your education,
    • growth; rather your teaching and education should only be such as is
    • accelerate growth? It is within your power, to a certain extent, so to
    • Similarly it is within your power, to a certain extent, to check the
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • to accept the view that your head is constantly trying, in secret, to
    • All the shapes which your head really designs in you, you find spread
    • animal kingdom you can say to yourself: that am I; but when the head
    • reality this is present as a super-sensible process. Your head is not
    • merely the lazy-bones on your shoulders, it is that which would really
    • But by means of your trunk and your limbs you prevent a whole animal
    • kingdom from arising through you in the course of your life: you
    • transform this animal kingdom into your thoughts. Such is our
    • From this you will understand that if you continued in yourself the
    • materials for this within yourself and you could bring it about that
    • happens when you bend your arm. Through the contraction of the muscle
    • which bends your forearm you are bringing into play a machine-like
    • mechanical movements of this kind when you bend your knee and when you
    • walk. For in walking the whole mechanism of your body is brought into
    • Imagine to yourselves that by some kind of photographic trick you
    • you live with your ego in your muscles and flesh. Even when you are
    • awake you do not live with your ego in your muscles and flesh, you
    • live with your ego principally in the shadow which you photograph in
    • this way, in the forces used by your body when it moves. Grotesque
    • though it may sound, when you sit down and press your back against the
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • significance in the life of man.) Consider your forehead, and imagine
    • that your inner being is striving from within outwards towards your
    • forehead. Now on the palm of your hand or on the sole of your foot, a
    • kind of pressure is being exercised, like the pressure on your
    • hold your hand with the palm facing outwards, or when you place the
    • sole of your foot on the ground, there streams from without through
    • your sole, or through your palm, what streams towards your forehead
    • you move your limbs in work of some sort — whether useful or not
    • along in your reading, the less you exert yourselves to take in what
    • activity from disturbing your sleep. When you have to cram for an
    • examination you are assimilating a great deal in opposition to your
    • beg you not to direct your rebel natures too forcibly against the
    • outside world. Your criticism of our present-day civilisation you must
  • Title: Study of Man: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • What encloses your mouth below and above is but a stunted form of your
    • legs and feet, and your arms and hands. Only you must think of the
    • answer this question as follows: It is where your upper arm is
    • attached to your body, and where the upper part of your leg, the
    • femur, is attached to your body. So that if you think of this as the
    • head that opens its jaws in the direction of your chest and your
    • that collects the light? Now, you have such a lens in your own eye.
    • reproduced? Your eye is really a camera obscura, a dark room of this
    • teacher. And this categorical imperative is as follows: Keep your
    • imagination alive. And if you feel yourself getting pedantic, then
    • say to yourself: for other people pedantry may be bad, for me it is
    • and make them part of yourself, You must know, for example, that the
    • force will bring the necessary enthusiasm into your educational
  • Title: Anthroposophy Science: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • relationship to what one observes. Try to put yourselves into
  • Title: Anthroposophy Science: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • when you are relating something, and you hear from your own
    • telling what has become of your experience by its passing
    • through your memory. Even in ordinary life a certain
    • picture this to yourselves, you will realize that such an
  • Title: Anthroposophy Science: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • knowledge you are learning to know yourself in connection
    • into detail here; you can research this yourself if you are
  • Title: Anthroposophy Science: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • in a surprising manner. Even so, your appearing here allows
    • need can sprout out of your youthful energy. Therefore, my
  • Title: Dear Children: Lecture I: Address at the Christmas Assembly
    Matching lines:
    • to visit you again. I went into all your classes and asked many of
    • you, “Do you love your teachers?”
    • your days since Herr Molt gave us the gift of
    • divine spirit that watches over your souls from the time you go to
    • to coming up here and of the love you show for your teachers. These
    • where your teachers get all the strength and ability they need so
    • as good and capable as yours, then what makes us fit for life will
    • behind in your souls. (Later on you will know what the soul is.)
    • Something stays in your soul, and you can enjoy that over and over
    • attention to what your nice teachers are giving you, I was so glad to
    • see your love for your teachers streaming out of your eyes when I saw
    • again, “Don't you all sincerely love your
    • felt your teachers' love all day long up here, then you can go home
    • again and tell your parents about what you have learned, and your
    • that in your souls, for now is a good time to do that. When we think
    • Christ is helping you, you will become what you write in your souls
    • that you can once again show me that you have taken love for your
    • teachers into your hearts and kept it there, then I will again be
    • love prevails among you, you will thrive under the car e of your
    • teachers, and your parents at home will have no concerns and will
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Dear Children: Lecture II: Address at a Monthly Assembly
    Matching lines:
    • from everything. And now, while you have been enjoying what your
    • thankful. We have heard you, under the direction of your teachers,
    • we call the human soul. It is your human souls that speak to us and
    • the earth, all those things that delight your eyes and hearts. What
    • sounds in your ears, brought to you through the patience and
    • persistence of your teachers, what travels through the world as light
    • and then enters your eyes — we hear all of this resounding from
    • everything that is human. In your souls, this turns to light. And
    • curious about. And so I ask you, children, do you still love your
    • you are meant to take up into your souls. Love for your teachers will
    • to love your teachers. You can be sure that in the great building that
    • that is always meant to prevail here, a spirit that your teachers
    • that is meant to prevail here, and it will do so through what your
    • prevail through what lives in your souls!
    • spirit when you are in your class, and think of it when you leave. Be
    • glad in your souls that you are coming back to the Waldorf School
    • Love needs to be present among you, for each other and for your teachers.
  • Title: Dear Children: Lecture III: Address at the Assembly at the End of the First School Year
    Matching lines:
    • heart. I often asked you, “Do you love your teachers?”
    • do not see your teachers for a while, and so now I want to say
    • something different to you. I hope your hearts will often answer this
    • that you are not going to see your teachers, learn to be grateful to
    • learn to love your teachers, now learn to feel firmly in your heart
    • that you are grateful to your teachers, so that when you ask
    • yourselves, “Am I grateful to my teachers?” you can
    • and then in the morning you are strengthened again. Your eyes see
    • better and your ears hear better. If you had to stay awake all the
    • complete. Herein the Waldorf School your body will be shaped to
    • become skilled at everything a person has to do in life. Your
    • teachers have worked hard at this on your behalf; you have been
    • introduced to eurythmy, for example, which works to make your
    • for your life have to be untangled from your soul. This is how the
    • capable with regard to your forces for life. Good strong forces for
    • life have to be fetched up out of your souls. And your spirit —
    • when you think that, those are beautiful dreams during your vacation.
    • you think often like this about how your body is being shaped, your
    • soul developed and your spirit educated, you will send yourself a
    • good dream for your time of rest, and then your vacation time will
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  • Title: Awakening to Community: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • learns to say, “You harbor in your will sphere a great variety
    • world about which you learn in your experiments, restricted as they
    • least intention of criticizing anyone, and ask yourselves what
  • Title: Awakening to Community: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • simply must not let yourselves overlook the fact that it is the
  • Title: Fruits/Anthroposophy: Lecture 5: From Sense Perception to Spirit Imaging
    Matching lines:
    • by one thing or another. Clearly picture in your mind's eye such
    • due to will forces being stirred. Take a good look at your soul life
    • state of your soul life when it is given up to a complex of memories.
    • sense, judging others harshly and entirely from your own point of view,
  • Title: Natural Science; the Anthroposophical Movement
    Matching lines:
    • yourself: `I will do this' — contemplation persists
    • else you need can be discover within yourselves when you
  • Title: Preparing for a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • up at three and do calculations for hours, of course your head
  • Title: Spiritual-Scientific Consideration: Lecture 1: Prelude to the Threefold Commonwealth
    Matching lines:
    • which they spoke. Today I will only recall to your minds
    • stove, fulfil your stove-duty, make the room warm”,
  • Title: Spiritual-Scientific Consideration: Lecture 2: Esoteric Prelude to an Exoteric Consideration of the Social Question I
    Matching lines:
    • want to say, you will yourselves discover gradually from
    • your soul-faculties of perception in the direction I have
    • greater contrast to the life that flows out of your
    • very actively you must struggle within yourselves when
    • you give yourselves up to spiritual culture; and on the
    • when you are submerged in animalness take care of your
    • part. When you think along with your willing then the
    • your own movements, your muscular movements. The
    • perceive that through your senses. No, experience of
    • asking yourselves, How are the Western languages formed
    • reading. I have already on another occasion drawn your
  • Title: Spiritual-Scientific Consideration: Lecture 3: Esoteric Prelude to an Exoteric Consideration of the Social Question II
    Matching lines:
    • last lecture I drew your attention to the fact that one
    • will you not have to say to yourselves: Man is confronted
  • Title: Spiritual-Scientific Consideration: Lecture 4: Pedagogy, from the Standpoint of the History of Culture
    Matching lines:
    • ideas, which is not what you, with your elusive phrases,
    • you take our words seriously, we are your enemies! That
    • out of your apparent socialization you will have a much
    • to draw your attention to the ease with which the
  • Title: Esoteric Studies: Lecture II: Establishment of Mutual Relations Between the Living and the So-called Dead
    Matching lines:
    • before your souls just at this time as a kind of picture of the
  • Title: The Experiences of Sleep and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • differentiated manner. In the life of day you feel yourself as a
    • human being enclosed within your skin, and having a definite position
    • you feel yourself now here, now there; as I said, the definite sense
    • same time unconsciously in your organism. This is a simple fact. Let
    • us say, for example, you feel joy. When you feel joy, your blood
    • experience the joy or sorrow in your consciousness, but not the
  • Title: Reincarnation and Karma: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • way: In many respects you were a superficial character in your
    • been evident between what inevitably happened and your faculties or
    • without difficulty; you will be able to cast your thoughts back to
    • yourself were. Something that is like a feeling arising in an act of
    • with your ordinary consciousness, that lies deeper than anything you
    • contact in your thirties were once around you as parents or brothers
    • and sisters or you can anticipate that in one of your next
    • outcome of your reflection tallies with what is set forth in that
    • to me: “When I read what is contained in your book,
  • Title: Reincarnation and Karma: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • reproach anthroposophists by saying: You aim at perfecting your own
    • souls, you strive for the progress of your own souls. You become
    • cannot achieve it, for your existence is only transitory, you are in
    • not been successful. Ask yourselves seriously how often you have the
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • call up in your minds is that behind the whole evolutionary and historical
    • yourselves of many things that have been said through the years, you will
    • I want to draw your attention to how one of the most important happenings
    • was there undergone, you can experience only in your innermost being;
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • to yourselves that she knows that super-sensible Powers are guiding her
    • be preserved. Of the Duke of Orleans, your nephew, she says that
    • while praying the Almighty to protect you and fulfil your desires.
    • Your humble servant
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • this means: “O Man, it lies in your very health that you keep
    • deeply inscribed in your souls, I want to emphasise that it was the
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • beginning of our German Movement, I drew your attention to how in a
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • the lecture yesterday I drew your attention to the fact that very
    • with the historical development of humanity unite in your hearts to
    • also live as a New Year's wish in your souls. And at the close
    • would fair lay in your hearts: Regard what has been said as the starting-point
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, VI: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • substance to replace it. What you cut from your nails today was
    • within your organism seven or eight years ago; you thrust it out and
    • And just as it is your soul-and-spirit which forms the link between
    • meet someone you say to yourself with deep feeling that what the Moon
    • lives for the moment in your physical body; what is present in the
    • wide etheric spheres where the stars are to be seen, lives in your
    • know that you are looking at what is present, not in your physical or
    • your etheric body, but in your astral body, and gives power to your
    • your own Ego — not akin to your physical and etheric
    • bodies but to your Ego. The Ego enables you to take your place in the
    • your life as necessity and to which you conform because of your
    • are merely means of expression for your karma. In everything of which
    • yourself” — in all this the past Moon existence is living
    • external warmth which acts merely as a stimulus; you yourself
    • generate in your own organism the warmth you have within you. If you
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, VI: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • in the Mysteries, you are bound to ask yourselves: Where are
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, VI: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • or malice occasioned in you by your action, but you are
    • shock that were caused to him. You feel exactly what your action made
    • to her at the time: ‘Yes, it may be that this is your opinion
    • that you burn yourself if you put your finger into a flame, so it is
    • do not see your own steps or the movements you make; but
    • background of all this, picture to yourselves a non-European world.
  • Title: Lecture: The Tasks and Aims of Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves of this if you ponder it well. The younger members must
    • find that it ceases to be blind faith if you will really school your
    • woke up in the morning you could remember nothing about your
    • realm and you see it as a finished picture. You say to yourselves that
    • you have the full value in yourself of what has been communicated to
    • The forms and pictures in your vision that are taken from the physical
    • down into your faculties; your visionary clairvoyance was based upon
    • directly use your brain in thinking. Thinking works on the brain, but
    • of a chalk circle in your mind, then this picture has been formed by
    • with it in your thought; but in the methods I use I always try to
    • yourselves: If that is really to come to pass which ought to come to
    • therefore, your power of judgment; then you are candidates for the
    • memory, in your next incarnation, of the present one. See to it that
    • you are able to follow the world with your thoughts. For however much
  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture I: Gymnast, Rhetorician, Professor: A Living Synthesis
    Matching lines:
    • right way on your souls, to develop this right attitude
    • and must receive in your hearts' minds [die
    • for yourselves that there is an active element of soul and
    • world in yourselves that is both living and true to reality.
    • process in accordance with reality, you will find yourselves in
    • a world of wonderful artistry. Just try for yourselves,
    • all. Every detail becomes interesting if you allow yourselves,
    • within yourselves. You cannot possibly be like most people
  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture II: Forces Leading to Health and Illness in Education
    Matching lines:
    • yourself in your own heart whether this gratitude is always
    • piece of sugar into your mouth, it dissolves. This is a
    • Now, picture to yourselves what is really going on when the
    • You will be able to say to yourselves that, since factors are
  • Title: Deeper Education: Lecture III: A Comprehensive Knowledge of Man as the Source of Imagination in the Teacher
    Matching lines:
    • course, you cannot apply these things in detail in your methods
    • various realms of your teaching; if one has acquired this
    • sour look that anyone can tell from your expression that you
    • your facial expression while teaching. Your expression is then
    • you should know these things but that they should work on your
    • strengthening you, giving you the vigor to spiritualize your
    • be put into effect against you. You would regard it as your
    • by millions. I condemn you while admiring your actions, but
    • acquiring real enthusiasm for your profession, the
    • consciousness of your profession, that you can emancipate
    • yourselves from the constraints in educational activity
    • to you — if you realize this necessity with your
    • these things come alive in your hearts, to permeate your souls
    • you can let yourselves be inspired to unpretentious action
    • through what can be kindled in your consciousness by
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part III: Stuttgart, 5-18-'13
    Matching lines:
    • through your sun-grace forces that I received my ego and all
  • Title: Esoteric Lessons Part II: Stuttgart, 12-31-10
    Matching lines:
    • reap or store in barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them”
    • pass over into your flesh and blood. We're living in accordance
  • Title: Truths and Errors: Lecture VI: Errors of Spiritual Research - 2
    Matching lines:
    • not only if you yourself are a spiritual researcher but with
    • your healthy human mind. Only the spiritual researcher can
    • your self-love; what you find now in yourself is something else
    • than you yourself. — He calls this the divine in himself.
    • spiritual area, you yourself become that which you have
    • recognised as truth because you think your way into those
    • you could still say to yourself after such considerations,
  • Title: Truths and Errors: Lecture VIII: The Questions of Life and the Riddle of Death - 2
    Matching lines:
    • stupefying inner things. You experience that you have your self
    • beyond yourself that you survey from without what you have
    • you feel enclosed in your skin in the day consciousness, you
    • touch it here with your own hands in this characteristic that
  • Title: Curative Eurythmy: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • inhalation actually lies in your control. According to the consonants
    • you induce, you have the entire process of in-breathing in your hands.
    • nourishment, so to speak, you must direct your attention principally
    • You may say to yourself that the kidney disturbance is in one stage
    • the obese person whom you treat with the O-form: “think of your
    • obesity, of your own girth, when doing the ‘O’!” In
    • practice, with the help of your curative exercises, you will be able
    • to you, so that you yourselves do not leave here under a misunderstanding,
  • Title: Poetry/Speech: Lecture VII: The Uttering of Syllables and the Speaking of Words
    Matching lines:
    • Dare court your deathless beauty, rose, red
  • Title: Poetry/Speech: Lecture VIII: The Interaction of Breathing and Blood-Circulation
    Matching lines:
    • Your
    • streamy rivers clapp your swymming hands: You
  • Title: Lecture I: Man in the Past, the Present and the Future
    Matching lines:
    • place. There you have to exert yourself much more vigorously if you
    • where the hill is hollowed out, so that you find yourself in a ring of
  • Title: Lecture II: Man in the Past, the Present and the Future
    Matching lines:
    • have to put it somewhat as follows: As long as you remain in your
    • ordinary waking consciousness, your environment will seem to have been
    • such thing; if you move your arm, it is a mechanical process like that
  • Title: Lecture III: Man in the Past, the Present and the Future
    Matching lines:
    • the spiritual world through your dreams, your dream-experience arises
    • casually in passing, or your eye has caught it as you were reading. In
    • slightest degree, into the spiritual world through your dreams, your
    • outline, but you can work out within your own hearts what I have told
  • Title: The Three Fundamental Forces in Education: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • I would call your attention to something that is very much in
    • you have transformed your psycho-spiritual-physical organism,
    • when your knowledge takes on artistic form, will you become a
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture I: The Egyptian period, and the present time.
    Matching lines:
    • ye Greeks, ye remain children all your lives, and in your childish
    • saying to the people: “In Atlantean times your own souls, when
    • Imagine your soul back in its Egyptian body. Imagine your soul after
    • — but your body held fast as a mummy. This fact had an occult
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture II: Ancient Wisdom and the new Apocalyptic Wisdom. Temple sleep. Isis and the Madonna. Past stages of Evolution. The bestowing of the Ego. Future Powers.
    Matching lines:
    • We must now sketch in a few words, and bring before your souls, the
    • bones and muscles, your idea would be entirely wrong. At that time man
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture III: The Kingdoms of Nature. Group-egos. The Centre of Man. The Kingdoms of Higher Spiritual Beings.
    Matching lines:
    • The earth is ensouled by an ego and in the same way as your head is
    • covered with hairs which grow from out your being, so plants grow from
    • peculiarly formed rays. Picture to yourselves forms of light, or rays,
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture V: The sacrifice of the substance by the Thrones, Kyriotetes, Dynami's, and Exusiai. Jehovah and the Elohim, and their co-operative activity in the stages of human Development.
    Matching lines:
    • warmth as pulses in your blood, you will have what was present on
    • When in spirit you transport yourselves to those times of a primeval
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture VI: The Spirits of Form as regents of earthly existence. Participation of the, Luciferic beings. The formation of race.
    Matching lines:
    • now know as the human form. The form you are able to observe in your
    • your astral body withdrew on going to sleep, and your vision was
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture VIII: Mans connection with the various planetary bodies. The earth's mission.
    Matching lines:
    • as long as your eyes are turned to it you know that you are in
    • correspondence with the object; it acts upon you; now turn your eyes
    • away and hold the idea-picture of it in your memory; the object has
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture XI: The progress of man. His conquest of the physical plane in the post-Atlantean civilizations. The beginning and up-building of the 'I am.' The chosen people.
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves an exceedingly rich person who has never known anything but
    • yourselves to divine heights, and receive a high degree of initiation,
  • Title: Universe, Earth and Man: Lecture XI: The reversing of Egyptian remembrance into material forms by way of Arabism. The harmonizing of Egyptian remembrance. The Christian impulse of power in Rosicrucianism.
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves acquainted with the truth, not with all those legendary and
    • briefly, has been presented to your mental sight today, by drawing
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves that this ovum has brought the cosmic forces to a
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • into account. I ask you to turn your attention to such as
    • like to bring something rather different to your notice. We
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • I have brought to your notice on the one
    • find it for yourselves by deduction. We will have bodily,
    • livingly. Do not set before yourself the dead product
    • it, corresponds to a process in your own inner being. And
    • you who continually relate yourself to the central
    • body, placing yourself in relation to your own Sun. You,
    • too fast, — that your radius-vector does not describe
    • Sun. There you have the movement you yourselves make,
    • your own living connection with the other
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • therefore first call your attention to something which will
    • convince yourselves if you read his famous book
    • ovum. Picture to yourselves how far you can go back. If you
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Call to your
    • aid the physiological knowledge at your disposal, and the
    • with your thinking and ideation and bring a certain order and
    • orientation into what you see around you in your waking life.
    • an inner reflection of the moon. I also drew your attention
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • please fill in for yourselves on some convenient occasion
    • contemplate for yourselves the skeleton of an mammal. The
    • appeal to your own intuition, trusting you to think it out
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • too. Here I should like to draw your attention to something
    • indicate what you will see for yourselves if you once look at
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • today to bring before your souls what I might call
    • meet with other instances of this kind. I will only draw your
    • discuss is something to which I want to draw your attention,
    • you can train yourselves methodologically to think the
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • I drew your attention to the fact that the principle of
    • yourself if you make yourself aware of the feeling of being
    • inside your own organism and experiencing of the outer world
    • compare your feeling of self — that feeling of self
    • depend upon your bodily organisation, that you do not become
    • — with all that is present in your consciousness in
    • relation between this feeling of being in yourself and the
    • world as there is between the structure of your body and of
    • your skull. We are thus led to the relationship between what
    • reality. I will now draw your attention to something very
    • Compare then what you have to your sphere of understanding
    • — the whole compass of your knowledge of the mineral
    • of certainty is just as great as in your conception of a real
    • your attention to something else.
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • Acquaint yourselves with the minute displacements of the
    • enormous difference between your relation to any object of
    • the so-called outer world and to an object inside yourself,
    • which you, so to speak, are sharing-in with your own inner
    • you observe it. What you yourself are living in — your
    • liver, your heart, even your sense-organs to begin with you
    • you yourself were moving thus
    • movements you yourself accomplish, with the Earth, in the
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • may I call your attention to this: It is not so simple to
    • date. Then it will not suffice you to take your start from
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • I draw your attention to this little experiment; of no value
    • Though, I admit, it gets a little uncanny to feel yourself
    • jump from one point to another and you yourselves must look
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XV
    Matching lines:
    • strange as it may sound — if with your understanding of any
    • space. You must get right out of yourself , looking for
    • precisely the relationship from which you should take your
    • your understanding is, at most, illusionary.
    • must go through the same procedure in your thinking as I did
    • you will not find your way.
    • origin of your coordinate system in three-dimensional space.
    • yourself: This time I will not pre-suppose a polar-coordinate
    • help for it. If you are conscientious in your efforts to
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVI
    Matching lines:
    • draw your attention to something you can very well observe if
    • only you are prepared to extend your observation to wider
    • this for bodily well-being. If you're a postman, your calling
    • thought and make it clear to yourself that a line has not two
    • find your way into a qualitative form of mathematics.
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVII
    Matching lines:
    • your start from this idea you will be able to realize the
    • expect your calculation to come true. You must include in the
    • yourselves: What you have here, in Mercury and Venus, is near
    • science. Here I would only draw your attention to a specific
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVIII
    Matching lines:
    • of in your thinking. In no other way will you reach an
    • depends. You take a crystal of salt into your hand. You may
    • yourselves. You need only observe the empirical data. Observe
    • You will convince yourselves: what I am about to say is
    • will find yourself in contradiction to the phenomena if you
    • remember this, then you will say to yourselves: Here now I
    • inward in another, — or again whether you try your hand
    • you read of in your text books. You cannot even see why we
    • another body, perceiving it with your sensation of touch, Sun
    • system has arisen: You explain it to your audience:
  • Title: Social Basis For Primary and Secondary Education: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • believe you will have seen for yourselves that what could be given only
    • drawing your attention to something that is clearly noticeable, namely,
    • arise? Here I must draw your attention to an essential phenomenon of our
    • What actually are you able to do? With your principles — perhaps
    • education. You may organise everything of this kind to which your good
    • books do you have in your libraries? What kind of science is dealt with
    • in your lectures? You place on your library shelves those very books
    • shelves of your libraries, whose scientific method of thinking you
    • propagate by means of your lectures and whose habits of thinking permeate
    • your colleges. — You see from this that in these serious times the
    • is economic from the pedagogical point of view. I have often drawn your
  • Title: Social Basis For Primary and Secondary Education: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Friday I called your attention, in the necessarily brief way for lectures
  • Title: Social Basis For Primary and Secondary Education: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • make your economic life independent. For that, you would naturally have
    • yours, for any establishment shut off in this sectarian way breeds
    • what the Swiss state would say to your Threefold Commonwealth. Then, for
    • else, however, that I would impress upon your hearts: Don't bury your
    • you to individualise for your own advantage in a capitalistic way. Admit
  • Title: Introductory Words to the First of Four Educational Lectures
    Matching lines:
    • takes its true form in you yourselves, if to a certain extent
    • it is developed further through your own thinking and feeling.
    • call your attention to the fact that the teachers must really
    • esoteric as such. And in calling your attention to this, I will
    • zoologist. If, on the contrary, you could have arranged your
    • lessons so that your way of teaching about plants and animals
    • concrete; you should always work your subject out from an
    • had gone into your class in fear and trembling without over
    • much confidence in yourself and then had said at the end of the
    • year, you yourself have really learned the most during this
    • time! For whether you can say: you, yourself have learned the
    • have really done, depends upon your constantly having had the
    • of each year you have spoken to yourself somewhat after the
    • supposed that you must say to yourself; now I am beginning with
    • course of your new class will bring something quite different
    • before your mind. At the end of the second third of each school
    • different spirit. But if you go through your teaching with
    • true, noble, not with mock scepticism, you will find that your
    • happy joyous feelings. The father of one of your pupils, if he

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