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Spiritual Science and Medicine

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Spiritual Science and Medicine


Changes in medical outlook in the course of human evolution — Illness and health — The Archaeus of Paracelsus — Stahl's theory of Vitalism — The appearance and significance of pathological anatomy since Morgagni — Humoral pathology — Cellular pathology — Morbid and natural significance of comparative anatomy — Knowledge of extra-terrestrial formative forces — Metamorphosis — Troxler's concept of disease.

Theories regarding the Heart — The Heart as organ of balance between above and below — Polarity of the human organism — Physiognomy of disease — Hysteria as expression for preponderance of metabolic processes — Neurasthenia for preponderance of sensory processes — Tuberculosis: disposition and infection — Significance of individual symptoms for its course and cure — Nature of Homeopathy.

Combination of pathology and therapy through diagnosis — The Threefold Man — Motor and sensory nerves — Suggestion and hypnosis — Relation of remedy to patient — Metamorphosis of growth in plant and man — Power of adaptation and regeneration — Formative forces and man's functions of soul and spirit Elements of a psychology based on reality — Ascending and descending evolution — Processes of blood-formation and milk-formation.

Connection of man with external nature — The Ritter Treatment — Working out of therapy on basis of pathology — External and intestinal flora — Carbon process — Oxygen process — Thoughts and process of ideation — Parallelism of structural development of intestines and brain. Bacillus theory and disposition to disease — Secretion and thinking process — Metamorphosis of light in the organism and Tuberculosis. Macroscopic study of the world and illusion of the microscope — Salt process and sulphur process — Mineralising process — Homeopathic principle in restorative treatment.

All-round knowledge of man as basis of therapy — Anamnesis as foundation for judgment of super-sensible organism — Man and the nature kingdoms — Homeopathy and Allopathy — Solubility, salt formation — Thinking process in the extra-human — Mineral process, mercurial process, phosphoric process — Relation of plant to man — Tree formation mistletoe — Root formation, formation of leaf, blossom, fruit and their relation to mineral, mercurial, and phosphoric process and to man — Serum therapy.

Plant-forming Process, spiral tendency — Planetary activity — Relation of plant to man — Polarity of gravity and light — Polarity in human organism and disease — Rickets, Crassiotabes — Salt, phosphorus and mercury process — Metals as planetary processes — Their relation to plants — Combustion and ash-extraction — Potentising of remedies — Physical curative treatment — Animal curative substances.

Consideration of age-factor in curative treatment — Chorea — Pregnancy — Polyarthritis — Difference of therapy in different epochs of life — Relationship of ages of life to the planets — Pre-conception causes of illness — Ossification — Sclerosis — Carcinoma — Hydrocephaly in childhood and later diseases — Disposition to Syphilis, Pneumonia and Pleurisy — Endocarditis — Problems of curative treatment — Fever as expression of ego-activity — Formative process of man and process of cell-formation — Lead and Sclerosis, Tin and Hydrocephaly, Iron and pulmonary processes — Copper, Mercury, Silver.

Process of aromatisation in plant and process of smelling — Salt-forming process in plant and tasting — Metamorphosis of human organism: smelling, tasting, seeing, thinking, association, digestion, excretory processes through intestines and kidneys, ideation — Breathing process, blood and lymph-forming process — Heart as synthesiser.

Meteorological processes and their relation to the human organs — Significance of air, water, soil, for sickness and health of certain organs — Polarity of silicon-process and carbon-dioxide process in human organism — Differentiation of excretory action and its relation to the two processes — Relation of the two processes to the metals — Smell and taste.

Effect produced by Anisum vulgare, Cichorium intybus, Equisetum arvense, Wild strawberry, Lavender, Melissa — Relation of human organism to plant kingdom and mineral kingdom — Healing properties of plant-mineral and mineral. Nutrition — Uncooked diet — Cooking as remedial process — Peripheral and central man — Digestion, secretion, formation of urine and sweat — Syphilis — Formation of female organism — Significance of the female and the male for ontogenesis.

Carbo vegetabilis — Chemistry and physiology — Nature of Homeopathy — Carbon formation and oxygen process — Creation of primary light in upper man — Pathology of kidneys — Air-sphere, warmth and light zone, fluid zone and human pathology — Kalium carbonicum — Formative process of oyster shell — Earth formation — Pulmonary process — Breathing — Hunger, thirst and their organic connections.

Roncegno Water, Levico Water — Oxygen and nitrogen and relationship of ego — astral body, etheric body and physical body Albumen and organic system — Vegetable albumen — Relation of elements oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen to kidneys, liver, lungs, heart — Practice of meditation — Iron radiation, counteraction of albumen — Vegetable and animal carbon — Fluorine, magnesium — Decay of teeth and chlorosis — Silicium — Bases and acids — Digestion and salt-formation — External therapy.

Activity of etheric body — Tumours, inflammations as consequence of irregular activity of etheric body — Viscum and viscum treatment — Carbo vegetabilis — So-called “mental diseases” as consequence of disturbed organic processes — Effects of coffee and tea — Sugar consumption.

Power of judgment and clairvoyance — Work of ego on the human vehicles — Etheric body and fantasy — The ego-scaffolding in the physical body — Inflammatory process — Study of eye-organisation as path to perception of Etheric body — Therapeutics of inflammatory tendency — Obesity — Leanness — Hypochondria — The Eye as process of inflammation — The Ear as process of tumour formation — Study of ear structure as path to perception of astral body — Rosemary and stimulation of ego-forces — Arnica and stimulation of astral forces.

Birds and the planetary forces — Intellectuality, formation and loss of instinct — Diabetes mellitus — Ego weakness — Plant forming process as growth towards animal forming process — The animal forming process in man — Process of de-salification — Plant remedies — Silicon force of disruption in mathematicians and non-mathematicians — Silver Birch — Capsella bursæ pastoris (Shepherd's Purse) — Cochlearea officinalis — Scurvy — Function of Spleen.

Massage of Spleen region and strengthening of instinctive activity — Effect of conceptual activity in the organism — Rhythm of eating — Massage as regulator of rhythmic activity — Massage of different limbs and its significance for the organism — Migraine — Colour therapy — Imitation — Authority — Dementia Præcox — Psychoanalysis — Materialism — Significance of the teeth — Fluorine and its effects.

Dental development — Dental decay — Hæmorrhoids — Fluorine action — Pedagogy and process of teeth formation — Dental decay and pregnancy — Æsculin — Chlorophyll — Overcoming of anti-appetites and organic formation — High and low potencies — Hypochondria — Materialism as consequence of Catholic asceticism — Spiritual attributes of matter — Temperaments — Relation of nutritive processes to senility — Suggestion.

Causes of illness — Bacilli-theory — Tendency of plants to animalisation — Mineralisation of Plants — The Lungs as Earth-Waking and sleeping — Typhus — Catarrh — Abdominal diseases — Walking and growth — Disposition to Influenza — Diphtheria — Meningitis — Alveolar Pyorrhœa — Salt, mercury and sulphur process in different ages of life.

Heredity — Role of male and female — Diabetes and mental illness — Hæmophilia — Antimony — Antimony as planetary working — Blood coagulation and formation of albumen — Working of antimony — Coffee drinking — Oyster-shell — Oyster as food — Typhus — Deadly Nightshade.

Sense activity and external world — Salts of Ammonia — Excretion and secretion — Pulmonary activity — Process of dental formation and Fluorine — Polarity of mineralisation of dental formation and sexualisation — Peristalsis — Eurhythmy, dancing, knitting, crocheting — Process of dental formation and digestion — Nux vomica — Man as seven-membered metal — Mental disease — Acute and Chronic Illness — Nature of depression — Allopathy and Homeopathy — Nature Therapy.

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