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  • Title: Lecture: Introductory Lecture. Winter Session, 1911-1912
    Matching lines:
    • however, incarnated in Jeschu ben Pandira, who lived 105 years before
    • was incarnated in Jeschu ben Pandira, of whom Oriental Theosophy
    • particular importance happened 105 years after Jeschu ben Pandira had
    • time when Jeschu ben Pandira was living and saw that a great
    • there had lived a certain Jeschu ben Pandira, who was stoned and then
    • hanged on a tree — who was not, therefore, crucified. Jeschu ben
    • the Bearer of the Christ, nothing is said. Jeschu ben Pandira, who had
    • See: Jeschu ben Pandira, by Rudolf Steiner.
    • cannot agree with those who speak of Jeschu ben Pandira as the
    • by the other side, too — that they are speaking of Jeschu ben
  • Title: Gospel of Matthew: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • Pandira, Jeschua ben Pandira. Jewish literature has
    • Jeschua ben Pandira we have to recognize a personality under
  • Title: From Jesus to Christ: Lecture X: The Esoteric Path to Christ
    Matching lines:
    • writings as Jeschu Ben Pandira — Jesus the son of Pandira. From
    • lectures once given in Berne, some of you will know that this Jeschu
    • the Gospel of Matthew. Jeschu Ben Pandira, a noble Essene figure,
    • only went among the Essenes, whereas Jeschu Ben Pandira was
    • Who was Jeschu Ben Pandira?
    • physical body of Jeschu Ben Pandira. Every Bodhisattva who rises to
    • incorporated in Jeschu Ben Pandira — the Bodhisattva who was
  • Title: Gospel of Luke: Lecture Nine
    Matching lines:
    • Jeschu ben Pandira, Lecture 2,
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Introductory Notes
    Matching lines:
    • Jeschu ben Pandira, and, through him, at once on
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Summaries
    Matching lines:
    • become the Maitreya Buddha. Jeschu ben Pandira, a herald
    • the office of Bodhisattva. The work and destiny of Jeschu
    • imparted to the Essenes through Jeschu ben Pandira
    • Jeschu ben Pandira: Mathai, Nakai, Netzer, Boni, Thona.
    • early chapters of St. Matthew's Gospel derive from Jeschu
    • manifested itself as pure, awe-inspiring Wisdom. Jeschu
    • for all men. Jeschu ben Pandira: the future Maitreya
    • Appendix II. Jeschu ben Pandira. p.
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • name of Jesus, the son of Pandira, Jeschu ben Pandira. He
    • In Jeschu
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • of Pandira, Jeschu ben Pandira, and the central figure in
    • hundred years before the coming of Christ, Jeschu ben
    • or existence of Jeschu ben Pandira requires no occult
    • Jeschu ben Pandira, under the influence of the inspiring
    • Jahve-Spirit, in the blood of that people. Jeschu ben
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • whom Jeschu ben Pandira worked to prepare for the coming
    • Jeschu ben
    • Netzers. Jeschu ben Pandira had five pupils or disciples,
    • then Boni and Thona. These five pupils of Jeschu ben
    • death of Jeschu ben Pandira the teaching relating to the
    • Jeschu ben Pandira. Netzer was specially chosen to be the
    • Netzer, the pupil of Jeschu ben Pandira. Those whose
    • derives from the secrets taught by Jeschu ben Pandira
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • too was taught in words of awe-inspiring power by Jeschu
    • Buddha, Jeschu ben Pandira taught to this effect. —
    • is actively present. — This teaching led to Jeschu
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Lecture 10
    Matching lines:
    • appearance of the Christ by Jeschu ben Pandira, the great
    • the great Essene teacher, Jeschu ben Pandira, once
    • were to be the happy fate of humanity that Jeschu ben
    • suppose that Jeschu ben Pandira — who was stoned to
    • very teaching Jeschu ben Pandira could be recognized,
    • sure sign by which Jeschu ben Pandira could be
    • of Essene teaching which through the mouth of Jeschu ben
  • Title: Gospel/Matthew (1965): Appendix II
    Matching lines:
    • Jeschu ben Pandira
    • contains references to Jeschu ben Pandira. This
    • lectures on the figure of Jeschu hen Pandira and his
    • Jeschu, and some curious statements of Epiphanius —
    • Toldoth Jeschu (Generations of Jesus) was a
    • illegitimate birth of Jeschu ben Pandira was given great
    • disciples of Jeschu ben Pandira.
    • said that Jeschu ben Pandira was a pupil of Rabbi ben
    • same — Jesus, or Jeschu, was not an uncommon name

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