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  • Title: Lecture: Introductory Lecture. Winter Session, 1911-1912
    Matching lines:
    • made, for instance, of the Mexican deities Quitzalcoatl and
  • Title: Evolution/Aspect: Lecture 1: Introductory Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • the subjects discussed have included, for instance, the Mexican
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Cover Sheet
    Matching lines:
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Contents
    Matching lines:
    • Atlantean Impulses in the Mexican Mysteries. The Problem of Natural Urges and Impulses, The Problem of Death
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Foreword by Stewart C. Easton
    Matching lines:
    • lectures on the Mexican Mysteries, which form an important part of it.
    • characteristics of some Mexican deities cited by name. It is certain
    • Mexican historical and archeological material, to write an
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Introduction by Frédéric Kozlik
    Matching lines:
    • oral and visual evidence for pre-Columbian Mexican spirituality.
    • The Mexican manuscripts in the strict sense of the word have
    • can be no doubt that what is missing is the greatest part of Mexican
    • Mexican art was of a public nature, whether employed for the
    • name-Uitznaua being a plural word designating a Mexican tribe.
    • body, but who was known to many of the Mexican initiates, in spite of
    • existence of a division of opinion among the Mexicans. It is possible
    • unlikely ceremony of flaying (practiced in the Mexican rites) is
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • disposal, one finds that the being to whom the ancient Mexicans
    • ordinary history that many Europeans who set foot on Mexican-American
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Atlantean Impulses in the Mexican Mysteries.
    • Atlantean Impulses in the Mexican Mysteries. The Problem of Natural Urges and Impulses, The Problem of Death
    • of the Mexican initiates, in spite of the fact that he lived only in
    • Mexican mysteries, in order that the necessary post-Atlantean cultural
    • have been describing. Among the Mexicans it was said of Vitzliputzli
    • initiates of the Mexican mysteries against whom he waged violent war.
    • at the hands of Mexican priest-initiates who bound them to
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • harshest, most horrible way in the Mexican mysteries. The knowledge
    • the Mexican initiates. As if out of deep subconscious impulses, he
  • Title: Inner Impulses: Back Cover Sheet
    Matching lines:
    • These lectures take us to ancient Greece to witness the struggle with the spirit of groundless fantasy, and to ancient Rome and the struggle against the forces of centralized political domination. We hear of how these two forces, opposed to humanity, threatened to reach a tragic climax in the bloody Aztec mysteries of ancient Mexico, until they were thwarted by the heroic efforts of a Mexican Sun-initiate.
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, Volume II: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • personality who lived in the later period of Mexican civilisation and
    • superstitions of the Mexican Mysteries. Such lore is of negligible
    • flourishing Mexican civilisation before the discovery, the so-called
    • ‘discovery’ of America. In those days Mexican
    • Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoka — the Beings of the Mexican
    • the Mexican Mysteries by the personality of whom I am speaking. He
    • incarnation in the Mexican civilisation, had then passed through the
    • everything was worked through once again. But Mexican culture is a
  • Title: Karmic Relationships, VII: Lecture Three
    Matching lines:
    • with the Mexican deities at a time when the pupils of the
    • intermediate incarnation. He lived as a man within the Mexican
    • where his experiences in the Mexican Mysteries were cast into a
    • connected with the Mexican Mysteries lived through the Jupiter

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