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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 1: The Being of Man
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    • the teaching about life is called physiology. This teaching should
    • it may be called, in any unreal way, it will be necessary in several
    • conclusion. We shall not be called upon to draw a straight line, as
    • incomprehensible if, from the very beginning, attention is called to
    • might group physiologically in the most varied ways, as the neck, the
    • and which, while organically connected with the brain, extends in
    • differentiate between these two structures we must at once call
    • take note. We must call attention to the fact that everything which
    • derived from a single vertebra. Thus we may in a certain respect call
    • scientifically.) We may accordingly imagine our brain as a
    • myself grotesquely, the human being is not called upon to believe
    • instrument of the so-called higher soul-activities, is in a certain
    • reflection, so do the dream-conceptions, chaotically flowing
    • the brain, a mysterious spinal cord which calls forth dreams. If we
    • inside it. I shall first state quite hypothetically that this spinal
    • calls forth its effects through necessity. But, because it is
    • organism, in what, roughly speaking, is called the “human
    • that at best we are representing it symbolically.
    • interesting to call attention to the auric picture which presents
    • distinct, namely around the lower parts of the spine. We may call
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 2: Human Duality
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    • the connection between the life which we call our waking life of day,
    • us, which we call the life of dreams. And we have seen that the
    • the apparatus of nutrition as we may call it in everyday speech, are
    • supplied, is what we may call the lymph-system. I shall at this point
    • the stomach, there is this system of organs called the lymph-system,
    • blood-vessels or blood-filled vessels which are called arteries,
    • condition as so called “blue blood” in contrast to its
    • recall that the human heart is an organ which, properly speaking,
    • lower ones being the ventricles, as they are generally called, and
    • “valves” to-day, but shall rather call attention, quite
    • changed into the so-called blue blood, and as such returns to the
    • of study, that we also add the fact that what we may call a
    • inserted in the large circuit of the blood the organ we call the
    • system to show itself in cosmic space. For this reason they called
    • man; and, similarly, the liver they called an inner Jupiter;
    • impressions which the inner worlds, or planets, as we may call them,
    • his consciousness. In a certain respect, therefore, we may call these
    • “soul-life.” We cannot here refrain from recalling,
    • relation to it, so do the ego and that which we call the astral body
    • these organisms are permeated by the so-called ether-body, or
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 3: Co-operation in the Human Duality
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    • can call forth a state of life different from the ordinary one. The
    • the blood. At the same time, we have called attention to the fact
    • less schematically, we might then take the human head and observe the
    • or what we may call man's inner cosmic system, are to work upon
    • inserted what is called the “sympathetic nervous system”
    • hypothetically? It would be obvious that, just as the nerve-system of
    • say that this inward immersion, which may be called in the true sense
    • that, by means of the selfless qualities that have thus been called
    • that what the human being ordinarily calls in external life his
    • Yesterday I called
    • thrust,” as we may call it; only so much is to be conducted
    • any being, making it independent, is called in occultism saturnine,
    • clairvoyant, with his opened inner eye, establishes physiologically
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 4: Man's Inner Cosmic System
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    • call your attention in a prefatory way to the fact that the removal
    • the fact that what we call the human organism, as seen by means of
    • super-sensible human organisms called the ether-body or life-body, the
    • worked over by means of what we call the process of digestion in its
    • before our eyes this truly remarkable fact: that what we may call the
    • what we may call the real inner human world. In the following
    • hypothetically, we must first understand clearly how an interaction,
    • organism is what we call the ether-body. This ether-body
    • for a moment about the simple phenomenon of memory, when you recall
    • again recall them, we have stamped upon our ether-body these
    • schematically as it courses through the heart, and think of it as the
    • under a very powerful tension, those ether-forces which are called
    • pineal gland; the other, the so-called pituitary
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 5: The Systems of Supersensible Forces
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    • regards the meaning of that which we call in a spiritual-scientific,
    • what we call “the spleen” in the anthroposophical sense
    • it were, everything physically visible and perceptible in an organ
    • what we can see physically, but rather to force-systems that are in
    • force-system not physically visible to external sight.
    • physically visible. This would represent a force-system visible only
    • can traverse space. One need only recall, for example, the following:
    • it anatomically.
    • human organisation, we have still a higher member in the so-called
    • becomes enlarged into the so-called goitre, may have a very injurious
    • arrived at what we may call the concept of the “complete
    • entirely within yourself. Thus an inner process is called forth by
    • this hindrance that calls forth the inner process which, in the
    • the view what we call essential in the human form. When we
    • we have an influence which still extends to what we may call our conscious
    • forward when we wish to explain the machine scientifically; yet it is
    • now observing according to its form, can be explained purely mechanically,
    • or mechanistically through its own laws, that would naturally be going
    • we may call forces of movement. Within our inner cosmic system
    • allowing them to penetrate to the ego-instrument, the blood. I called
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 6: The Blood as Manifestation and Instrument of the Human Ego
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    • the nerve-terminations, commonly although not quite correctly called
    • calls forth inner resistance, in order that a being may shut itself
    • something we may call a purely material process, that is, the
    • secretion, looked at physically, is such that the substances
    • what we may call a transporting in the physical sense, a changing of
    • the substances in the organism, is physically present.
    • that we have what we may call the glandular system as an expression
    • incorporated in what we call the various methods of nutrition. Here
    • physical instrument, follows physically what the ego lives through in
    • called the skin are represented indeed, as we have found, all the
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 7: The Conscious Life of Man
    Matching lines:
    • relation to what we call the human ego, so that we had to speak of
    • physiology, all that we call our thought-activity in its
    • thinking, what occurs in thought. And here I wish to call attention
    • will at first startle anyone who accepts quite pedantically, and in a
    • but we find that within our organism what we may call refined
    • we may call the cherishing of a will-impulse in the soul, we find
    • call thoughts or feelings are actual forces, which have a real
    • in such impressive words, not merely aesthetically impressive but
    • ego; and that in what we call our inner cosmic system we have the
    • pattern of our so-called astral body. It is important to keep this
    • for all that we call our ego — naturally, we mean this in the
    • system for what we call our astral body.
    • something we may call a cosmic astral element merges with us
    • called attention. For, if we have salt-formation occurring in a
    • bone-salts as the so-called bone-glue. In these processes the other
    • formation of combinations which we call inner processes of oxidation,
    • what I have called “external vital activity.” They pass
    • through what we may call the first stage of filtering by being taken
    • incorporated into the blood which we may call a process easily
    • physically, everything that makes man a physical-sensible being
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 8: The Human Form and its Co-ordination of Forces
    Matching lines:
    • be conceived supersensibly) is called, in the most comprehensive
    • which thus confronts the external nutritive substances is called
    • call tissue, in the broadest sense of the term. Tissue, one of the
    • basically nothing more than something plant-like; for the essential
    • continually being taken up by what we call the lymph vessels, which
    • again outward, so to speak, to which we must here call attention.
    • course of the blood physically permeate his entire organisation. And
    • may call the headless man; but rather the brain and the spinal cord
    • systematically, this picture that we have formed will one day, quite
    • When you recall what
    • in contemporary anatomy or physiology is called the skin-sense layer,
    • calls the mesoderma, the original plan of the human being still
    • follow a completely isolated evolution, to develop what we call in
    • terrestrialising process, so to speak, in what we call the tendency
    • call the human blood-system. And it need be added only very briefly
    • regard to so many activities of the soul, what we may call “the
    • physically warm in the process of the blood. Thus we see how, from
    • warmth, it then transmutes itself in his soul into what we may call
    • warmth which we are called upon to transmute through our ego into
    • scattered that, although physically separated, we shall be in harmony

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