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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 1: The Being of Man
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    • of these few days will be in a certain respect something alien to us,
    • what he appears to be in everyday life, whether it be oneself or
    • observation can know concerning man, there is to-day a very great
    • to-day, that it seems to us to be at the present time a relatively
    • one day become a brain. In that case, it would be in a position to
    • to-day; or secondly, we may consider that it has not at all the
    • to-day is our spinal cord has not within itself, as a matter
    • that one day his spinal cord, which now has the form of a slender
    • day-consciousness. In this consciousness we accumulate, through the
    • mingles in human life as it is to-day, between the wide-awake life of
    • day and the unconscious life of sleep, the picture-life of dreams.
    • of day, which lays full claim to the instrument of our brain, and the
    • wide-awake life of day, but make this movement of necessity, even so
    • wide-awake life of day, and see something of what goes on
    • therefore, that just as in the wakeful life of day those human
    • wide-awake life of day, its appearance for us is that which it has
    • something there, within, when the wakeful life of day is blotted out.
    • of the life of day, we should have an ancient mysterious spinal cord,
    • instrument of our wide-awake life of day, is a mysterious organ which
    • and that this mysterious organ is active to-day only when the new
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 2: Human Duality
    Matching lines:
    • duality of the human being — only hastily yesterday, to be
    • the connection between the life which we call our waking life of day,
    • other hand the waking day life, which is endowed with the capacity to
    • To-day we shall first
    • be found outside the region we had in mind yesterday. Even the most
    • yesterday.
    • the apparatus of nutrition as we may call it in everyday speech, are
    • “valves” to-day, but shall rather call attention, quite
    • sure, a significant difference between what we spoke of yesterday as
    • the blood-system, that is, to what we have to-day considered in a
    • man — and I said yesterday that in occultism our task is not as
    • year just as in our sixth year, yesterday just as to-day. It is the
    • yesterday it contained still another, and to-day its content is again
    • external observations we have to-day succeeded in disconnecting the
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 3: Co-operation in the Human Duality
    Matching lines:
    • to-day's, are intended to orient us in a general way in regard
    • upon one matter, at the close of yesterday's lecture. I there
    • waking day consciousness, we have a normal connection between the
    • We said yesterday and
    • repeat to-day for the sake of clarity, that the human being is in
    • ourselves of this if we set aside what the mystics of the present day
    • the process described yesterday the connection between the nerve and
    • Yesterday I called
    • rhythm in this respect. He takes his breakfast, his midday meal, and
    • one's student days but also at other times, if certain
    • present disregard the fact that the astronomy of our day reckons both
    • discussion in to-day's lecture, that it is mostly a blessing
    • successors in those olden days when it was customary to coin an inner
    • progress we men of to-day have made!” by which is often also
    • to-day at least to indicate these facts, if no more; for this can
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 4: Man's Inner Cosmic System
    Matching lines:
    • discussion of yesterday, dealing primarily
    • “inner cosmic system” of man, will be continued to-day.
    • yesterday in connection with my reference to the spleen that there
    • objection gradually disappears of itself. I shall, however, to-day
    • everything discussed yesterday. If we really wish to ascend to the
    • knowledge gathered from all that belongs to present-day science,
    • our day.
    • Yesterday I
    • what was described yesterday is the merest trifle. Far more important
    • to convey to our minds the answer which we shall give to-day
    • external, the sensible, behind that veil, of which I spoke yesterday,
    • which you then worked over, and which you draw up to-day out of the
    • depths of your soul, and to-day there comes to you the memory, it may
    • this we conclude to-day's lecture, and to-morrow we will
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 5: The Systems of Supersensible Forces
    Matching lines:
    • will be my task to-day, before we continue our
    • ventured in yesterday's lecture that, when it becomes ill or in
    • You will see that, without such concepts as we are developing to-day,
    • in detail what it is that pertains to it, but to-day we shall
    • your attention yesterday to the fact that the outer life and the
    • together yesterday's and to-day's discussions, you will
    • the close of yesterday's lecture. From this point we will
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 6: The Blood as Manifestation and Instrument of the Human Ego
    Matching lines:
    • important consideration, since external science to-day takes little
    • notice of it. To-day we are dealing with blood as the expression of
    • conception, namely, that what to-day appears before us as the bony
    • on to-day in the individual human life. If we see, then, in the
    • at the ultimate stage in its evolution so far as man of to-day is
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 7: The Conscious Life of Man
    Matching lines:
    • Yesterday, moreover, we attempted to arrive at an approximate
    • will be well for us to-day to proceed for a short while from another
    • depends upon present-day customary science. On the other hand, anyone
    • to-day.
    • present-day findings, for what may be learned in the sphere of
    • nowadays, to the great injury of humanity. We know, at the same time,
    • day.
    • as I have to-day explained it. It will not do simply to say:
    • organism, as we have it to-day, is such that all these processes
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 8: The Human Form and its Co-ordination of Forces
    Matching lines:
    • will be my task to-day to blend into a sort of
    • last few days regarding “occult physiology,” in which the
    • from the most common and everyday side, the reciprocal relationship
    • here you have, according to our present-day physics, the physical
    • lymph-channels, there is formed for the present-day human being a dim
    • consciousness which is outshone by the clear day-consciousness of the
    • as this to-day.
    • We stated yesterday
    • acts. I indicated yesterday that when, by reason of this excessive
    • systematically, this picture that we have formed will one day, quite
    • themselves will one day confirm all this for mankind!
    • I explained yesterday as the physical effects of the inner processes
    • were, is what I designated yesterday as the physical effect of the
    • feel there that the actions which, in yesterday's lecture, we
    • the outer sheath of the human being as it appears to-day, as the
    • and which is itself to-day in a descending process of evolution.
    • to-day inside the organism and in a descending evolution, just as the
    • final unfolding into a skin-and-sense-system as we have it to-day,
    • world as it is to-day; for there are not present in our external
    • being of to-day, but to remain with its perceptions more enclosed in
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