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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Cover Sheet
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 1: The Being of Man
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    • maintain this reverence? In no other way, than by first disregarding
    • a study, of Man, that is to be presented here. At first he appears
    • that to what in the first place the layman with his purely external
    • first, purely as regards external man, all that a layman may observe
    • or ribbon-shaped formations, pictorially speaking, which must first
    • we consider as the basis of a study of man refers, in the first
    • first has only green foliage, there grows forth the blossom. And so
    • form. The spinal cord is at the first stage, it is younger; and the
    • man; for they must first, at an earlier stage, have formed the
    • pedantic exactness) a spine of the first order; and in our
    • first place, shown with absolute accuracy just what we need to
    • an organ at a first stage to the plan of an organ at a second stage,
    • may think about this spinal cord in two different ways. First, we may
    • decadence and be destined to suggest the first stage and not to
    • and in the lower animals, where it first appears, you will find an
    • inside it. I shall first state quite hypothetically that this spinal
    • organ again exerts itself in the life of dreams. Thus we have first
    • which is at the first stage of its evolution. In a remarkable way,
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 2: Human Duality
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    • and that other life, in the first place very full of uncertainty for
    • To-day we shall first
    • another, and compare them, first, outwardly, with what we learned
    • considered first in this connection, must be the apparatus of
    • consists in the first place of four parts or chambers, so separated
    • this blood is first distributed to every separate organ of the whole
    • if at this point we first ask ourselves the following question: In
    • we must first give attention to the fact that they have to occupy
    • activity of the human organism? Let us first fix our attention on
    • moment, while first actually holding to this external method of
    • first contracted itself, and there, from the opposite direction, acts
    • spleen is the first of these to offer itself to the blood-stream.
    • of in any but the following way: The organ which first meets the
    • Because the spleen is the first of the three organs to present itself
    • occultists and their observations, was the first within our solar
    • them because we have arrived at the concept, at first hypothetical,
    • first take notice of something which external science in this
    • although at first only by way of allusion for the purpose of
    • world. And so indeed it is with our ego also. We first direct this
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 3: Co-operation in the Human Duality
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    • first three lectures, including
    • first given out are, in a sense, left hanging in the air, since the
    • consciousness at first knows nothing, and it is this same spiritual
    • first considered the liver, the gall-bladder, and the spleen. The
    • must first be able to act upon a nerve-system if it is to carry its
    • of his blood. This sympathetic nervous system passes first along the
    • The spleen is the organ we first meet when we do this, dealing, so to
    • which means that it must eliminate itself. Thus the being first comes
    • help us to win that reverence of which we spoke in our first hours
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 4: Man's Inner Cosmic System
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    • It was possible to point out only in a general way in our first
    • in the first place, with that organ only; but beyond that with a
    • course but attempt first to develop their own laws, their own rhythms
    • first destroy their rhythmic life, as it were, that vital activity
    • peculiar nature of this building material must first be mastered.
    • therefore, that in those organs which our food first encounters
    • in the first place, what constitutes the peculiar life of the
    • All the activity first developed in the stomach, or even before the
    • the food must first be prepared by being deprived of its own nature.
    • first be embedded in the inner world system of the human being before
    • way that it serves the plant, but this outer world must first be
    • what streams in with the food must first be transformed before that
    • hypothetically, we must first understand clearly how an interaction,
    • the physical body. At first, therefore, there seems to be a very
    • say, in the first place, “an absolutely isolated
    • that which at first appears, indeed, to have nothing at all to do
    • observe it, at first, with the physical senses, or at least with the
    • In doing this, the first super-sensible thing we meet in this human
    • first think of simply as the super-sensible basic substance out of
    • what at first happens is that we receive external impressions. The
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 5: The Systems of Supersensible Forces
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    • first sketch that I shall draw here, think of a force-system not
    • all the different organs in the human organism as being first planned
    • accordingly we first think away the physical organ and conceive the
    • physical matter as cut out we have, first, the etheric force-system
    • first place, that from the food taken, a large portion of the
    • excretion, first to submit for your consideration another concept
    • other organs, and another that is first separated and then excreted.
    • other direction, first build up the form in order that these capacities
    • that has a purpose, we have to do in the first place with the machine
    • there, behind the machine, and first produced it.
    • from the point of view of spiritual science, we have first to seek behind
    • form they at first enclose themselves within it. We have presented to
    • process, we have there, first, the taking in of external nutritive
    • life of the human being, which has first been changed with the help
    • stand in the world as a duality: a duality in the first place which
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 6: The Blood as Manifestation and Instrument of the Human Ego
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    • are first existent. The blood is not only, according to the meaning
    • was made in the first lecture: namely, that what is here said
    • organism, however, must first be built up for this purpose.
    • these systems which precede the blood-system there must first be
    • appearing in the nourishing of the skin. First, the substances must
    • organisation were there first. We may say with regard to the bony
    • system: “Its first beginning must already have been present, as
    • from the first a duality. And here this duality confronts us
    • to grow, at that stage in a human life when the ego-experiences first
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 7: The Conscious Life of Man
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    • it does not at first force its way up to the horizon of the ego.
    • very greatest interest. For it will be for the first time possible in
    • down as the physical organism. Let us take first the process of
    • uninfluenced; that is, we shall first consider thought-processes in
    • the water. And when we observe water which at first was warm and then
    • will at first startle anyone who accepts quite pedantically, and in a
    • described. Now the first thing we come upon here is something in
    • through what we may call the first stage of filtering by being taken
    • undertakes this first filtering of the nutritive substances, which
    • physical world, first of all, that we have around us; and, for the
    • sense-impressions and appears to our consciousness, at first, in the
    • foregoing we may say that we have in the human organism, in the first
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 8: The Human Form and its Co-ordination of Forces
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    • must be, then, that this human organism confronts the very first
    • all occultism, this which first confronts the purely physical matter
    • first taken in by the alimentary canal. When they are thus taken in,
    • undergo the very first change, indeed the alimentary canal itself
    • neutral in relation to each other when first taken in and possessing
    • ether-body: that is, the ether-body first provides for their
    • the stimulator of the first process of metamorphosis in the nutritive
    • shall understand this if we first imagine how it would be if there
    • it. That is, man must add consciousness, the simplest form at first,
    • plant-like state. It is at first, then, an inner experience, an
    • point, to the formation of the bodily tissues and the first organs
    • And what concerns us here, first of all, is to follow once more the
    • and work upon it. First of all the ether-body meets the nutritional
    • order to be the expression of the ego, works upon almost the first
    • first man realises his inner life only in a dim consciousness and we
    • the other. For it is not as if there first existed in a finished
    • Moreover, we see that we have now for the first time set the human
    • miniature, scarcely visible at first, even to microscopic
    • examination, are present, as the very first plan; present in such a
    • a brain which is not first prepared through other organs, and
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