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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 1: The Being of Man
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    • expression in the course of this cycle will have to be affirmed
    • the vertebrae of the spine. Goethe, for example, was impressed very
    • this spine and nerve system (if we wish to express ourselves with
    • If I may express
    • interposes itself between the reception of the external impression
    • between the external impression and that which finally leads to
    • straining every sense and gathering countless impressions. A long
    • time passes, during which he works over these impressions in an inner
    • soul-activity, out of the external impressions. Here there
    • intervenes, between the outer impression and that which the man
    • produces as a result of the outer impression, a richer activity of
    • does not rush wildly at every external impression, who does not as it
    • senses, external impressions; and these we work over by means of the
    • brain in rational reflection. To express it in popular language
    • we must picture to ourselves that these outer impressions
    • through the stream of external impressions flowing into it; and that
    • things without reflecting, in response to external impressions; if we
    • observe the sum-total of gestures and physiognomic expressions which
    • not express itself; however, as a complete spinal cord but remains
    • compressed inside the brain, and does not attain to actions.
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 2: Human Duality
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    • significant expression, the greatest and most important
    • that receive the sense-impressions through the organs of sense, and
    • part of the organism, is a working over of those impressions which
    • parts is to be found in its essence in the external impressions or
    • imprints. And, since these external impressions send their
    • working over of the outer impressions, into the upper organs of the
    • impressions of the outside world, it flows downwards in order to take
    • of as pressed together, contracted, as if into one centre; so that
    • the different sense-impressions that stream into us; imagine these
    • exposing itself like a tablet to the impressions of this world; that
    • they press in upon us from outside, so do these inner worlds show
    • impressions which the inner worlds, or planets, as we may call them,
    • experience is that the outer worlds do make their impressions upon
    • everywhere presses upon our nerve-system. Moreover, we must here
    • the outer world like a tablet facing the impressions of the outer
    • ego of ours toward the outside world and receive impressions from it.
    • is filled with these impressions coming from outside. There are also
    • the blood. We can bring the external impressions which the ego
    • impressions act upon this organ. The impressions of colour and
    • place. In this case the condition may be such that no impression can
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 3: Co-operation in the Human Duality
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    • ordinary state expresses itself as it does because in our fully
    • the indirect road of the sense-impressions. It is the spiritual
    • a veil woven by the sense-impressions. In our normal consciousness,
    • we free ourselves of the ego, the ordinary sense-impressions
    • that same world that exists in reality behind the sense-impressions,
    • kind of “compressed outside world”; and we have pointed
    • place by reason of the fact that the external sense-impressions work
    • receive outside impressions, and they cannot, therefore, pass on to
    • the blood influences stimulated from outside, but can simply express
    • in a certain sense inward, and pressing from the one direction
    • instrument of the ego, bring to expression in this ego the inner life
    • outside finds expression in the life of our brain.
    • sympathetic nerve-system have to incline toward what is compressed
    • life of the human organism, which expresses itself in the nourishing
    • impressions are carried over to the tablet of the blood by means of
    • roundabout way of the sympathetic nerve-system, the impressions of
    • which we began our studies is expressed in even greater exactness. We
    • world could offer, in order to be free from all external impressions
    • physiological counterpart: that the blood is here pressed in more
    • mystic immersion is primarily an impressing of the blood upon this
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 4: Man's Inner Cosmic System
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    • only the external physical expression for the corresponding formation
    • expression for corresponding processes which take place in the
    • expression of the spiritual, the less is the physical form of the
    • movement is merely the physical expression of gravitation, even so is
    • the physical organ merely the physical expression of the
    • expression, no inner rhythm due to gravitation can continue. This is
    • feeble expression of the nature of the corresponding spiritual
    • their outward expression. If one removes the spleen, these forces
    • complete expression of the inner organisation of man, the inner
    • expression of the human ego, which is in fact turned toward the
    • seen, toward the impressions of this outer world, taking the outer
    • or macrocosm presses upon us through the fact that it sends the
    • between the inner systems we have mentioned and what presses inward
    • that in the instrument of our ego, our blood-system, expressing its
    • receiving the impressions of the outer world through the senses, so
    • that the senses then convey these impressions to the tablet of the
    • connection with the external impressions we receive, something into
    • impressions, presents a reality in itself. Note well that I did not
    • “psychologic-physical parallelism.” If I were to express
    • into which are woven our sense-impressions. Moreover, such
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 5: The Systems of Supersensible Forces
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    • “physical expression of an organ.” For you have already
    • contrast with the usable portions, an expression here justified, and
    • peculiar formation of the skin one of the expressions of the
    • comes to expression in the form of our skin. Even though we are still
    • of the surface of our body, in our facial expression, gestures, etc.,
    • this form must receive it already prepared, if I may express it thus,
    • consciousness, to convey external impressions to the blood, that is,
    • to take the impressions in as physical processes in such a way that
    • that the outer impressions are thereby transferred to it. And just as
    • make the effort to convey external impressions to the blood in the
    • inner life of man, as they are expressed in the ether-body, present a
    • is expressed in tensions which finally come to a climax, as we saw,
    • between the two nervous systems, as this is expressed in the state of
    • the activity of our digestive organs expresses itself in our
    • instruments that bring external impressions to the blood, the
    • their special expressions in those two organs of which we spoke at
  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 6: The Blood as Manifestation and Instrument of the Human Ego
    Matching lines:
    • outer border of the form we have, expressed in a picture, as it were,
    • on the other hand, the skin itself is to be such an expression for
    • the outer skin, as the boundary of his form, expresses what he is, it
    • ego, and that this ego can create an expression of itself as
    • blood as far as the skin, in order that an expression of the whole
    • an expression of the human being extending as far as the skin. We
    • inasmuch as the boundary of the bodily surface is an expression of
    • out into the skin-boundary in order that man may express himself
    • in the skin what constitutes the expression, or the bodily organ, of
    • the human ego; and we find also what constitutes the expression of
    • expression of what we may consider as the instrument of the
    • expression of the life-process, to the extent that a living being
    • skin are present both the blood-system, as the expression of the ego,
    • and the nervous system as the expression of the consciousness. And
    • expression “astral body,” that is, to conceive the
    • nervous system comprehensively as an expression of the astral body;
    • that we have what we may call the glandular system as an expression
    • nutrition and depositing of substances as an expression of the
    • notice of it. To-day we are dealing with blood as the expression of
    • with man, but which are not in a position to bring to expression a
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 7: The Conscious Life of Man
    Matching lines:
    • lectures, to form the impression that the different systems of organs
    • everything expressed in the processes which take place in this solid
    • influence within the physical organisation and which express
    • the other pole of the ego so that the ego is able to express itself
    • in such impressive words, not merely aesthetically impressive but
    • wonderfully fine also as a scientific expression: “There is
    • being is expressed in form, is demonstrated what is already there as
    • expression of the subconscious self, that self which is to be found
    • other relation which enables the human form as expressed in the bony
    • in such a way that it expresses itself in our inner cosmic system. In
    • its foundation a cosmic force-system which presses into the
    • comes to expression through a kind of salt-deposit, if I may use such
    • an expression as this; for you can well understand that ordinary
    • expressions are scarcely to be found for things which are not in the
    • system, giving them the right support, expresses itself in the fact
    • connected with the will impulse expresses itself in a warmth process,
    • on its two sides, exposed, that is, to impressions coming from both
    • reach the blood, in order that they then may become the expression of
    • through the impressions of the physical-sensible world and as it
    • sense-impressions and appears to our consciousness, at first, in the
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  • Title: An Occult Physiology: Lecture 8: The Human Form and its Co-ordination of Forces
    Matching lines:
    • human organisation, apart from this impressing of nutritive
    • permitted this trivial expression; indeed, you retain nothing
    • sense of the expression, “the human form.” If, therefore,
    • order to be the expression of the ego, works upon almost the first
    • of the higher human organisation, and which otherwise presses down
    • compressed into the male germ-plan, if these were ever to accomplish
    • verify themselves in the outward expression of these force-systems,
    • processes the direct expression of the activity of the blood as the
    • processes, and which it finally brings to expression in a flowering
    • as a result of earth existence, and these will then press onward to

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