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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 1. Introduction
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    • refined and exact, able to carry out extensive logical analyses
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 2. Methodology
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    • and which provides a clear, logical way for arriving at results
    • the logic implicit in my approach, which again is different
    • the psychological notion of “attention.” But in
    • the logical incongruities inherent in this position. He takes
    • people; they are machines and logic.
    • and Spiritual Logic
    • thoughts must still be conveyed, thoughts about the logic which
    • thought and logic which have developed in the west starting
    • within the bounds of ordinary logic; one is compelled to choose
    • between being truthful but unclear and illogical, and clear and
    • with a few notable exceptions, our logic has come to us through
    • methodological subject, I must indicate briefly the nature of
    • the logic which underlies the main content of this book, and
    • the ordinary logics from the syllogism through the predicate
    • calculus “material logic,” and the family of logics
    • “spiritual logic.”
    • Material logic
    • But there are certain characteristics which all material logics
    • logical system because they appear first, asserted by the
    • constructor of the system for his own meta-logical reasons.
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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 3. Premises of History/Demonstration
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    • According to the principles of the logic introduced in the
    • higher kind than our own is a logical necessity if our world
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 4. History of the Incarnation of Ahriman in its Macrocosmic Aspect
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    • intuited in his youth a universal logical calculus which
    • logic. The machine, which applied pre-established patterns to
    • practical binary logic, Boole not only explored the number and
    • logic system on which computers would be based, but he also
    • also a highly technological one. In printing, Merganthaler
    • technological equivalent of will makes an actual identification
    • notions of logic to a full-fledged philosophical analysis of
    • all of mathematics in a fully axiomized system of logic,
    • apparatus of logic which made possible the real breakthrough in
    • logical positivist movement in general, and Rudolf Carnap's The
    • Logical Structure of the World in particular, which was in
    • effect an attempt to devise a system of logic capable of
    • intention of this line of work to produce logical structures
    • the frontiers of mathematical logic and constituted one of the
    • mythologically lord of the underworld, expressed the appearance
    • logic. His result showed that they could not
    • proof, certain necessities of an astrological nature were
    • Boole: The Mathematical Analysis of Logic, 1848; An
    • the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities,
    • logic; its special role is made clear in the way it was
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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 5. From the Beginning of Time to the End
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    • year a pivotal event in the development of mathematical logic
    • logic broke the dominion of the word over the human mind, when
    • concept-script, Frege established logic as an intellectual
    • logic intertwined, and out of them came the
    • years this renegade, objectified logic developed to the crisis
    • of self-awareness which in logic is the paradox of
    • Neumann worked out the details of automata, creatures of logic,
    • possible within the realm of logic alone, from analysis to
    • own, a world with light not of the Sun and logic not of the
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: Contents
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    •                                              Material and Spiritual Logic                                                                            

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