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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 1. Introduction
    Matching lines:
    • tolerant of ambiguity or conflicting points of view. My feeling
    • The general idea, which it is the point of this book to explain
    • electronic technology. The key point in seeing the relevance is
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 2. Methodology
    Matching lines:
    • on two points which grate on moderns: the reliance on authority
    • metaphysical method on every point is too large a task to
    • points of apparent conflict between modern thought and
    • “pre-scientific” papers used to establish points by
    • popularity contest), while now they establish points by a
    • points are now established by a modern version of the
    • whole point of modern science is not to rest content with the
    • they are things like points and lines, while in propositional
    • a false kind. This point may be grasped by a comparison to the
    • those of material logic. The point is that material logic may
    • to grasp and arbitrary. The point in material logic is to
    • stumbles across theorems more easily, and the point is to
    • References and further discussion of this point are given in
    • equivalence between the three Ptolemaic points 1) the earth,
    • equant, and the three Keplerian points 1) the sun at one
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 3. Premises of History/Demonstration
    Matching lines:
    • concrete history that follows is based, or, from another point
    • point, physically represented by the fertilized egg cell. The
    • universe, symbolized by the zodiac. This transition point
    • introduction of “threeness” is the turning point in
    • At this point
    • Ahriman stands firmly identified (from one point of view) with
    • axioms already presented shine down into it from various points
    • each other, and grow to a joining point.
    • points of view, one can find no such thing 38 the
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 4. History of the Incarnation of Ahriman in its Macrocosmic Aspect
    Matching lines:
    • intended to be as accurate as possible from its point of view;
    • from a contrasting point of view. No argument is being made to
    • the objects is intended at every point in a sequence of
    • theoretical points to be made about the formal progress of the
    • turning point in the appearance of free-standing electricity on
    • appearances of the process at a given point in the
    • communications applications, this is seen from a human point of
    • concepts, but this only makes the point stand out more clearly,
    • dangerous point. When this analogy is mentioned, it is usually
    • even though the people who make this point are rarely actual
    • The point being

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