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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 2. Methodology
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    • is not the place to state the general argument for why the
    • that he rarely made observations, and stated a prime motivation
    • share. All are based on a relatively small set of statements
    • Axioms are extremely simple statements, so simple that their
    • which states that a proposition must either be true or its
    • Statements in the logical system consist of lawful sequences of
    • statement into another true statement. These are perhaps most
    • indefinitely large number of true statements, the most
    • compound statements which have been spun out of the axioms by
    • showing a statement to be necessarily true or false (proving or
    • signs which may appear in statements. In this case, the
    • “x” is understood to stand for any statement (axiom
    • or theorem). The rule states that any true statement remains
    • which statements in this logic may be expressed has never been
    • the statements, both axioms and theorems, indicate sources of
    • confused by them: who in his right mind would trouble to state
    • are simple statements, while theorems are almost always
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 3. Premises of History/Demonstration
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    • wave/particle duality against great resistance, stated it as,
    • “The opposite of a correct statement is a false
    • statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be
    • being which holds the world, which is then cast into a state of
    • multiplicity, the state in which we encounter the unified
    • any other parts, in which state the snake is a closed figure,
    • creation is together, without real separateness; this state is
    • resembling its present state will be at an end.
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 4. History of the Incarnation of Ahriman in its Macrocosmic Aspect
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    • philosophies did not reflect the general state of human
    • the advanced state of the incarnation in the conceptual
    • of finite state machines, and in fuller form, by the theory of
    • either direction, and changes states depending on what it
    • the state marked A, in which it reads the tape. If the tape
    • advances the tape and goes into state B, in which it again
    • the tape. Otherwise, it advances the tape and returns to state
    • machine passing between states A and B and advancing the tape,
    • encountered, the machine halts and, depending on the state it
    • this problem, forming the basis of the state of the art in
    • thus computers out of matter in this extreme state.
    • matter is in a peculiarly unbalanced state when it is
    • Lucifer. But when matter is in this state (that is, is
    • collapsing into a more ordinary state, so that superconductive
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 5. From the Beginning of Time to the End
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    • a state of being. But we — humans — are beings. So
    • “hell” may be the name for a particular state
    • state of a human being, that state continually undergoes
    • us and acquire an altered state of being. All degrees of
    • the state of our being. They differ not in whether attention is
    • They were expelled from the “Edenic” state of being
    • into the “fallen” state of being, the
    • human state of being was broken and access to one of the pieces
    • degeneration deepened as the human state of being
    • hardened and dried as a reflection of the changing human state.
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: Cover Sheet
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    • the United States of America

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