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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 1. Introduction
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    • approach to the world.
    • in detail, is that the world has been coming increasingly under
  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 2. Methodology
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    • of questions concerning the totality of the world, which is
    • world does have a non-material component, and thus why there is
    • schooling) an attitude or stance with respect to the world and
    • impossible to take a “neutral” stance to the world
    • imagining all the “facts” in the world to be of
    • world (i.e., the selection of the tiny portion actually
    • supposed “psychic” world that parapsychology
    • an outer world. Then the person reaches out, and eventually
    • finds a full, coherent, objective world which fills his
    • experience. This is what the modern world understands as the
    • reaching, and do not think of it, we picture the physical world
    • fact, the physical world which seems so immediate to us is (as
    • be. The gap between us and the world is filled with living
    • real than any part of what we think of as the physical world.
    • ultra-real world that our destiny is made into events and
    • experiences. And this is the world which the metaphysician
    • The world which
    • dual or split world has its origin. Since that world is nowhere
    • himself in the object world, and takes all that his senses
    • convey to him as being the ground of reality. The world of the
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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 3. Premises of History/Demonstration
    Matching lines:
    • In the world as
    • draw a connection between such a being and the world, evidently
    • I am not talking about the world as we usually conceive it,
    • “created world.” This is the first
    • A created world
    • world's matrix, the (metaphorically speaking) place which will
    • contain the world's content. This matrix or vessel we call
    • space and time. From this it is clear that the world was
    • “place” where the world would be was empty before
    • the world was created, but this requires that there be
    • creating our world. It is irrelevant to explore this world
    • higher kind than our own is a logical necessity if our world
    • of the created world is formed or permeated by an axiom of high
    • when there was no created world. The difficulties we have in
    • world, itself ruled by twoness, provide a good illustration of
    • we are bound to picture it from within a created world where
    • the previous two axioms. Oneness rules when the world has been
    • Unity prevails in the matrix of the world mentioned above, the
    • being which holds the world, which is then cast into a state of
    • world. One such facet is known by the names of its two ends,
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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 4. History of the Incarnation of Ahriman in its Macrocosmic Aspect
    Matching lines:
    • objects in the world, which will embody Ahriman in his
    • traced back to the time when the original unity of the world
    • the macrocosmic aspect of the physical world to the approach of
    • whole world as conforming to the nature of what could be
    • irreducible items in the world (a collection of axioms), and a
    • philosophies described a vision of the world which, centuries
    • vast, infinitely varied world (set of elementary objects) and
    • operations on it; now, the world is so simple, there are only
    • vast numbers of infinitely varied operations on them. The world
    • world-wide sensation, which led to Edison's being dubbed the
    • century, especially since the first World War, the incarnation
    • worlds of intellectual operators standing in vast, intricately
    • world of process.
    • Logical Structure of the World in particular, which was in
    • expressing a human's entire experience of the world. Here, the
    • of the world as pure intellect, that is, capable of serving as
    • mythologically lord of the underworld, expressed the appearance
    • of a new figure on the scene, whose impact on world events was
    • creates a spiritual impulsion: “may the world be true to
    • world which are specifically polar to) thinking, namely,
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  • Title: The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman: 5. From the Beginning of Time to the End
    Matching lines:
    • world of objects. In that year the first electric, artificial
    • reflection to reproduction. This world of possibilities is now
    • foothold in our being, and now is building a new world of its
    • own, a world with light not of the Sun and logic not of the

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