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References to Rudolf Steiner's Star-Knowledge


The following is a simple listing of those references of Dr. Steiner's books and lecture cycles that I have found to contain what could be considered star-knowledge (employing Steiner's use of the term `star' to include planets), including relationships of the earth and moon. This also includes a scattering of methodological comments by Steiner, that I think useful or necessary; otherwise only the most direct comments I could find are meant. This summary of Dr. Steiner's observations is begun because I can find it nowhere else . . . I have tried to limit myself to the most direct references of celestial phenomena or stages of human star-knowledge; many indirect observations await collection and correlation also.

For whatever reason, the first, almost introductory, change in relevant quotes comes with the year 1908. This could of course change, but what I have found to date shows brief facts of solar system evolution, or qualities and relationships of a few celestial bodies given from 1901 to 1907. Beginning in 1908, detailed descriptions and whole lecture cycles describe the nature of the solar system.

An introduction to Dr. Steiner's view of solar system evolution and the consequent relationships between the heavenly bodies is necessary, or many of his statements are quite unintelligible. I will therefore add explanatory contexts that seem necessary.

As an introductory summary of Rudolf Steiner's view of the nature of the solar system, observations he reported from 1901-1907 give a provocative picture. Reading them will show that there is a depth to be discussed; I would like to bring forward the following facts to aid in the orientation of the reader:

  1. The present solar system is the fourth incarnation of a pattern of seven `great cycles' or evolutionary planets, called respectively (old) Saturn, (old) Sun, (old) Moon, Earth, (future) Jupiter, (future) Venus, and (future) Vulcan. The speed of evolution slows to the point of human self-consciousness during late Atlantean times of our Earth and is now speeding up again.
  2. Mankind has been present at various evolutionary stages throughout this pattern, and life in general is able to persist and evolve forms in states of purely fiery and gaseous conditions.
  3. The Zodiac is the creator of and exists beyond the physical existence of the evolutionary planets, which is reflected in the twelve daylight and twelve night-time hours.
  4. Civilization has epochs related to the occurrence of the vernal sun in different constellations of the Zodiac. The governance of each sign was revised to a then-consistent 2,160 years, with the sun entering Aries about 747B.C. and entering Pisces about 1413A.D. (see 3 & 8 Oct. 1905, June 1906, 25 Aug. 1906, 4 Sept. 1906)
  5. Sun, moon and earth were united in one body, but the sun had too fast, too dissolving a pace of evolution, so it had to depart the earth and moon. (see 1904)
  6. Sometime after the sun left the earth+moon, Mars penetrated the fiery, gaseous mass and left astral iron. Mercury left etheric mercury in mid-Atlantean times; thus occultists sometimes designate the evolutionary planet Earth, as Mars - Mercury. This had been incorporated into the naming of the days of the week. (see 1 & 28 Oct. 1905, June, 1906, 30 Aug. 1906)
  7. The moon departed because it had a too hardening, mummifying effect on the early albumin; but its leaving also weakened the reproductive forces of the earth and caused the sexes to arise. (see 1904, 31 Aug. 1906)
  8. The movements of sun, earth and planets are actually spirals within spirals.
  9. Radio-activity has only existed for a few thousand years because the Earth-evolution is on the decaying side. Rocks were formerly softer and `more alive'; they are progressively hardening and crumbling, including nuclear decay.

References that gave two to five pages of information are italicized, whereas those that gave over five pages of information are in bold type. The titles are listed in the order in which they were reviewed for the survey. To date, an additional 61 books and lecture cycles have been reviewed that had nothing to offer, directly, to this survey.

(1) Readings in Goethean Science, 1978, Bio-Dynamic Literature.

(2) An Outline of Occult Science, 1972, Anthroposophic Press.

(3) Foundations of Esotericism, 1983, Rudolf Steiner Press.

(4) At the Gates of Spiritual Science, 1970, Rudolf Steiner Press.

(5) The Occult Significance of Blood, 1967, Rudolf Steiner Press.

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