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3 Jan. 1915

“The other beings, the demons created out of immoral actions, also have an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body, at the watery stage, of course, but they do not have the basis for developing an ego. They are born headless, as it were. Instead of taking up the basis for progressing along a regular evolutionary path to the Jupiter existence, they reject this basis. By doing so they condemn themselves to the fate of dropping out of evolution. But this only increases the hordes of luciferic beings, for they fall under their power. As they cannot progress in a regular way they have to become parasites. This is what happens to all the beings who reject a normal evolution; they have to attach themselves to others in order to move on. Beings who arise through immoral actions have the particular inclination to be parasites in human evolution on earth under Lucifer's leadership - to which they have succumbed - and to seize hold of the evolution of human beings before they make their physical entry into the world. They attack human beings during the embryonic stage and share their existence between conception and birth. Some of these beings, if they are strong enough, can continue to accompany the human being after birth, as seen in the phenomena of some children who are possessed.

“What is brought about by the criminal demons attached as parasites to unborn children is the cause of a deterioration in the succession of the generations; it gnaws at human beings, making them less able to develop than they would be if these demons did not exist. There are various reasons for the decline of families, tribes, peoples and nations, but one of them is the existence of these criminal demon parasites during the period mentioned.

“These things play an important part in Earth evolution as a whole, and they bring us into contact with deep secrets of human existence. This is often the cause of people acquiring certain prejudices and points of view even before they are born. So people are tormented by doubts and uncertainties in life, and all kinds of other things, because of these demonic parasites.

“These beings cannot do very much with what human beings develop once their ego makes itself felt, but they prey on them all the more before they are born or during their earliest years. Thus we see that evil actions, too, have a significant effect in the cosmos and work creatively, but their creativity tends in the direction of the Old Moon existence. For what human beings pass through in the embryonic period, when these demonic beings can prey on them, is basically the heritage of the Old Moon evolution, which makes its appearance in all kinds of subconscious, instinctive behaviour. Something stemming from the older and better days of physical science is the instinct it preserves about the human embryonic period not being calculated according to ordinary months but lunar months; science still speaks of ten lunar months, and knows certain other things, too, concerning the connection of embryonic development with the phases of the moon.

“So we see that our Earth evolution contains two tendencies. There are good deeds that contain the impulse to work creatively on Earth in preparation for Jupiter, so that man's successor on the human level can come into being. But evil deeds have also brought into our evolution the tendency to drag Earth back again to the Old Moon evolution and make it dependent on everything to do with subconscious impulses; in fact there are far more of these subconscious impulses in materialistic humanity of modern times than there were in bygone ages when people were less materialistic.” (134, pp. 140-142)

19 Jan. 1915

“ . . . the time interval needed for the sun to progress from one constellation in the zodiac to the next is approximately 2,160 years, and this is important.” (87, pg. 70)

20 Apr. 1915

“This waking state has to be compared to winter in outside nature whilst summer has to be compared to the sleeping state in man.” [and explanation ] (87, pg. 185)

22 June 1915

“After Moon evolution it was not only the Moon which perished but everything that is part of the visible universe entered into night. And everything there is in the universe today really belongs to the earth, so that the end of the earth will not only mean the plant and animal kingdoms perishing with it but everything out there in the cosmos perishing as well. The stars in their present form will perish into the night. And then the future Jupiter will emerge.” (87, pg. 228)

6 July 1915

“To answer this question we need to use clairvoyant insight to form an opinion as to what it as that we actually see of the stars in the universe. There is no reason at all why something applicable on earth - the conclusion that light falls on objects and these objects become visible through that light being reflected - should also apply to heavenly bodies. As to the fixed stars, well, the physicists say these give off their own light.” [There is nothing physical in the sun, only the focus of purely spiritual entities and energies.] “We do not merely see in order to become aware of the results of visual perception, we also see in order that because of this process the earth becomes radiant to outer space.” [Every sense organ has a function not only for us but for the universe.]

“The activity of seeing causes the earth to grow luminous and this makes us part of cosmic space. The processes involved in thinking activity make us part of cosmic time; all that happened before we were born and all that is going to happen after death plays its part in this.” (87, pp. 235-236, précis by RSWB)

29 Aug. 1915

“What we cannot change in a situation is the part the past played in it. The concept of necessity must coalesce with the concept of the past; that is tremendously important. The past inheres in every object and in every creature, constituting the necessity in them; necessity is present in them to an extent corresponding to their past. The necessity that inheres in things does so because it is the recurring past, and what has taken place cannot be dismissed. We can easily picture anything that has become necessity now, for it goes back to a previous event. It happened in the past and now confronts us in a reflected form.

“You can no more change that reflection than you can remove in the mirror a wart on your forehead that you see reflected there; you would have to remove it beforehand. It is equally impossible to make any change in what appears as present necessity, since what appears as necessity now really occurred some time ago. It is past, and now merely shows up in its subsequent reflection. Everything of the nature of necessity in us is of the past and is merely bringing about its reflection in us. Only if people bestir themselves to grasp that the events that took place in the ancient Moon, Sun, and Saturn periods are now reflected in us, and are merely reflections of those ancient events, will they come to understand necessity.” (30, pg. 63)

30 Aug. 1915

“We must be rigorous in adopting the standpoint that necessity inheres in the past; life rules the present.” (30, pg. 72)

4 Sept. 1915

“Just as reflections have no real connection with what they reflect, physical knowledge has nothing to do with what it knows about; it doesn't make anything happen in the physical realm. If we come to see physical knowledge as a matter of a state of consciousness and sense in full awareness how unessential, how superfluous, mirrors are to the objects mirrored, we will understand the soul-mood that envelopes the world of the gnomes. Gnomes are therefor unable to grasp how there can be anything but an ineffectual relationship with this world.

“To be aware of nothing more than a one-time impression is to lack any true conception of a plant, and the same holds true in the case of undines. We picture a plant rightly only if we know it in its various states: first in its root development, then growing a stem, then putting forth leaves, then blossoming, the blossom's wilting, fruits appearing and so on. And there live in the plant, in addition to what it is in and of itself, mobile elemental beings inwardly related to the shaping, rippling, mobile element of water.

“And now we have to realize that the imaginative world into whose life we make our way on evolving beyond the physical plane is an inwardly mobile realm resembling the cloud-world in its metamorphoses, resembling the rippling, flowing element.

“Then we can say that the gnomes live in the world we have abandoned. But now we are living in the realm of the undines, and both for them and for us it is a world of movement.

“In addition to being aware of living in a realm of elemental beings belonging to the plant kingdom and to flowing liquids, we realize something else of a very special nature, something quite strange, namely, that we are becoming part of a rhythm that is involved both in the inner rhythm of the earth and in our breathing rhythm. We acquire the idea that the rhythm of our breathing is inwardly related to the rhythm of the earth. In short, we begin to be really aware that we are part of the whole earth-organism. We really begin to sense our belonging to it. The earth-organism claims us.

“We picture it correctly when we conceive the brain floating in the brain fluid and this fluid extending down the spinal column.

“Now picture this brain fluid rhythmically rising and falling. This fluid with the brain floating in it is involved in rhythmical movement as the diaphragm contracts and expands with the in- and out-movement of the breath, and it is thus involved in the breathing process. Insofar as the brain is its instrument, the whole thought process thus is connected with the breathing process. The brain is thus an extraordinarily sensitive sense organ for the forces continually playing into the earthly realm.” (30, pp. 95-99)

6 Sept. 1915

“We must be quite clear that consciousness preceded existence, that what exists externally had its origin in consciousness, just like what we have in our memories is the first stage of objectification. In the case of beings that developed through the Saturn, Sun, and Moon periods it is so far advanced that they have now achieved the solidity of our mountain ranges. Since we are connected with the whole spiritual world, we perceive what the gods thought so long ago.

“It will become clear to you as you think this over how important it is that an objective world emerges from subjective realms. I've often stressed the fact that our memories have to remain intact if we are to maintain ego-consciousness, and the gods had to create a world out of themselves for the same reason. The gods thrust out the entire universe in order to preserve their consciousness, just as we carry memory-images for the period of time since we began remembering. And we human beings thrust out our physical bodies and ether bodies to attain a higher level of consciousness.” (30, pg. 131)

18 Oct. 1915

"Everything that is connected with propagation and with heredity everything that is independent of man in the sense that he cannot penetrate it with his thinking, everything that is the gift of the Moon in the celestial firmament - that, in man, is what has proceeded from the principle of Love permeating the process of propagation and heredity. Hence the violent battle which persists through history, the battle waged by Lucifer and Ahriman against everything that comes from this domain. Lucifer and Ahriman want to force on man the exclusive sovereignty of the head, and they launch their attacks by way of the head against everything that is purely natural affinity. For whatever is hereditary substance on the earth cannot be wrested away by them. What the Moon is in the heavens, heredity is in men on the Earth below.” (31, pg. 89)

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