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Works of Alfred Heidenreich

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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Works of Alfred Heidenreich

ALFRED HEIDENREICH was born in Regensburg on 17th January, 1898. After serving in the first world war, while still a student, he met and became an ardent follower of Rudolf Steiner. This encounter and a continued study of Steiner's work became the mainspring of his own life and activity. He chose to become a priest in the Christian Community, the movement for religious renewal that was founded under the guidance of Rudolf Steiner in Switzerland in 1922. As one of its first group of leaders, he soon began to spread its work beyond the German-speaking countries of its origin and came to England in 1929. This became his home, and he made its culture and language his own, becoming more and more widely known as an inspiring lecturer in America and other parts of the world as well as Britain. In more recent years he was an active member of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain, being a member of its council and of the publications committee of the Rudolf Steiner Press. In his endeavour to meet the deep-seated needs of modern men, he illuminated many aspects of Christianity and the New Testament in his numerous articles and lectures. It was in the midst of his work, at the commencement of a tour in South Africa, that he died in Johannesburg on 11th March, 1969.

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Introduction: Rudolf Steiner — A Biographical Sketch
(from: Christianity as Mystical Fact)
The Risen Christ and the Etheric Christ
(two lectures given in New York City, April, 1949)

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