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Publisher's Note

These lectures were given by Alfred Heidenreich to members of the Anthroposophical Society in America, not as public lectures. It must, therefore, be remembered that they assume a familiarity by his audience with the published lectures of Rudolf Steiner. On the one hand, therefore, they are an exposition of his work for those seeking a deeper understanding of it. On the other hand, they show Alfred Heidenreich's remarkable gift for illuminating the vital questions concerning the Being of Christ as it is shown in the writings of the New Testament through his understanding and imaginative presentation of the implications of some of Steiner's teaching. It is for this reason that, when Dr. Heidenreich offered these lectures shortly before his death, the present publishers gladly accepted them for publication to a wider audience. After twenty years, there are now many more people open to hear and even seeking such explanations as are here offered.

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