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The Imagery of the Goetheanum Windows

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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The Imagery of the Goetheanum Windows

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 Diagram 2
Diagram 2
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‘The love of the world takes effect’

The Hierarchical Beings speak:

“Thou earthly being pitiful,
When thou from time to time
Risest above the fetters of thy self
To gaze into our worlds with yearning,
And craving from us
Fulfilment of thy wish
That we should quicken thee with light
That flows to us from spirit founts of love —
Then from thy soul's countenance
A Luciferic being gazes up at us.
The flame of thy self-love is wafted hither
Which thou hast kindled in the earth's domain.
By desire's snakes of fire
Art thou entwined.

Of our own light
That flows from realms of truth,
We gladly grant a share to thee,
And point thee to thy home, the realm of Sun —
But threefold must thou change thy being:

Let thoughts of worlds thy thinking fill.
Thou wilt find aims
That waken love in thee.

Let pity's power for all earth's need
Stream through thy feelings self-enclosed.
The love of Christ shall live within thy heart.

Let thine own will be bound
To spirit will that earthly fire in thee redeems.
It will henceforth bear thee in spirit,
Light-enhanced, and Love
Shall permeate thy earthly works.

Thus shall the light of spirit turn
To light of men.”


‘And human love arises’

The great Initiate on Earth (Zarathustra) speaks:

“Darkness is spread upon the earth —
And mankind's path to trace in it, the quest.
Within earth's gloom the upward gaze of human I
To higher Self will ever more be barred.
The danger is that man, forgetting
His home in Sun's domain,
Become a prey to powers of earth.”

The questing thoughts a crystal chalice form
That reaches up to heavenly heights
And — ever widening — to the groping, seeking soul
Reveals the image of man's true being
As it, in kindred company, with caring soul
Prepares the future of mankind.


‘And human love takes hold of him’

The higher Self of the Initiate speaks:

“Thus will I in every age
Ever again to earth returning,
Through the wise guidance of the mysteries —
And through my Self's own path of sacrifice —
Engender pity for the darkened earth
Within the Spirit Being of the Sun,
That He may join with ailing man
As Saviour and Physician.”

When this takes place, myself — only as pillar shining —
Will serve as bearer of earth's new evolving.
The chalice which once with wisdom filled was raised,
May it then open itself towards the earth,
Outpouring consciously created deeds of love
Which will — enkindled by Christ's Light on earth —
Show man a future new.

 Diagram 3
Diagram 3
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‘The world, brings about will’


Now I — Man — within my loneliness
Of striving after spirit knowledge
On lofty crag by lightning's flash encircled
Do hear thy mocking call,
Thou spirit of gainsaying.


Misled art thou, O man! to think
Thou couldst escape my power on this peak.
Dar'st thou still to look into the depths
Whereto my strength doth draw thee
When to giddiness thou art a prey?
And when, for comfort yearning,
Thou turn'st to cosmic space,
Thou seest me here as well,
For it is void and dark.
Here too am I of higher rank than thou!
The heavenly bodies of the planets
All are dead — subject to gravity that I decree.
For see they follow me, even as the snake
Must always follow its own head.


I know it well,
Fear of the depths of the abyss
Wouldst pour into my soul,
Stealing my sense of life,
And so enslave my human I.
Yet know I well what I do owe thee.


‘Will is being born’


The snail-like beings in the depths of earth
That act as servants of thy will
To earth would bind my feet.
Yet do the stars above my head
Help me to stand upright.
The forces of the sun and moon
To right and left hold me in balance.
So works the world to which thou too belongest
That ‘will’ within my being may be born,
The ‘will’ myself to strengthen by resistance.


‘The will has been born’


To Spirit Sun I turn my gaze.
The Moon is shining from behind,
Its forces — aiding me — it sends.
The Planets are companions on my way,
And striding on the Earth I overcome —
Raising my foot with every step —
Resistance, which thy earth-bound spirits
Let stream into my limbs.
They must now turn from me in disappointment
And — hovering — sink into the depths.
Born within me is the will
To give fulfilment
To the sense of earthly life.

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