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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.


in the Light of Thought, Religion, and Ethics

By Friedrich Rittelmeyer

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Friedrich Rittelmeyer (October 5, 1872 – March 23, 1938), was an evangelical minister working first in Nuremberg, Bavaria, and later in Berlin. In Berlin he attended lectures by Rudolf Steiner and was pleased with what he had to say concerning religion. This was his impetus for founding The Christian Community in Stuttgart, Germany 1922. He connected Steiner's Anthroposophy with biblical annunciation. He believed that Dr. Steiner made clear in the deepest sense the true meaning of the holy bible. Rittelmeyer said about Dr. Steiner: “Not a minister stands before us, not a prophet: The knowing man of a reality stands before us.” Later he supplied “A new annunciation of Christ was standing before me. A new Christian time has arisen.”

Stewart Easton says, from the foreword to the latest edition of this book: “The best book available on the subject of reincarnation, giving the most cogent arguments for its acceptance not only by those who can no longer believe in Christianity and have long ago abandoned it, but equally by believing and practising Christians.”

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Reincarnation in the Light of Thought
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