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  • Title: Cover: The Gospel of St. John
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    • Cover: The Gospel
    • The Gospel of St. John
  • Title: Introductory Note: The Gospel of St. John
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    • lectures in Cologne on “The Gospel of St. John as a
    • also spoke about the John Gospel. It was originally intended
    • technical reasons they were held back for Volume 94 which is
    • lectures on the John Gospel given in Munich. Unfortunately
  • Title: Notes: The Gospel of St. John
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    • Elemental Beings. See “The
  • Title: First Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
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    • and next time I am going to speak about the Gospel of St.
    • Testament textual criticism has discredited the John Gospel
    • three gospels, the synoptic gospels, are the only documents
    • relevant to the life of the founder of Christianity. They are
    • hand modern theologians try to interpret the John Gospel as a
    • person portraying his feelings, his intimate religious life
    • Thus the John Gospel could be considered as a devotional
    • work, a deeply felt confession of faith, not as anything that
    • everyone who immerses himself in the writings of the New
    • from the John Gospel, and there is a conviction, a source of
    • religious writings. There is a certainty, which needs no
    • outer confirmation. There is a feeling that comes over one
    • when one meets the John Gospel if one is sensitive to inner
    • soul life and spiritual devotion. Only with the help of
    • time have I told you how spiritual science helps towards a
    • more intimate connection with religious documents.
    • religious life from these sources and is satisfied with
    • noticed the contradictions in the gospels. Then they rejected
    • the gospels and lost faith. They said: We cannot reconcile
    • there is the third way that people approach religious
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  • Title: Second Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
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    • time I spoke about the first twelve chapters of the Gospel of
    • of the John Gospel directs one to the higher world. When we
    • undeveloped personality, and later, in the form of the
    • for it. The relation of the astral body to the physical body,
    • disadvantages for people who sleep badly. Beings belonging to
    • the third elemental kingdom have an influence on the astral
    • body. Beings belonging to the second elemental kingdom get at
    • the etheric body and those belonging to the first elemental
    • begins to work on his spiritual development, he must also
    • striving are control of thought, a morally blameless life,
    • the effort not to be swayed to and fro by every feeling, be
    • initiation described in the John Gospel, the astral body,
    • live.” The same relation exists between the higher
    • be.” One must completely fill oneself with this feeling
    • and bow oneself in all humility. Out of deeply felt
    • what is lower than oneself. This is the washing of
    • achieved this deep feeling that Lazarus had, he experiences
    • initiation. In his body, this is expressed by the feeling
    • become steeled after the feeling of humiliation, this
    • what formerly hurt one — to take upon oneself the
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  • Title: Third Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
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    • have said so far about the Gospel of St. John has taken us
    • meaning on the gospel, but that by means of occult teaching
    • remain dark and unintelligible. First I will remind you of
    • Gospel — which only needs to be allowed to work and
    • Wotan, the ravens of Elijah, and in the German Barbarossa
    • a spell in the mountain and the outer world. In the Mithraic
    • initiates who felt their higher self to the extent that they
    • warrior.” Light on the Path, Mabel Collins,
    • reach a certain comprehension. Everyone has a higher self,
    • and if one is able to abnegate one's lower self and make it a
    • servant of the higher self then one can say in a certain
    • so developed the occult life in himself that he could
    • further. He identified himself with ever larger groupings of
    • wider. What people around him are, what they feel and what
    • they will, becomes his own feeling and his own will. The
    • initiate then this community became his dwelling place. The
    • who had raised himself up to encompass the consciousness, the
    • stage of initiation that he bore within himself the ego of
    • You can verify this in the John Gospel. Take the first
    • “Philip findeth Nathanael and saith unto him: We have
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