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  • Title: Notes: The Gospel of St. John
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    • in the Physical World”. lectures 2 and 3
  • Title: First Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
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    • consists of a physical body, which one can see with one's
    • the physical body and which is much finer than the physical
    • as the physical body. It has a brain, heart, eyes etc. They
    • physical organs through the densifying of the etheric organs.
    • The etheric body extends only a little beyond the physical
    • wishes, passions, etc. It permeates the physical body in the
    • being. In normal sleep the physical and etheric bodies are
    • is outside the physical body. One is as unconscious as one
    • would be in the physical world without eyes or ears. One
    • could live as long as one liked in the physical world; if one
    • outside the physical body. It is spread out in the soul
    • astral vision is something quite different from physical
    • consciousness of what takes place here in the physical world,
    • his life on the physical plane. We are dealing with symbols
    • on the astral plane and outer reality on the physical plane.
    • aquires more power over the physical body, and the
    • all have a physical brain but you cannot see it. It would
    • you, then spiritually, it is as if you had a physical brain
    • the physical body, which it has built for itself to dwell in
    • physical body are bands that are not so easy to loosen.
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  • Title: Second Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
    Matching lines:
    • person sleeps? In man we have the physical body, etheric
    • person sleeps? The physical and etheric bodies remain in bed.
    • physical body. The astral body is not inactive. It has
    • penetrates and interweaves the physical body. When it is
    • outside, it works on the physical body, protecting and caring
    • for it. The relation of the astral body to the physical body,
    • physical body during the day. So one can see the
    • kingdom get access to the physical body to destroy it. Only
    • when the astral body works on the physical body during sleep
    • upon the physical. Meditation influences the work of the
    • astral body upon the physical and etheric bodies during the
    • astral body works on the physical and etheric bodies during
    • together with the etheric body, leaves the physical body.
    • physical body. This the master brings to pass. The disciple
    • trials. They were not only physical but spiritual
    • experiences humiliation in the physical world, goes through
    • the physical body. Changes take place in the brain, something
    • Physically the stigmata appear. In the case of certain saints
  • Title: Third Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
    Matching lines:
    • physical eyes, but to see this realm directly itself. He
    • physical world, but is born a second time.
    • physical world and to believe that one cannot depart from it
    • his higher self. The physical world is the school. He who has
    • that he no longer needs physical organs. Thus we have to
    • his work on the physical plane. Here is the place of
    • while leading our physical life — is prepared what is
    • in his physical body, nor had his parents; therefore the
    • physical plane, one had to take this one life seriously.
    • life. The physical plane had first to be mastered. To do
    • physical world. This was decreed, it is the testament from
    • physical man, but one saw something higher, the spiritual,
    • his astral and etheric forces in the solid, dense physical
    • forces which are not tied to the physical must be awakened,
    • can only control physical forces, and not life itself.

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