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  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Publisher's Note
    Matching lines:
    • moreover without misgivings ... to depart from the accepted
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Summary of Contents
    Matching lines:
    • remained connected with the earth. Solid parts have only
    • of the representative of humanity. Evil has a part in the
    • and has the moon under her feet. The part of humanity not
    • relationships, the number seven governs all parts of world
    • bodily members: four heads corresponding to the four parts of
    • divides into two parts.
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Introductory Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • was imparted to mankind through Euclid. We recognize what
    • themselves as a part of it. A man would not have said
    • to-day; he felt himself part of an organism composed of those
    • spiritual Father, who has no part in anything perishable, we
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • place before friends from so many parts of Germany,
    • who for their part are certainly not less happy
    • the Initiates of the Druidic and Trotten Mysteries imparted
    • than a great part of the Mysteries of Christianity, the
    • profoundest part of what may be described as esoteric
    • party affairs; and it has been misunderstood in modern times
    • this was particularly fostered in the following centuries
    • such a way that each party drew it into the service of its
    • own view, its own opinion. Each regarded the other party
    • always as Antichrist and their own party as having the true
    • Certain words which it was not wished to impart in ordinary
    • particularly that dramatic event in the number 666. It was
    • known that numbers were to be dealt with in a particular way,
    • nowadays in a large part of the literature dealing with the
    • what is to be said about the historical part of the
    • which it can be imparted to the world through Christianity.
    • past, and particularly not at the present time. For this
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • and the more it approaches the lower parts of man the less
    • penetrate from outside to the inner part of the man. Within
    • parts are distinguished in the whole.
    • disperses and becomes vague. The lower part of the astral
    • body can only just be seen; it is the upper part which is
    • of humanity — a particular kind of will culture, the
    • Rosicrucian exercises a particular training of the element of
    • would never lead one to see much, particularly in the case of
    • able to participate in the old initiation proper. In what did
    • a particular condition. For three and a half days he lay in a
    • sleep, or he was bound in a particular position with
    • condition part at least of the etheric body leaves the
    • physical body, so that a part of the etheric body which was
    • the lower part of the body of the pupil was united with the
    • when the Cherusci, the Heruli, etc., lived in the parts now
    • Abraham's bosom. He felt that his immortal part found
    • quite apart from the fact that when the astral body touches
    • its part, as it were, to initiation, first of all through the
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • now turn our attention to one particular stage of initiation.
    • seven sub-ages is again the seventh part of a longer period;
    • so that you have to imagine seven such parts as our epoch
    • lived upon the earth a race of men of which a part had worked
    • the next age into seven parts and said: “The first must
    • or a Spartan counted for much more as an Athenian or a
    • Spartan than as an individual. He felt himself part of the
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • seven parts. The present epoch is preparing indirectly for
    • love, when a comparatively small part of humanity will have
    • our own. There, too, the greater part of the Atlantean
    • was incapable of coming over into our epoch. A smaller part,
    • Now that most advanced part of the Atlantean population was
    • no soul is condemned to remain in one particular race. The
    • cosmic darkness. At that time, in the first part of the earth
    • process, partially crystallizes into ice, first a small part
    • very large part is crystallized out of the mass of water and
    • part remains at the top. In the same way the grosser parts
    • circumstance that he has rejected a particular animal form.
    • that might be destroyed which is not worthy to take part in
    • partakes in the spiritual life. Those who have understood the
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • find it equally warm in all parts. In some parts it is warmer
    • connect the parts of equal warmth by lines, there would
    • your blood-warmth you would have the echoes of that part of
    • the physical body, the oldest part of it, so that you may
    • kind of beings in whom we are particularly interested. About
    • consists of three parts, the physical body, etheric and
    • the finest parts, the most etheric substances, while the
    • part of this Moon, upon which these beings hopped about, so
    • They are the same beings who are described in the part
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • there was, in fact, such a nebula; and in this all the parts
    • part of evolution with man, then they took out the heavenly
    • that they were able to participate in the rapid development
    • incomplete; so that some time after the moon's departure from
    • human body which to-day are apparently far apart. He will
    • parts have only been built into this human form gradually.
    • a small part of mankind was saved (we have here to
    • man. Only a small part of what flowed in at that moment has
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • at all of these things? We already referred in part at the
    • ascent would not be possible if he had not taken part in that
    • this event signified, so that for a large part of humanity
    • Christ-impulse; why should not these have partaken in the
    • of Christ, so that there are none who could not participate
    • but imparts it to the soul, is the great Christ-impulse in
    • has lost its meaning but it still plays a certain part. It is
    • to carry out a particular mission.
    • nations of the East, the Northern part of the East, are
    • objective, are far, far removed from any party spirit. But
    • proceed the age of Philadelphia. All those will participate
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • egoism, of self-seeking and selfishness on the part of man.
    • striving to draw to itself as its own possession a part of
    • Philadelphia, we must particularly notice that from the sixth
    • no part in the plan of creation. It is there in order that
    • first two were absolutely unlike our epoch.; the third partly
    • part which until then had been able to spiritualize itself,
    • to dissolve the material part. In this way our earth will
    • dissolve. Then will come the time when the insoluble part
    • substantial part of man will also become more and more
    • spiritual, and the coarsest parts will only be visible in the
    • finer part like the skins or shells sloughed off, for
    • example, by reptiles or snails. These harder parts will thus
    • Moon, wisdom. Thus the earth evolution consists of two parts,
    • by two pillars. They represent two parts of the earth's
    • being; when the best parts of the earth disappear as physical
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • material part, and using it in the service of the spiritual.
    • bodily, material part, who cling to the material, are thrown
    • creations of the mineral kingdom; this part of man one can
    • the parts of the physical body which continually have the
    • himself as to bring all these higher spiritual parts to full
    • imagine a body which is soft, and in it hardened parts
    • vision — a part which was raised and could be
    • nerves. And the other parts of the human being in the same
    • within him. In one part the heart was prepared, in another
    • earth. All the parts of this body will be just as man has
    • physically in man through some part of the etheric body is
    • physical part which comes from some member of the etheric
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • a particular significance. Exactly because the number seven
    • all its parts.
    • the various parts of which man is now constituted, did not
    • like delicate flames, partly like a cloud of light. All this
    • parts of the mineral kingdom, stones, metals, etc., becoming
    • which we can attain, as a structure in the highest part of
    • house, the most external part that is intended to be used by
    • play a part; on this account it is even useful to present
    • physical, he developed four different parts of the body in
    • fifth period. Man has four parts of the physical body
    • are like condensations of the corresponding parts of the
    • preceded that time, you see only that part of man which is
    • the instrument of the spirit. The other part was invisible,
    • Only the upper part of man could be seen. From the point of
    • we consider the outer human form as the condensed part of
    • that they have their physical part in a double form, as male
    • two parts, one in which the Christ-men appear with white
    • the other part in which men appear in the form of the beast
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • in which man was before he could partake of the
    • condition of life, but part of it is behind us; we have
    • planets. You must particularly bear in mind that we are now
    • The succeeding epoch is again divided into seven parts,
    • seven trumpets is again divided into seven parts. If you now
    • is in addition the part you have slept through.
    • by reason of his being unable normally to participate in the
    • else than the two strokes at the upper part of the sign, and
    • For apart from all the rest, through the powers exercised to
  • Title: Apocalypse of John: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • spiritualized earth, and, in a certain sense apart from it,
    • aright ask: “Is it not hard and unwise on the part of
    • certain degree. Part of the soul-world will lie open to him;
    • Venus he will work upon the physical body; this is the part
    • fond of some particularly dainty food. During life he can
    • away with you one hint, one which we find at a certain part
    • imparted to humanity by the disciple whom he loved. You may
    • imparted, you must be aware that only the most superficial

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